The Massage

As a believer in the power of massage I am always looking for the best out there. I have tried various “providers” and, have to say, am still looking for the ultimate. The following is the story of one of these experiences.

My back and shoulders were aching, I was feeling every one of my 48 years, and I needed to get a real massage. I wasn’t looking for anything else this time. Using Google I found a local therapist who had time to fit me into his schedule. Yes, his schedule. I always had been massaged before by a woman and so approached the idea of a man with some trepidation. In the past, by the time the lady had finished my back and asked me to turn over I was sporting a raging hard-on and she would massage my front before finishing me off by hand until I came.

As a heterosexual I found nothing wrong with this and laid back and enjoyed it. As the same hetero I was somewhat nervous about a man massaging me in case I still got a hard on and he took it the wrong way. Strangely I also found the idea of a man seeing this result a little arousing. What would I do? Would I let him touch me or not? Did I want another man to see my erection if it came up? Loads of questions ran thru my mind and in the end I just figured “what the hell” and set off for my appointment.

I arrived at a typical suburban home about 12 miles from where I worked. I knocked on the door and soon it was opened. Timmy, a man in his late 40’s or early fifties and in good shape, introduced himself and asked me to come in. He walked me thru his home and into his massage room. On the walls were a selection of pictures of well muscled men, all nude and in various stages of arousal, candles on the small tables and what I would call new age music playing in the background.

The pictures got my attention as it was now dawning on me that Timmy’s sexual identity was probably different to mine. This thought was still “under consideration” when he told me to get undressed and lay, face-down, on the table. Ok think I, you need a massage, you’ve got nothing he hasn’t seen before and he seems to be intelligent and articulate. What have you got to lose.

Timmy excused himself and left the room while I got undressed and laid on the table face down with my eyes closed. After a couple of minutes I heard him return to the room and get his oil or lotion bottle ready, put a fresh CD in the player and walk over to the table.

“Is there an area that you want me to focus on?” he asked. Yes my neck shoulders and back I explained. “Ok then. I will work on them for you.”

Then I felt for the first time in my life a mans hands massaging my back. While he was doing that he explained his breathing technique and asked me to copy him as it would help me relax.

I followed his lead and it did help me relax and took my focus of the massage and just into laying there and enjoying the feelings. He started on one side of me and gradually moved around past my feet and back up my left side. All the while keeping up a constant pressure on my lower back, arms and legs. He was/is very good at what he does and after a few minutes I felt my cock stirring and growing under me.

As he worked his hands up and along my inner thighs I felt his fingertips gently touch my balls. My semi hard cock now grew to full size and I could feel it under my stomach. He very matter of factly took it in his hand and repositioned it so it was aiming down towards my feet.

“I think that will feel more comfortable for you and don’t worry it happens to most of my clients.”

After he said this he moved around so he was by my head and started working harder on my upper should area. This meant that his body was slightly bent over the back of my head and I could feel his body touching me. I do mean his body not his clothes. As he moved around a bit more to the side I turned my head slightly and opened my eyes. He was nude. He notice me looking and commented, “I hope you don’t mind but I am more comfortable working on my clients nude as it allows the flow of energy to move better.”

As I was feeling great by this point I answered, “No, I don’t mind at all. You’re doing a great job thank you.” I couldn’t help but notice that his cock jerked a little as I spoke and then grew in front of me to his full, I guess, about 7-inches.

I had not seen another mans cock since my schooldays in the showers after sports and certainly not a fully erect cock ever! I found myself comparing it to mine and noticing the differences between them. He was cut for a start, I am uncut, and the puce colored head seemed larger than my own. I started to wonder what it felt like.

As if he could read my mind he moved around, back to the side of me, so his cock was just a couple of inches in front of my right hand. Now I am still lying on my back but I found my hand had a life of its own and it eased out and allowed his cock to rest on my open palm. Now I’m lying down with a virtual strangers cock resting on my hand. Not quite what I had envisioned what I booked my massage.

While I was deciding what, if anything, I should do next the decision was taken away from me as he moved around again to end up at my feet or should I say between my feet. He gently moved my legs apart so they were positioned on each side of the table about 18″ or so apart and he was standing between them.

“Have you ever had a full contact massage?” he asked me.

I had no idea what he was talking about and said so.

“I think you will enjoy it,” was the reply. At that he climbed on to the table and gently eased his body over my ass and up my back. I could feel his head above my shoulders, his chest resting on my lower/middle back and his cock was between my legs but I could not feel it.

