Take Me Now

My husband and I arrived at the party fashionably late.

James made the usual mock groans at having to wait for me to primp and preen. He stopped even pretending when he saw the results. I stepped out of the bathroom dressed in a white dress. The dress was a bit summery for this time of year, but even when it’s cold outside, people tend to overheat their homes here. I figured I could keep a jacket on if I get cold.

I’m not thin but not heavy. I’m told I wear my weight well. I must admit that I took longer than usual since I had a new hairstyle that I really wasn’t sure I liked. It reminded me too much of something from the ’80’s. It was short enough to reveal my neck and curly dark red with blond highlights. It was perky and I thought I pulled it off well enough, but I still wasn’t sure. James made no complaints. He said it worked well with my very light complexion.

The party was at a beach house. It was the off season at this time of year, but the view was nice and the rates I’m sure were reasonable. A pharmaceutical company throws one of these about once a year as a thank you. Actually I think they must throw several in order to fit in all of the doctors and administrators in the area in. So we arrived and gave our coats to the host, Alex, and then began to mingle.

Alex works for the pharmaceutical company. He was a very charming man. I found myself talking to him endlessly in the kitchen and for a short time on the balcony. It was a little cold even with his jacket to help keep me warm.

As the night went on and after a few drinks, I found myself flirting with him. I’m honestly not the type to do that, but Alex was that charming. We danced and laughed. Every time I felt his breath in my ear when he whispered something, it sent a chill down my back and I couldn’t believe how wet I was getting. I had my arms around his neck while we danced and I had to reach a little to clasp my hands together. My head lay on his chest as we swayed with the music. He smelled wonderful.

I was beginning to feel a little woozy and decided I better find James since I was feeling the urge to feel around Alex’s body. Alex had played college basketball and was still very fit. I excused myself and went to look for James thinking about Alex’s body and how wonderful it would feel naked. Oh I had to stop.

I found James sitting in the next room on the couch talking to some colleagues. “Hi baby!” I said and flopped down next to him.

He looked at me and smiled, “Feeling good?”

I nodded and leaned over onto him and began to rub his stomach in an attempt to alleviate some of my sexual tension. James turned toward me and began to kiss my neck, adding fuel to my fire.

“Mmmm, Alex wears wonderful cologne,” James whispered in my ear.

My eyes flew open. Was he mad? I looked at him for second and seeing a crooked grin I knew he was fine. So I played his game. “Yes, and he’s a wonderful dancer, too.”

“I saw that.” He began to pepper me with soft kisses. “Maybe we should take him home with us.”

My eyes flew open again. I looked at him. He had that same crooked grin. “Where did that come from?”

“We’ve talked about it before.”

“That was years ago, hon.”

“Yeah and we have a hotel room, a couple of free days, a good looking and reputable guy who won’t be around in a week. I think this is the best opportunity we’ve ever had.” James nibbled on m ear lobes.

I couldn’t think at all while he was doing it. So, caution won out over complete sexual abandon. I grabbed James’s head and told him to take me back to the hotel and ravage me. “I’m going for the coats.”

I found Alex and told him we were going to go. He looked disappointed and told me that the coats were on the bed in the room down the hall. He would be there in a sec to make sure I found them ok. I walked down the hall marveling at the way the different textures looked and felt in my drunken state. I found the room and went in. I couldn’t find the light switch but the light from the hall was more than enough. I found James’s coat soon enough and went back to digging for mine. Soon a shadow appeared in the doorway. I glimpsed back and smiled at Alex.

He came up behind me and asked if I had found our coats. I said I was still looking for mine. Then, he reached down and kissed the back of my neck. I stopped and was going to tell him to please stop. Ok. I would tell him in a minute. He nibbled on my neck and his arm reached around and held me. I was really going to ask him to stop now. I was. I moaned.

His other hand came around and moved up to my breast. Oh it felt so good. I think I could have let go of all strength in my legs and he would have held me. I thought to myself I have to stop this. I turned and he kissed me. His tongue darted in and ….oh I wanted him. He grabbed my ass in his hand. There were voices coming up the hall… something about coats. I went to push him away and instead he held me and stepped into a closet. At first, I thought it would be cramped and it almost ruined my mood until I realized it was a walk-in.

He continued to kiss me passionately. His right hand dropped down and lifted my dress. Oh I really wanted him. I would stop in a second though. His hand reached into my panties and stopped to feel my trimmed hair. Oh, he felt so good. Then he dipped a finger into me. I couldn’t believe it, I almost came right there. No one but James and my doctor has touched me there.

He continued to hold me to him tight, kissing me, nibbling on me, and thrusting his finger into me. I was in ecstasy. I gasped and moaned and tried to keep from doing more since people were just a few feet away looking for their coats still. Alex moved his hand out and picked me up and my legs instinctively wrapped around his body. He knelt down and laid me on the floor.

He pushed up my dress and began to kiss my body. Somewhere along the way my bra had come undone and he began to kiss and gently bite my nipples. My eyes had adjusted to the light of the dark closet. He leaned back on his knees and undid his pants. I was mesmerized. I was going to have sex with another man. I never really saw his cock, but I felt it.

He lifted me up by the hips and rubbed the head of his cock on my lips. Oh I moaned. It felt so good. Then he began to push it in. Little by little he filled me up. He was definitely bigger than James. He began to pump and it threw me over the edge. I came and dug my nails into his back. He began to pound me and my orgasm never really seemed to stop. I tried to catch my breath. Alex leaned over and kissed me and he continued to thrust into me. I can still taste the rum and coke on his lips. Oh I wanted to scream.

He stopped and turned me over. He thrust into me from the rear. He gained a little more leverage and he continued to pound me. I heard more people looking for their coats and it occurred to me that if they couldn’t find it for some reason, they might look into the closet and see this tall black man riding me for all he’s worth. Oh, I came again.

Alex started to gasp for air and a moment later he thrust into me and let his wad go. I felt every pulse flood into me. I gasped for air myself. I should be thinking about protection but I really didn’t care. He turned me around and kissed me. He helped me up and helped put me together. I still had his cum filling me up and my panties were soaked. He told me to wait a second and he would leave first. I followed in a few minutes and grabbed out coats.

I told James everything on the way to the hotel. I gave Alex our room number before we left. We had a wonderful weekend together. And I learned a few things about my husband too.

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