The Nightcomers 1

Around five o’clock Ann showered and then, while her hair dried, she ate a light meal, being careful to drink only a single glass of wine. She sat listening to a classical selection for nearly an hour, relaxing and letting her mind roam freely with the music. Just before six she returned to the bathroom and brushed her hair thoroughly. Slipping off her wrap, she looked at herself in the mirror. She was satisfied with what she saw. A tall, slim, woman who carried her forty five years well. Her breasts were firm and her tummy was only slightly rounded. Her legs were long and shapely and her body hair had been totally removed by electrolysis only a few weeks ago. She smiled, thinking how utterly naked it made her appear.

“Not bad for a woman who had delivered two fine sons over twenty years ago!” She briefly wondered how they were doing at University, but put them out of her mind swiftly. They must never know what their mother was going to experience that night.

She turned and looked over her shoulder at her back. Raising her eyebrows coquettishly she flashed a glance at the woman in the mirror and then giggled. “Behave yourself, woman!”

Naked, she padded through the empty cottage to the master bedroom and began her preparations. She lit a large, perfumed candle on a wrought-iron stand in the far corner of the room, then crossed to the oak drink stand. Her long fingers moved sensuously over the bottles, lingering for a moment around the neck of the Cointreau. She delicately stroked the elegance of the Calvados bottle before deciding on the Cusenier. She took the bottle to the bedside table and poured a measure of the thick liquid. She glanced at the bed. There were no covers or pillows on the bed, only a soft linen sheet, drawn taut and seeming almost clinical in its brilliant whiteness. She saw the glint of metal at each corner and shivered despite the warmth of the late summer evening.

Carefully she moved the settee and armchairs so that they faced the bed. She sat briefly in each place to affirm that the view was unobstructed by the thick oak posts.

Ann returned once more to the bathroom and sat down to urinate. Moving to the bidet, she straddled the white porcelain and turned on the jet, cleansing herself thoroughly. She patted herself dry and walked through the cottage to the front door. She glanced at the clock on the wall, its pendulum slicing off the seconds as the time approached. Her hand trembled as she unlocked the door and opened it a bare two inches. Leaving the door ajar, she walked back to the bedroom and closed the heavy drapes.

She stayed still until her eyes became accustomed to the dim light, then made her way across the room. From a small oriental box she selected a capsule containing a pale, straw-colored oil. Placing her left foot on a chair, she cautiously inserted the capsule deep into her vagina. Satisfied, she turned on the single red spot-light set into the ceiling above the bed. Turning down the dimmer until its dull blood-red glow illuminated only the sheet, leaving the rest of the room in almost total darkness, she picked up a small black silk object and climbed carefully onto the smooth, firm surface of the ancient bed, with its four heavy posts.

Trying not to disturb the sheet, she sat precisely in the center of the bed with her legs splayed wide. Reaching forward to the bottom right corner of the bed, she picked up a shining metal shackle that was bolted to one of the posts and fastened it around her slim ankle. She repeated the process with her left ankle. Carefully she lay back and using her right hand, fastened her left wrist in the steel cuff attached to the top corner. One-handed, she placed the black silk blindfold over her eyes and adjusted it so that she was totally sightless. Now she reached at full stretch to the top right corner of the bed and found the last steel cuff. She had practiced the maneuver, but still it took her some moments before the cuff snapped shut on her wrist.

Her breathing slowly returned to normal as she lay in her velvety darkness. “Sometime tonight” was all that she had been told. That meant at least four hours!

Ann thought of the key to her shackles…maybe hundreds of miles away in a locked, brown leather briefcase. She thought of the front door lying ajar…and of the cars that occasionally moved along the road that led past their cottage, a mere thirty yards away from where she lay. Who would come…?

Her mind went back to the little shop in Singapore where they had bought the capsules. She remembered the knowing way the man had looked at her as he had explained to her husband how the “Time-bombs” worked. Now one of those bombs was ticking away deep inside her. She knew from experience that they sometimes went off after an hour, sometimes after three hours. She had no way of knowing, but that was part of the adventure. That had been their first time back to Singapore since the boys had been born. She thought about their first time there…those wild days in the seventies! She remembered Daniel, and wondered if he remembered her…Ann dreamed on, and as the evening drew towards darkness the old cottage began to creak and crack as old houses do.

