Ten Guys and Me

So there I was, lying naked with my smooth, pretty little legs spread wide wondering if it was going to hurt. The “it” was the 10 inch penis that was about to be inserted into my young, snug pussy. I was also wondering how it had come to this.

I had been a virgin only a few months earlier, and now I was in the middle of a crowd of guys – some long time friends and some guys I barely knew – knowing that before the afternoon was over all 10 of them were going to cum inside of me.

It was summer, just after the end of my freshman year. Like I said, I had been a virgin only a few months earlier. I actually surrendered my virginity during spring break. My best friend, and most of my other female friends had all experienced sex and I was tired of being a virgin. My best friend’s big brother was a hot, cute, popular jock on whom I had a huge crush and told my best friend that I was going to make myself available to him. She wasn’t the least bit surprised that I would choose him to deflower me because she knew all about the 2 year long crush I had on him. The question for me was “Would he want me?”

My friend couldn’t believe I would even wonder. Her brother after all, was an 18 year old guy which is to say he wouldn’t turn down a chance to have sex with any modestly attractive girl. I was, according to my friend, way beyond just attractive. She told me I was “hot” and that she had seen her brother checking me out on more than one occasion.

I guess deep down I knew nature or genetics had been good to me. I’m a pretty brunette who some people say resembles Lacy Chabert, the actress from “Mean Girls”. I’m not tall – just 5 foot 1 – but I am nicely proportioned with fairly long, athletic legs, a nice ass and a petite 33B-23-32 figure.

The first day of spring break, my friend invited me over to spend the day and to get laid. It was a warm spring day so I had an excuse to wear a cute pair of shorts and a short, snug T-shirt that we knew would impress her brother. We flirted for a while before my friend said “Oh for Gods’ sake, just go upstairs and do what you both want to do.”

I loved having sex for the first time. He brother was so gentle and patient with me as he tenderly penetrated my with his 5 1/2 inch penis. Once the brief moments of pain had passed, I thoroughly loved the slow gentle pushing and pulling sensation. I had two orgasms before I felt his cum spurting into me.

The sense of accomplishment was huge; I had actually given a guy an orgasm. He just laid there on top of me, telling me how awesome and incredible my vagina felt. I asked him why and he told me I have the softest, hottest, tightest pussy he had ever put his penis in.

At that moment, I would have let him have me sexually every day, twice a day if he wanted me. I knew he wasn’t going to fall in love with me, but being friends with “benefits” wasn’t out of the question.

I told my friend that it was fantastic and she reported back to me that her brother was just as impressed with my performance. Her brother and I did actually have sex often; not every day but at least twice a week for the rest of the school year. I wasn’t his only outlet. Like I said, he was a hot looking, popular jock who was headed to a major university on a baseball scholarship. He had his choice of cute girls. After a month or so I went out and found additional outlets of my own. I had sex with big brother’s best friend, my best guy friend (his first time ever), the same guy friend’s cousin, my piano teacher’s son and my brother’s girlfriend’s brother. Of course by then, my brother (two years older than me) was well aware of the fact that his little sister was sexually active. He and his girlfriend made sure I was well supplied with birth control pills and sperm killing cream.

This takes us up the moment of my first gang bang. My family has a summer place on a lake. There are several families with vacation homes nearby who, by coincidence, had kids in the same general age bracket as my brother and me. I spent every summer since I can remember hanging out with the same kids. Of course as we got older we replaced games of Hide and Seek and Kick the Can with things older kids do like water skiing, sail boarding and sneaking beer. Since the lake is only an hour from town, all of our parents commuted to work each day pretty much leaving the young people to look after ourselves.

For me, this summer was going to have sex added into the activities list. Actually, some of the older kids, including my brother had already been sexually involved. My brother wasn’t with us for the first few days of the summer, he had stayed behind in the city to play in a baseball tournament. He was going to join us in a few days.

Since he now had a girl friend, he was ineligible for summer time sexual encounters with old friends, or so I thought. Too bad, there were three girls, all a year or two older than me, and all very desirable. But I was more than ready to step in and represent my family at any young people’s orgies that might spontaneously occur.

