Teenage Neighbor

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With my wife and kids out of town, I had planned a great Sunday for myself. I slept until about ten and finally rolled out of bed. I made a pot of coffee and drank most of it while I read the Sunday paper from front to back. I smoked a joint and had a really good buzz when I decided to take a little nap on the couch. Just after I fell asleep, the sound of knocking on the sliding glass door woke me up. “Great”, I thought, as I sat up, “my first nap in a long time and somebody’s already disturbing me.” I stood up from the couch to see Shannon, our friend’s teenage daughter, standing at the door. I opened the door and let her in. “Hi, how are ya?” she cheerfully asked. When she saw my face and realized that I had been sleeping, she quickly added, “I’ ‘m sorry if I woke you up. I didn’t realize you were sleeping. I’ll go now so you can get back to your nap.” Not really wanting to be rude, I told her not to worry about it and invited her in. She walked around the family room, turned on the stereo, a and explained that her parents had gone out for the day and that she was looking for something to do. She said that she remembered that I was home alone and thought I might like some company. She was eighteen years old, with curly black hair and fair skin.

While she wasn’t ahead of her age in sexual maturity, I had noticed of late that she was developing nicely, with small breasts and nicely spreading hips. The onset of her womanhood was progressing nicely for a girl her age. We had been friends sinc ce she was about seven, when Shannon and her mother moved in across the hall from me in my apartment building. Her mom and I had become good friends and, after she remarried, they moved into a house in my neighborhood. “Do you think I could have a beer? ?”, Shannon asked. I hesitated but noticed that she had the smell of beer on her breath already. “How many have you already had?”, I asked. “Just one,” she replied. She said that her folks weren’t expected to come home ’til much later in the evening, so I figured it would be okay. I got a couple of beers from the fridge and gave her one. As we drank the beers we talked about a lot of nothing, but were having a good time. We had always gotten along well, and were pretty good friends. She finished h her beer and got up to use the bathroom. When she returned, she had a somewhat determined look on her face. “Well”, she said, “there’s no time like the present.” I looked kind of quizzical at her. I realized that two beers were probably having an eff fect on her, but was sure that she wasn’t drunk. She continued in a nervous voice that she had come over with a specific purpose, that she wasn’t just stopping by for lack of something better to do. “I’ve wanted to make love to you for some time”, she stammered, “and I was waiting for the right chance. I think this is it.”

At first I was speechless and then I muttered something about being friends, our age difference, and of my friendship with her mother. “That’s just it”, she replied, as she sat d down next to me on the couch, “ever since I saw you and my mom get it on in the living room of the apartment when I was eleven, and saw what pleasure you both gave to each other, I’ve wanted to do it with you.” I couldn’t believe it. I had only made it t with her mother once, late on a Saturday night, on the couch, floor and table in the living room of their apartment. We were both pretty high from smoking hash and drinking wine when one thing led to another… you get my drift? But we decided that since we both had other interests, that the one time, while it was great, should be the last. “I woke up to go to the bathroom”, she continued, “and saw you two on the couch. You had Mom’s sweater up and were massaging her breasts… then you licked the nipples… Mom was rubbing your crotch with her hand… at first I didn’t know what to think, although I kind of knew what was happening, and saw the pleasure you were giving Mom, and decided to watch from the crack in the door. With that, she kissed me e fully on the lips, slipped her tongue into my mouth and took my hand and placed it on her breast. Through her T-shirt I could feel that she wasn’t wearing a bra (I later found out that she removed it when she went to the bathroom) and that her nipples were erect and waiting. I made a feeble attempt to resist but she wouldn’t hear of it – especially since her hand had found my hard cock straining at the fabric of my shorts. I carefully removed her shirt and went to work on those pretty little titties – careful massage and kisses with gentle sucking on the nipples had her heart pounding and her breath quickening. I had to be careful with her little boobs – she said that her period was coming in a day or two and that her breasts were tender. But after my gentle massage and suckling (I could almost fit an entire boob in my mouth), she said that they felt wonderful. I kissed her neck and earlobes and decided to progress to her young snatch. She was wearing neon-pink track shorts that rode high on her r thighs. I slipped my hand down the front of them and discovered that her white cotton bikinis were soaked through – almost as if she had wet her pants. I gently caressed her through her panties, not wanting to rush her to orgasm. She took my hand an nd tried to press my fingers against her clit, but I wanted to go slowly, to give her a truly erotic experience. When she realized that I was slowing things down a bit, she said “that’s what convinced me that I really wanted to go through with this – when I have sex with my boyfriend, he’s just so anxious to come that I barely have a chance to get warmed up before he’s penetrating me, and, in a few strokes, shoots his load. In the few times we’ve fucked, I have had to finish myself off with my finger. I’ve never come from the action of his dick. As I remember, you and Mom were at it for quite some time before you came – you know, different positions, lots of kissing, licking, massaging and stuff. Mom must have come a half- dozen times before you filled her with your sticky goo.” Now this was a girl with a purpose! She explained to me that she had masturbated innumerable times while fantasizing about this day. She had also experienced a number of lesbian encounters which, she explained, were very sexually fulfilling. Her partner was a few years older and took a “go slow” approach that drove her to extraordinary sexual heights. But it was the inexperienced, “hurry up” type of sex with her young boyfriend that pushed her to consummate what had st tarted out as a young girl’s first masturbation fantasy. I decided that we would be more comfortable in bed, so I took her by the hand and led her to the king-size bed in my room. I again kissed her passionately as we stood embraced next to the bed, and d squeezed the soft, round cheeks of her ass as we kissed. Running my hands over her spreading hips, I grew very aroused, even more than at first. I held her cheeks and pressed my hard bulge against her soft mound, then pulled down her shorts.

