The Bar and Afterwards

We’d been busy all day at the event and, each time that our paths crossed, we would touch, kiss, and hold each other. It was clear that we were both getting horny to the extreme. After dinner, during which we stared into each other’s eyes and played with each other’s feet under the table, we drove back to the hotel. Instead of going in, we just walked out into the town and found this fun bar. It was quite busy, but we found two stools at the bar and ordered beers. She was wearing a great short skirt that now rose way up her delicious thighs. Her blouse was partly open and soon yielded to my fingers as I opened two of the buttons.

There was a band playing some good old-type rock and we were soon swaying to the rhythm, my arms round her waist and our lips pressed together. She was getting very hot, especially when I began to play on her thighs, starting first at her knees and slowly tracing upwards along the outside of her silky bare legs. Her tongue drove deep into my mouth as I returned down to her knees again and then moved to the inside. She parted her legs slightly as I carefully slid my hand upwards, teasing her by moving a little at a time and then back down again. Just to delay things, I then slipped my hand quickly inside her open blouse and found one of her hard nipples. She gasped with pleasure and practically sucked my tongue down her throat.

I played with her nipple and circled her breast for a time until she was writhing on the stool. My hand went back to her legs and quickly re-established its position between her now hot thighs. She encouraged me to move higher and I was soon pressing gently, then not so gently, at the crotch of her panties. They were already soaking wet and we both giggled as she reacted to my fingers brushing across her hard clit. I said to her “Come on, take off your panties. I want to be able to play with your pussy.”

She looked at me in surprise, but then her eyes widened with excitement. She slowly lifted her skirt higher so that she could pull down the sides of her panties, keeping a good eye on those around us. We didn’t know whether anyone could see what she was doing, but we were too far gone into our excitement to care. Looking down, I could see her black panties slowly emerging from under her skirt. She kept pulling them down, squirming all over the stool and showing off almost all of her legs to anyone who cared to watch. When she’d pushed them past her knees, they slid right down to her ankles. I leaned down and pulled them quickly free from her shoes and stuffed them into my pocket.

She was grinning so widely at her wicked action that it was hard not to just push her to the floor and do more nice things there and then. However, she pulled her skirt down a little, still leaving it high enough that I could see her cleanly shaved and now naked pussy. She took my hand and put it on the insides of her thighs. “I’m ready now,” she murmured. My fingers touched her pussy and violent electric feelings shot through us both. Her legs parted even more as I gently opened up her pussy lips and probed with my fingers into her wet slippery places. She was almost cumming then and her eyes went quite wild as I touched then rubbed softly across her randy clit.

There was no way that we could actually have had sex at the bar – it was far too busy and we thought that someone would notice us soon. We quickly paid our bill and walked back (actually almost ran) to the hotel, stopping regularly to renew our kisses and to get even more horny. Entering the hotel lift, there was no hesitation. I pushed the button for the first floor. Before it even stopped, she had bent over and lifted her skirt up to bare her gorgeous ass. I needed no coaxing, my prick was hard and ready. I unfastened my jeans and dragged out my erection. No lubrication was necessary as she was already dripping wet. With a single thrust, I pushed straight into her aching pussy and she squealed loudly. Luckily, the floor was deserted (it was 2:30 in the morning).

The lift began to rattle and bang as we started to get into gear. She was groaning and crying as I thrust crazily deep into her hot pussy. We moved up one floor and stopped the lift again, still thrusting away. Then again to the third floor. Here, we stopped briefly to get out of the lift and quickly dive for the couch in the lobby there. She lay back with her legs wide apart and invited me back inside her delicious pussy. Without a thought for being disturbed, I drove back into her as hard as I could and we made love madly on the couch for several minutes. Then, with her skirt still up round her waist, and my prick hanging out of my jeans, we walked down the corridor towards our room.

At the emergency stairway, I pulled her through the door. I made her sit on the top step and pushed back into her again. She was now getting really wet, and cum juices were dripping from her pussy. After more hard love-making, I draped her across the stairs banister and pushed my raging prick into her again from behind. Then we went down to the first landing and she was on her hands and knees with my prick deep inside her and thrusting away. Her cries could have been heard by anyone – if there was anyone awake at that time. We finally emerged from the stairwell and walked into the final corridor, but even then, a window sill welcomed her delicious ass. However, as I thrust away at her, the window shattered behind. That ended that moment of bliss and we quickly entered our room.

Just inside the door was a shelf intended for a suitcase. Well, this was one piece of baggage that needed a good place to hang and that shelf was just the right height. She sat down on it and took me inside her again with a deep groan of delight. We made love continuously and frantically for 30 minutes, during which time she came at least nine times, sometimes shouting her pleasure, sometimes groaning loudly, sometimes almost squealing with delight. One orgasm was so strong that I thought she would break through the wall into the next room.

Then we moved into the bedroom – at last. Clothes finally torn off and left in piles all round the room, we began to go at it again wildly. She was lying on her back with her legs very wide open with my prick thrusting deeply into her deliciously wet pussy. She came again and again, probably waking up our neighbors on both sides with her loud cries. After what seemed to be hours and countless orgasms later, I felt myself start to cum. Her timing was perfect and, as I gave the final powerful thrust that signalled my imminent bursting, she came again, milking out my hot sperm into her waiting pussy. This was total sexual exhaustion – a completely wild experience culminating in brilliant orgasms for us both. It would be nice to say that we then started again, but we just curled into each other’s arms and drifted rapidly off to sleep.

The End

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