It didn’t take long for me to start enjoying a summer of hot and frequent sex. The first was a guy, 3 years older than me, who used to give me piggy back rides. He might have liked to have hooked up with me a year earlier, but I was still a virgin then and despite my curiosity, I wasn’t ready for sex. This summer, I was experienced and confident. Now it was my turn to let him ride me so to speak. He wasn’t well endowed, his penis was just barely 5 inches long but it was soooo cute. I loved fondling it and sucking it. He had staying power too; he came 3 times before he ran out of steam while I must have cum 5 times.

I had sex three days in a row with three different guys, two of them were brothers who were 2 and 3 years older than me and they both had nice medium sized 6 inch penises. On day number four, I had sex with all three of them; it was my first time with multiple partners. I don’t consider that my first gang bang simply because I think it takes a larger number of guys to qualify as one. The other girls in our little clique were amazed that I had gotten to be so brazen and bold over the past school year. Each of the 3 other girls in our group was at least a year older than me and they were all sexually active. Two had let my brother ride them the summer before, before he started dating his beautiful girlfriend. The third was like me, she had just recently started having sex. Her brother was the guy with the smaller penis so she got to have sex with the two brothers with the 6 inch penises. The other two girls only had the guy with the 5 incher to bang them, but they didn’t mind. Like I said, his penis was cute and he had staying power.

A few days after my foursome, my brother drove up to the cabin with his girlfriend and of course I filled them in about my fun filled week of sex. He and his girlfriend congratulated me. Now about his girlfriend: She is a tall 5 foot 9 blonde with long gorgeous legs and a flawless 35C-25-35 figure. She is so cute, her face reminds me of an actress named Cynthia Potter. I loved seeing her in her skimpy bikini, and the guys absolutely drooled.

I didn’t suspect that just two days later the other guys would get a chance to do more than just admire her in her bikini. There was no way that I would have anticipated that all of us would be involved in an orgy.

Now like I said, our group involved siblings. One girl had two brothers (with the 6 inch penises), and two girls had one brother (5 inch penis), then there was me and my brother. My brother’s girl friend was the only one with no sibling at the lake.

The three sets of parents had driven back into the city for dinner leaving the young people to our own devices. We were hanging out when one of the girls mentioned that we hadn’t had our annual skinny dipping session yet. Yeah, we all skinny dipped together the summer before. It was the first time my brother and I had seen each other naked since we were little kids, and of course the other brother-sister teams saw each other naked too. It didn’t evolve into an orgy although the older ones did pair off later for some private time.

This summer would be different, the skinny dipping would trigger a night of very good sex for all of us. . Even though we had skinny dipped the previous summer, I felt a little self conscious about slipping my bikini off in front of my brother but hey, everybody was doing it. Of course, the guys were particularly eager to see my brother’s girlfriend naked

After a few minutes of splashing around, it was obvious that we were all very horny. The guys all had various stages of erections and the girls all had swollen nipples.

We all nervously went back into the cabin and paired off. My brother’s girl friend said that this could be my brother’s chance to fulfill a fantasy; he had told her he would like to watch her have sex with somebody else sometime. She also wanted to watch him have sex with another girl.

Soon we were all having sex. The guy with the 5 inch penis entered me while my brother gently pushed his 7 1/2 inch penis into the one girl he hadn’t screwed the summer before. It was so strange seeing my brother having sex, and even stranger having him see me doing it. We all turned our heads to watch his girl friend getting banged by one of the brothers, then the next. Each girl was penetrated by each guy she wasn’t related to, and we all had a great time. Truth be known, if my brother had wanted to enter me, I would have let him. I was curious about what it would feel like to have a penis that big inside of me, but it didn’t happen.

We did talk later, not about having sex with each other, but about the night in general just to sort of clear the awkwardness of having seen each other having sex. I also asked the other girls to describe in detail the sensation of having what I considered a really big penis inside of them. Of course they all said they loved it.

So a few days later, my brother and his girl friend had driven back to the city. The two sisters had some function they had to attend back in town too, and the other girl had left for a week at band camp. That left me hanging out with the three guys. I figured I could get in some good recreational sex with the three guys.