As he slid his body over mine, very gently backwards and forwards, he pushed his weight down on my back and shoulders, pushing me into the table and forcing me to breath out to relieve the pressure. While he was doing this I slowly felt his cock sliding up between my legs until it was hitting against my balls and ass crack. He then allowed it to slide further up and push its way between my cheeks. Up and down from my balls to the top of my crack and down again.

He was still hard as a rock and I can tell you, so was I. I had never felt another mans cock against my ass and I was starting to enjoy the feelings I was getting. Just as I thought he might go even further and try to fuck me and I was going to say yes, he slid back down my body, got of the table and told me it was time to turn over so he could work on my front. Moment of truth for me. Another man was going to see my fully erect, pre-cum moistened cock.

I turned over and he allowed me a few seconds to get comfortable again before restarting his massage. He started down on my legs and that gave me a few minutes to catch my thoughts. I had my eyes wide open now so I could watch what was happening. He was still hard. I could clearly see his cock sticking out proudly in front of him while he carried on rubbing me. He moved up the the side of my stomach and worked on my stomach and chest.

Now his cock was again a couple of inches from my hand. Again with a life of its own, my hand reached out but this time firmly grasped his cock and started to slide up and down it. “Are you having fun?” he asked.

“Um, yes,” was my hesitant answer.

Without missing a beat he dripped some oil towards my hand which I opened to receive it and then clasped his cock again and carried on sliding my hand up and down his erect shaft. I realised that I knew how I liked to be masturbated and decided just to do this the way I like to receive it. Slowly, and firmly. I could tell by his breathing that I was having an effect on him.

After a few minutes he moved around me again to my other side. This time he just put oil on my other hand with nothing said as he knew I would carry on rubbing him while he rubbed me. He still had not touched my cock which by this time was crying out for some attention. Now he moved again, this time up to the side of my head and started massaging my temples. This required him to turn my head to the side and as a result I could see his erect cock just inches now from my mouth. Like I had done it a thousand times, not never before, I opened my mouth and his cock just seemed to slide in.

Now I knew why he hadn’t used much oil on it. It was so I could taste him not oil, so my tongue didn’t dislike the taste. I found myself desperate to do a good job sucking him and again I found myself just copying the way I liked to get a blow job. I had no idea what I’d do if he came in my mouth, spit, swallow, what? Luckily he solved the problem for me by moving away again so his cock had to slide out of me. I could see my saliva all over it and he was breathing very hard.

He told me to turn over again as it was time to finish the massage with the final body contact. I did so and again he spread my legs apart and climbed between them. I could feel his hands now massaging my ass cheeks and dribbling oil between them. It was as though I just knew what to do without being told. I pulled my knees up the table which raised my ass into the air. I could feel his cock poking at my asshole and I knew both of us were oiled and ready.

I felt him pull back, heard a tearing sound and knew he was opening a condom wrapper. I was right and a few seconds later I felt his cock pushing harder against my, up till now, virgin asshole. I relaxed as much as I could and felt the tip of his cock penetrate me.

He was careful not to push to much or to soon. As my ass accepted the tip in and out so he started to push into me a little deeper each time. I was enjoying the feelings this was generating within me and my cock was throbbing in time, it seemed, with his thrusts.

Soon I realised he was fully inside me as I could feel his balls against me. I knew that I was as relaxed as I’d ever be and if I was going to be fucked hard this was the time. I raised myself up on to my elbows so now I’m on all fours. He didn’t need anything said.

I felt his cock pushing in and then out of me. He would hold it against my hole then push it in hard, so hard that his balls slapped against me, again and again. I had stopped thinking by this point and was just reacting. I found myself pushing my ass back against him as he fucked me. I could feel my cock getting ready to cum. I found myself yelling that out. “Oh god! I’m c-cumming!!” As I came with the biggest rush I could remember in a long time I felt his cock pulsing inside me as he came as well.

I collapsed on his table and I felt him rest on top of me with his cock still in me. We lay like that for a few minutes while we caught our breath and then I felt his cock slide out of me. He then removed his condom and cleaned himself. He told me to lay on my back and proceeded to use a warm washcloth to clean my cock and cum. He told me just to lay there for a while before trying to move. I can tell you I don’t think I could have moved anyway.

As the CD came to an end I knew my massage session was over. I slowly got up and got dressed. He came back into the room and I asked about his fee. he told me to leave it on the table, which I did all the while thinking that the massage had been worth every penny.

We said our goodbyes and I left. I knew I would be going back for another massage another day and I was right…

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