Deep in her belly the coating of the capsule slowly dissolved, growing thinner as it prepared to release its potent contents into her warm, moist depths.

As time passed she began to anticipate the feelings that she would experience when the bomb went off, and involuntarily she began to produce more of her fluids. She lost all sense of time as she waited for the tide of sensation that she knew would come soon…..

She moaned as she felt the awful heat. Instinctively she clenched her internal muscles and the movement caused the thick oil to be smeared over almost the whole surface of her vagina. Almost at once the pain subsided, turning to a glorious warm tingle as the oil began its magical work..

The Chinese sorcerer had indeed produced a wondrous substance. One ingredient stimulated the walls of her vagina, sensitizing it and causing an increased flow of blood to the area. Another component entered the bloodstream through the membranes, affecting her heart, causing the pulse to increase dramatically. The third element affected Ann’s brain, lowering her inhibitions, and inducing a feeling of euphoria.

All this chemistry was lost on Ann…she just knew …that she was ready!

She knew her skin was flushed and that her naked sex was swollen and drenched with desire. Her spread-eagled body moved sinuously on the sheet as she moaned softly in her world of darkness. The evening chorus of bird song came and went…and Ann lay there, the herbs and chemicals doing their carnal work deep inside her body and in her mind.

She did not hear the car stop, The first forewarning she had was the crunching sounds of footsteps coming up the gravel path towards the front door of the dark, silent cottage….

She felt a faint current of air of cold air flow over her skin and then voices, whispering, indistinct in the hallway. She sensed the door of the bedroom being pushed open and heard a muffled gasp, then silence. She lay almost motionless, trembling slightly, and sensed them move away. In a moment she heard voices again……this time from the lounge, accompanied by the chink of glasses.

A second car arrived after only a few minutes, and this time she heard the slam of its doors…one….two…three-four. More voices in the hallway and again the almost palpable feeling of eyes on her body. As the newcomers moved down the hall she heard a woman’s laugh, quickly stifled. Music drifted through the old house and she could now hear voices, punctuated by bursts of laughter and the chink of glass.

She lay unmoving, luxuriating in the feelings in her body. Her breasts were taut and her nipples almost ached with the pressure of the blood engorging them. Her sex seemed enormous, as if a great sponge of hot oil had been forced into her vagina, stretching it and making the soft tissues tingle with something close to pain. Her anus prickled sensitively from the few drops of liquid that had seeped from her sex, and found their way to the puckered opening.

It wasn’t long before she heard the scuff of feet in the hallway and felt the movement of air as the Nightcomers entered the room. Straining in every nerve, she heard the rustle of clothing and then heard the creak of leather as they took their places on the seats she had earlier placed around the bed.

The knowledge of their presence triggered her response. From deep in her belly an even greater feeling of electric stimulation gushed up through her whole being and met the almost insane lust that flowed to meet it from her inflamed brain. Her body arched upwards in spasm as the orgasm wrenched her every fiber, and a cry of sheer animal pleasure burst from her lips. One of the two women gasped “My God!” but Ann heard nothing but the rush of blood in her ears, and the drumming of her own heart.

As the waves of pleasure ebbed, Ann collapsed on the sheet, panting and sobbing with release….her skin lustrous with perspiration. She quickly regained her regular breathing and waited for the first assault on her helpless body with quivering anticipation. The bed moved with the weight of someone as they sat beside her on her right, and simultaneously she felt a second person mount the bed between her outspread legs. She felt the heat of a body as the person on her right leaned over her. Then a soft breast brushed her face. Eagerly Ann made to grasp the woman’s nipple in her mouth, but it was swiftly withdrawn and a gentle voice whispered in her ear…

“There are five virile men here, darling, and each of them will fuck you at least three or four times…..before they give what is left of you to us…”

Ann shivered at the coldness in those softly spoken words. She recognized the voice, but she felt a surge of apprehension for what this woman might do to her. The fear served only to heighten her desire, however, and is was with utter ecstasy that she felt the first man’s penis scythe into her gaping sex.

As Ann surged into the first of a series of orgasms, she could faintly discern others moving onto the bed, She felt lips and hands moving over her body, some gently, some almost savagely. She surrendered herself to pure sexual abandonment as wave after wave of utter delight engulfed her whole being.

To be Continued…


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