Her soak king wet panties clung to her pussy lips, showing a great deal of definition. I sat her down on the edge of the bed, then laid her back. Kneeling down, I spread her legs and began to kiss and lick her thighs, while my hands caressed her belly and pubesc cent mound. Sticking my face between her open thighs, I devoured the scent of her young sexual excitement. She rolled her hips back and helped me to remove her bikinis. I joined her on the bed after removing my clothes and, starting at her lips and wor rking my way down, I kissed and licked her breasts, sucked her nipples, tongued her navel and finally arrived at my destination: swollen, pink labia, barely covered with moist ringlets of soft, black pubic hair. Her crotch had not yet taken on the heady odor of a mature woman, yet her scent was extremely sexually arousing. I asked her to tell me how she liked to have her pussy eaten and to guide me to her points of arousal – to be honest with me if there was something I was doing that she didn’t like, o or to direct me to what really pleased her the most. I wanted this to be very special and very fulfilling. My tongue parted her wet pussy lips and I ran it up and down her slit, avoiding too much contact with her clit. “OH! It’s so good, so good, pleas se don’t stop,” she exclaimed, as her hips slowly moved with passion. I spread her legs wider to give myself a good view of this young love tunnel, and licked her lubricating fluids as they flowed from her tight, pink hole. “Let me suck your cock – teac ch me, I want to learn to do it right.” I rolled on my back and my rigid tool pointed towards the heavens … and her youthful mouth. “I remember when Mom sucked yours – she could take the whole thing in her mouth and not even gag. At first I thought t that it was absolutely gross, you know, putting a dick in your mouth, but later, after remembering the look on your face when she brought you to orgasm, when you came first in her mouth, and then all over her tits, was explanation enough as to why people engage in oral sex.” With that, she wrapped her lips around my swollen head and gently sucked the pre-come from the tip and then ran her tongue up and down the underside of my shaft. “Don’t work the tip too much or I’ll come right now”, I said to her. “No, don’t do that yet”, she said, “I want to feel you come deep inside my pussy”. We maneuvered into the sixty-nine position, and within a few minutes, she climaxed with a shudder, wrapping her milky-white thighs around my head. “Oh, oh, ohhhh, please fuck me now, I want to feel your cock in my pussy – I want to feel the head pass between my tight lips and fill me up”, she whimpered. I positioned her on top of me and instructed her to hold my shaft with her hand and rub it up and down her wet gash, pa aying close attention to her clitoris. “I want you to masturbate using my cock as your toy – I want to feel my cock rubbing against your outer lips and your juices dripping down my shaft”, I told her, “and when I say to, I want you to let go and bury my penis deep into your hole – as quickly as you can without hurting yourself”. She wasn’t a virgin, but was very tight just the same, and the last thing I wanted to do was cause her any pain. By rocking back and forth and manipulating my cock, she achieve ed a very rhythmic stroking action and shuddered to another climax. With her orgasm, she let go of my cock and practically collapsed on top of me, impaling herself on my manhood. I let her lay there for a few minutes while her pussy spasmed and her hear rt pounded with delight. Her copious juices ran down on my balls, over the crack of my ass, and wet the sheets of my bed. We kissed and petted some more, and when she caught her breath, I withdrew and positioned her on all fours. I took a position next t to her and pushed one, then two fingers into her swollen gash. She was as smooth as velvet and very receptive to my stimulation. She began rocking her hips again and I moved into