The Diner

The coffee tasted good, as he sipped its first hot,
warm sweetness. Across the diner, he notice her for the
first time. She was lean, with large full breasts, her
black hair tied loosely at the back of her neck. She
was bending over to clean a table and he smiled over
his cup at her full rounded asscheeks.

She moved swiftly, but with such beauty and poise. She
turned in his direction, and he saw her beautiful full
mouth, her large green eyes. She smiled at him from the
corner of those eyes and moved to the counter to
deposit some dishes. She then disappeared into the back
room. He sighed and placed a tip on the table.

It was cold outside — as he tried to forget the
hardness that forced itself against his pants and begin
to walk down the street. Suddenly, there she was,
standing at the bus stop. He walked over to her, and
smiled. “Need a ride?” he asked.

She smiled back, and took his hand. They both headed
for his car their breath steaming in the cold autumn
air. Once in the car, he asked her where she wanted to
be dropped off.

She smiled again, a wicked smile this time, and
replied, “Your place.”

That got his heart pumping fast.

They were both silent as he drive down the street, her
long thin fingers running up and down her thigh, acting
like he wouldn’t notice her long, beautiful legs. He
pulled on to his street and suddenly her fingers are on
HIS thigh. He smiled to himself and parked the car in
front of his house.

Fumbling to get the door open, she ran her hands up and
down his back. Finally, getting the door open, he led
her inside. Standing in the middle of the foyer, she
gripped his belt and unbuckled it. “Umn, how about if
we move to the bedroom,” he asked, but she just smiled.
He realized that she was in control.

In no time at all, she had his pants down around his
ankles. Taking his semi-hard cock into her hand she got
down to her knees, and ran her tongue up and down his
stomach and then to his thighs. Her tongue felt so hot
and wet, and soft, he tried to hold back his

Pressed against the front door, she moved her tongue
down to her hand, licking her fingers, her hand still
holding tightly to his now fully erect cock. Opening
her fingers just slightly, she licked her fingers
again, then part of his exposed cock, then her fingers

He was dieing for her to take his cock into her mouth.
She smiled up at him, as if reading his mind and
released one hand from his cock, letting the head fall
onto her lips. She then ran her lips around the head,
wet, hot, and ooh so nice.

She began to suck on the head softly, then harder,
sucking his cock deeper into her mouth. It felt so hot,
and strong, she loved the way it stood out so proudly
from his body!

He grabbed her head, wanting to fuck her mouth, but she
still was in control, holding his ass, a finger moving
up and down his crack. She sucked slowly on the head
again, letting the ridge of his head move against the
roof of her mouth, then sucking him deep inside her

He can’t stand it, he wants to cum so badly, but he
knows if he cums, it’ll all be over. It feels too good
to stop, to pull back, it was wonderful to look down at
her bobbing head and feel mouth at work. In and out,
sucking harder — wet and hot on his long cock, she
moved her wonderful mouth on him over and over again,
faster and faster. Guiding him in and out, with slow,
wet, hard sucks.

He can’t take it any longer and she somehow knew it was
time. She opened her mouth wide and looked up into his
face, and let him shove his cock deep inside her
throat. It felt so hot and wonderful that he lost
control. He grabbed her long hair, pulling on it as he
fucked her mouth with several deep thrusts until she
had to pull away or choke.

He looked down in wonder as her first blast of hot
steaming cum shot out and splashed hard against her
upturned nose, then all over her wonderful lips and
finally a few drops on her neck and the collar on her
blouse. Then she slurping up the cum that had burst
from his hot throbbing rod only moments before. He
could hear her giggle in triumph as she slurped his cum

But she didn’t stop there. As his body began to come
down from the most intense orgasm of his life she still
slurped and sucked his semi-hard cock till he felt
there wasn’t a drop left.

When it was obvious that he had no more to give, she
stood up in the hall and kissed him on the lips,
frenching him deeply for a long moment. Then without a
word she pulled her coat on and reached for the door.

He didn’t want her to leave, he asked her to stay the
night, but she only smiled and said, “Maybe you’ll come
by the diner tomorrow. Then we’ll see.” She then opened
the front door, smiled at him, and walked down the
front walk, her sweet little ass disappearing around
the corner as he slowly closed the door behind her.

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