We were sitting out on the dock when a mini van came down the road, stopped and gave a long loud honk. The driver got out and we all recognized him as the cousin of the guy with the 5 inch penis. He and 6 of his friends had decided to just drive up for the day. I knew the cousin and one of his friends from previous summers, but the other 5 guys were new to me.

Now I was the only girl in the group, surrounded by 10 guys. As I mentioned earlier, I’m cute and I don’t look bad in a bikini. I knew the new arrivals were admiring me, and so my first real gang bang was about to begin.

I was so horny, and I wanted to have sex so I just blurted out “Anyone up for some recreational sex?”.

Soon we were in my family’s cabin and I was stepping out of my bikini briefs. From the look on their faces, the new arrivals really liked what they saw. The cousin said “Well, it looks like little (my name) has really grown up. My breasts are B sized, going on C. They have a nice roundness and firmness, and I have tiny quarter sized circles surrounding small but perky pinkish/brown nipples. I like showing them off.

“So who’s first?” I asked.

They decided to draw cards. Luckily for me, the first guy was my friend with the 5 inch penis. Having him go first would give me a chance to get well lubricated for what was to come later. As the guys dropped their shorts I realized that one guy in the group was equipped with a really huge penis, much bigger than my brother’s. It had to be at least 10 inches long. The card he drew would allow him to go 3rd.

By then I knew that I enjoy having sex in front of an audience. I’m hot going to jump into porn or anything like that, but I’ve fantasized about it. I also was very aware that I have a very small, pretty vagina that I like to show off.

Spreading my shapely tan legs and letting so may guys admire my love hole was fun.

The first guy gently fucked me and had an intense, pussy flooding orgasm in me. I came too. The next guy, one who I had just met less than an hour ago went next. He had a 7 inch penis which was the biggest I had experienced up to that moment. He was gentle and there was no pain at all even as he drove it as deep as possible into me. He moaned in pleasure and told the waiting guys they were in for a real treat.

“It’s so soft and tight” he said.

This brings us up to the moment of truth. The guy with the 10 inch penis moved between my legs.

I swear his penis was a big around as a D cell flashlight. The big purple head was the size of a Mandarin orange.

The guys were looking at me with a fascinated look on their faces, wondering if I could take it all. Again, would it hurt?

He gently rubbed the firm but soft head against my lips to pick up lubricating juices and cum. He used one hand to part my tiny brown lips and began working it in. I felt my delicate labia stretching wide to fit around the head and I looked down with satisfaction as I saw the entire head disappear into me. It didn’t hurt. He obviously knew how to be gentle with scared young girls with small tight pussies. He pushed in with slow short strokes, not going more than a third of an inch or so with each gentle motion.

At about 8 inches, it did hurt. I yelped so he backed out a little. He asked if he should stop but I really wanted to find out what it would be like to take him all the way into me. I told him I wanted all of it, and I took all of it. I braced myself and pushed up with my hips to envelop more of him. He was 9 inches deep into me when he told me to let him fuck me for a few minutes to loosen me up a little more.

The sensation was incredible. After a few minutes he buried the last of his gigantic cock into me. I yelped again and he backed a couple inches out of me. We fucked for several minutes and I had an orgasm. He asked if I was ready for him to cum and I just nodded. He picked up his pace thrusting faster and a little deeper. Finally he plunged all the was in and drenched me inside with a huge load of hot cum. That last plunge hurt for just a moment, but the flood of semen seemed to have a soothing effect. The other guys gave me a round of applause.

Each guy took his turn but the truth was I was too “fucked” out to really respond very well. I just laid there and let my natural tightness do the work of milking the guys to a climax.

When I stood up the cum just ran out of me and down my thighs. I went into the bathroom and cleaned up just a bit. Then we rested for a few minutes before some of the guys came back for more. I let them fuck me in a variety of positions.

Then it happened, two of the guys double entered my vagina. Luckily, they weren’t the biggest guys in the group. I took two more double pussy entries. I didn’t do anal with any of them. I had tried it in the past, and I detest it.

So this happened 4 years ago. I have been the lucky recipient of several more gang bangs. Several months ago, I let 14 guys fuck me after a dorm party. I’ve heard rumors that another girl, also a freshman took on 24 guys one night. I might try to break that record.


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