position up close behind her. “Are you going to stick it up my butt?” s she asked, with a tone of fear in her voice. “No, not now,” I replied, ” but I think this position gives the best penetration and action against your button.” She reached under and guided my cock into her love passage and I began my gentle humping, pick king up the pace until I was moving like a well greased piston. I held onto her rounded hips as she buried her head into the pillow, the bed rocking to the beat. Shannon began to breathe quickly again and blurted out, between squeals, “I’m com-m-m-i-n-g g again, Oh my God, I’m coming again!” I felt the semen rise out of my balls and, in a final stroke, it gushed out of the tip of my cock and filled her hole. The white, sticky stuff squirted out between my cock and the walls of her vagina and ran down h her inner thighs. She moaned and squealed, humped back against my cock and came in what seemed like an endless wave of orgasms. I kept my cock in her for a few minutes, letting it throb deep in her pussy while she tried to recover from her orgasmic deli irium. I withdrew my tool from her pussy, and laid down next to her, her back to my chest, with my semi-hard pecker nestled against her soft, warm buns, and my hands cupping her developing bosom. We fell off into a deep sleep for a few hours. I awoke t to to find my young lover gently stroking my leg, feeling my cock grow hard between the cheeks of her ass. She rolled over and we kissed and hugged, touched and caressed, further exploring the depth of our intimacy. I closely examined her budding womanho ood; her pale, peach-colored breasts, with dark brown nipples that responded well to the touch of the lips and the hands, and her pubic area, with its scant covering of soft, black hair and the perfect pink folds of her vagina with its swollen clitoris st tanding watch over the entrance. Her mound protruded nicely from between her legs, an open invitation to a ready cock or tongue. “Do it to me again,” she begged, in schoolgirl fashion. I spread her legs wide, and climbed between them. I put a pillow u under her ass and, one at a time, put her legs over my shoulders. This gave me a great target, and I guided my cock between the lips of her pussy. She gave a little gasp when I sank it in to the hilt, my balls coming to rest against her rectum. As I pu umped her crotch full of my dick, her head went from side to side on the pillow. She was incredibly tight, and when she came, I could feel the muscles in the walls of her pussy going haywire, gripping and releasing my cock in an erratic way. I moved her r legs back to their original position on the bed and leaned over so she could wrap her arms around me as we came together. I again filled her overflowing with my come and we came to rest locked in a perfect sexual embrace. I gazed down at her youthful face and body, but my loins told a different story as I remained seven inches deep inside her. We drifted off again, my cock still in her pussy, and awoke later still locked together. We got up and showered together, washing each others bodies and dryin ng off with big, soft towels. I gave her a total body massage and we talked about the possibility of future encounters. We both became aroused again and she asked if I would like to watch her masturbate. She spread her legs to give me a full view and s started by rolling her nipples between her thumb and forefinger, until they were taut and erect. While still playing with one, she put her other hand between her legs and began to stroke her crotch. “Is this the way you’ve been doing it,” I asked, “when you planned today’s little escapade?” “Hundreds of times”, she said, “but none turned out as good as today”. She took my hand away from my swollen tool and mounted me for one last ride before she had to leave. We agreed that, when the situation presented itself again, we would, like today, make the most of it.


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