Thanks For The Hand

Lucas arrived at Carl’s house promptly at 6PM and found the driveway already full of cars. Carl was a Captain at the Police Department where Lucas worked, and although Lucas was only a Sergeant, the two men were best of friends. Lucas rang the door bell and after getting no response let himself in.

He followed the music and laughter to the back of the house, where Carl had installed a magnificent swimming pool only last month. Anxious to show it off, Carl had invited his friends over for a weekend pool party, complete with catering and an open bar.

Lucas quickie realized that most of the guests had arrived early, because it was obvious that several were already intoxicated! Carl grabbed Lucas’s hand and gave him a brief embrace, then shuffled him over to the bar for a cold beer.

Carl’s wife, Trudy, had planted herself in a chair beside the bar, and Lucas knew that she would likely not wander far from it, as she was known to enjoy her liquor! For a woman of 50, she looked pretty damn good! Lucas always thought she could easily pass for 35, and Carl had shared with him that she was still quite aggressive in bed.

As Lucas panned the pool area, he noticed that everyone had a partner. Although his wife had passed away 2 years prior, Lucas was still invited to many social events by his friends. This was awkward for him, and being the only single person made him feel uncomfortable.

But as the night progressed, he forgot about being single, as the ladies spent plenty of time with him. He knew all of them well, having been to many events and get-togethers over the years with his wife Lana. The topic of conversation always turned to her, and Lucas felt himself getting depressed several times as he remembered the happy times she had given him.

Carl’s youngest daughter Audrie seemed to sense his darkening mood, and pulled him away from the bar onto the deck for some slow dancing. Audrie was 21 and entering her Senior year of college that Fall. Her boyfriend. a Pre-Med student, was busy talking shop to Carl’s friend Joe, a Podiatrist. Audrie was stunning! She was 5’7″ and about 120 lbs. She had flowing red hair that seemed to catch the pool side lights and reflect it.

Lucas had not noticed her body until tonight, and with her bikini she left little to the imagination! Audrie held Lucas close and pressed her warm flesh against him. Despite his efforts, his cock began to swell as she laid her head on his shoulder and rocked to the slow beat of the music. Audrie showed no sign of disgust, even thought Lucas knew she could feel his now hard cock.

As he closed his eyes and began to enjoy the moment, a hand touched his shoulder and Trudy asked to cut in. “You don’t mind dancing with an old woman do you?” she asked with a smile. Audrie gave Lucas a kiss on the cheek and gave way to her mother.

Trudy wasted no time in pressing up against Lucas, and after a moment she asked him if he was getting along okay without Lana. Lucas knew what she really meant, as she was practically grinding herself onto his still hard cock! Any hopes he had of it going soft were defeated by her drunken horniness.

Carl noticed his wife wrapped around Lucas, and although he was pissed at her actions, he also knew that Lucas would not try anything with her.

Still, that was his wife! So Carl sought out Bianca, a 25 year old female Officer who Lucas had trained and asked her to save Lucas from his drunken wife. Bianca was only to happy to cut in!

Her date was already drunk and was snoring away in a chaise lounge by the pool. Trudy did not take kindly to the young blonde tapping her out, but finally gave way. Bianca easily slipped into Lucas’s arms and felt his hardness almost immediately. She had always had a crush on him, mainly because he treated her as a person and never as a sex object. Plus she admired the marriage he had to Lana, and she respected him to no end. Although she felt naughty for doing so, she allowed herself to grind her hips into his hardness.

Lucas was at a loss! Three women in 10 minutes, and his cock was screaming for release!! Thankfully, the music stopped and Carl announced that it was everybody into the pool! Luckily for Lucas he was right beside the deep end, so he dove in before anyone else could detect his hardness! After about 15 minutes of splashing and laughter, Carl announced that dinner was being served. As Lucas sat down to dry off, he noticed the three girls he had danced with as they climbed from the pool. The glistening water on their sexy bodies awoke his slumbering beast yet again!

Not willing to risk another hard-on at pool side, he quickly ducked inside the house and found Audrie’s bathroom was the only one not being used. He closed the door behind him and pulled down his wet trunks to free the now again hardness of his cock. As he began to pee, the door opened and he heard a whispered “Excuse me” but he could not place the voice. But the door never closed completely, and Lucas was aware that he was being watched.

The combination of the urge to piss and the need to masturbate were simply to strong for him to over come, so he continued. Suddenly he felt bare breasts pressing against his back! A small hand snaked around and took his throbbing member into it.

He started to speak, but heard a whispered “Shhh” from behind him. The hand wrapped around his cock and slowly began to stroke it. Lucas was helpless to stop it, and couldn’t if he had wanted to! Another hand grabbed his right wrist and pulled it behind him. Then his hand was guided into a very wet pussy. He began to finger it as best he could, and the hand on his cock now increased it’s stroking. Soon his fingers found her clit, and they both gasped in unison as they neared climax. Lucas knew it had to be one of the girls he had danced with, but which one??

All he could smell was the chlorine from the pool, and had it not been for that, he was sure he could remember the scent of perfume or shampoo… but the water had washed all of that away! All he knew was that whoever it was, they were about to make him cum!

The hand continued to stroke him faster and faster, and Lucas could feel the juices from her pussy flowing over his knuckles as she came.

He felt her body sag slightly, as if her knees went weak, then he felt his load rising. He removed his hand from the soaking wet pussy and placed his fingers into his mouth, licking the sweetness just as he came. Rope after rope of hot sperm shot out into the bathroom sink in front of him. The hand let go of his now softening cock, and Lucas heard the bathroom door click shut behind him.

After cleaning up his mess, he returned to the party to find the girl who had lent him a helping hand. To his surprise, none of the three girls he had danced with gave any indication of guilt! So Lucas went home happy, and even though he had been the only single person at the party, he thought that things had turned out pretty well!

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