The Nightcomers 2

As her mind and body responded, Ann was aware of the others moving around her on the bed. She felt lips and hands and warm flesh moving over her body. But above all, she felt the cool, hard body of the first man moving against the soft flesh of her inner thighs and his weight bearing down on her belly.

When the man’s hard flesh pushed into her body, Ann felt as if a peppercorn had burst inside her vagina. A hot, sweet sensation erupted into the mass of sensitized tissue that was her belly, and she cried out incoherently at the pleasures that filled her. Her orgasms surged and ebbed in tides of feeling, until she lay temporarily fulfilled, luxuriating in the feel of the man’s flesh slowly sliding in and out of her sex.

The man leaned forward and kissed her full on the mouth, and she opened her lips to accept his tongue. She probed his mouth with her own tongue, tasting his saliva and feeling his hard, even teeth. He tasted faintly of brandy and his breath was sweet. She could feel his heart thundering in his chest and knew that he was close to his climax.

She knew the man quite well. Graham Maxwell had fucked her several times in the past, but always alone and in a hurry, usually in the small office at the golf course where James and her sons were members. Ann smiled inwardly and began to gather control of her body… now it was time to join in their game. Graham’s body suddenly stiffened and he tore his lips from the mouth of thenaked woman spread-eagled under him. His eyes widened and a strangled cry burst from his throat.

“Oh! My God!…Oh!…That is so good!”

His buttocks were clenching furiously and the others watched as he lost control and began to release his seed into the woman’s body. The woman lying beside the couple saw the smile on Ann’s face and immediately realized what was happening. She had heard of women with this capability, but had never mastered the skill herself. Graham collapsed, groaning, on top of Ann’s body as she used on him the art she had learned from her girlhood friend so long ago…

As she milked the last drops of semen from his penis, her mind flashed back to the days of her teens in Singapore. She remembered the giggling as Alimah, her Indian friend, had demonstrated the arts she had learned from her mother. She remembered how she had gasped the first time she felt Alimah grasp her probing fingers with muscles deep in her vagina. She remembered how she had been taught to develop and use her own internal muscles to grasp and hold the lead-filled ivory phallus, so that she could eventually walk around the house, holding it inside her, or suck it into her body from the little carved table in Alimah’s bedroom.

Now as she lay, outwardly soft and compliant, under Graham’s weight, she used those muscles to pleasure him, in thanks for the delight he had given her minutes earlier.

Reluctantly, Graham gave way to a second man, and Ann’s heart beat faster as she felt the transfer taking place between her splayed thighs. Her new lover was slim and delicate, scarcely more than a boy, and she knew that it must be Graham’s son, Johnny.

He too had had Ann before, but never in such circumstances, and he was trembling with the excitement of the situation. His skin was smooth in contrast with his father’s, and his approach was uncertain, fumbling. Jennifer Maxwell reached forward and guided her son’s penis between the swollen lips of Ann’s sex.. With a groan he plunged into her and began to fuck wildly. Ann marveled at the size and hardness of his penis and felt the curved shape penetrating to the very limits of her vagina. She did not attempt to seize him, but lay yielding and submissive under his straining body until she felt the beginning of his climax. Only then did she allow herself to respond and release her own body to a sweet, burning orgasm. She felt his seed spurting into her belly with the vigor of youth and sucked it into her depths.

For close on an hour the others fucked her in turn…

Jeff…the farmer from down the valley, short and stocky, who never said much. One day he had caught James and her making love in the garden and had stood and watched, quite openly. When they had finished he had nodded and said to James “I’d like to ‘ave her someday…she looks to be a hot un!” She remembered how they had laughed and one day soon after James had taken her across to Broad Oaks and given her to him. Ann had quickly learned to enjoy Jeff’s squat heavy body, covered in thick, wiry hair, and his short, thick penis with an enormous gleaming helmet sheathed in thick velvety foreskin. He had become a regular visitor to their cottage, often looking in on his way back from the fields, dirty, and smelling of his animals. He seldom spoke, just accepting a cool beer or cup of tea, and waiting for an invitation from James.

James would look at Ann and wait for her response…an almost imperceptible nod from her, and he would turn to the farmer… “Want to fuck her, Jeff?” “Aye, I would like that.”

James would grin and leave the room, while the stocky man waited for Ann to slip off her dress and lie on the soft sheepskin rug… Tonight, as usual, Jeff said nothing as he fucked her, concentrating on driving his thick penis in and out of her belly until he grunted and exploded into her. Ann liked the simple farmer for his honest brutality…this was sex in the raw…no complications…

Then it was Peter. Peter N’goro, nearly six and a half feet of Black Hercules. She had known Peter, with his tiny blonde wife Helen, for over three years now, and she loved them both dearly. The first time she had seen the couple she had wondered how such a tiny woman could accommodate such a huge man, but she had discovered that Peter, although massively equipped, was a gentle and sensitive lover. He too, had fucked her many times previously, and she remembered to relax her muscles as he slowly pressed his gleaming black shaft into her body. When he was fully implanted, he began to move gently, grinding his wiry pubis against her clitoris. Ann felt an extraordinary feeling of completeness…her belly filled with the warm flesh of this gentle giant, yet stimulated by the gentle brush of his curly hair against her most tender spot. Her orgasm began to build deep, deep in her gut and welled up, flowing through her sinews and out to the farthest extremities of her body. Peter bent and kissed her on her mouth, stifling her cries, and vaguely she tasted the sweet spiciness of his saliva as his tongue entered her like another penis, driving her over the edge of reason, into writhing, panting delight.

Finally her husband. Dear, wonderful James…the father of her two sons. Her lover for twenty-five years. The only man who knew her completely, and who had shared the good times as well as the bad. She accepted them all with equal pleasure that evening, taking satisfaction from them and using her body to reward their efforts. She knew the night was just beginning and that she would receive and give so much more before morning.

When all five men had finished with Ann, they sat back on the chairs around the bed and watched as the two women began to use her…

Jennifer Maxwell lay propped up on her elbow on Ann’s right and ran her free hand softly over Ann’s body. Her own sex was swollen and sopping with arousal at the scene she had witnessed, and she desperately wanted release, but she knew that her husband Graham would not be ready for her for some time, and she couldn’t wait. She pushed two fingers into Ann’s gaping hole and scooped out a thick blob of semen. She put her fingers to her lips and took it into her mouth. She repeated the act several times, until her mouth was full. Then she smeared some over the gash that opened between her parted thighs. Using the semen as a lubricant, she began to masturbate, rubbing furiously at the swollen bud of her clitoris. She leaned forward and placed her mouth directly above Ann’s. The others watched as she slowly dribbled the semen between Ann’s parted lips. Ann savored the liquor for a few moments, then turned her blindfolded face to the woman on her left and lifted her chin in a beckoning gesture.

Helen N’goro knelt on the bed and leaning forward, put her lips to Ann’s, eagerly taking the sweetly pungent mixture of saliva and semen into her mouth. Raising her blonde head, she let the others see her squishing the thick liquid around her mouth. Finally she bent forward and returned the milky fluid to Ann’s mouth. Ann tilted her head back and swallowed, an act which seemed to bond her to the other two women.

The gnawing sexual hunger Ann had felt had been satisfied by the hard flesh of the five men, and now she felt she could relax and give herself to the group. She lay between the two women and surrendered to their caresses, while the men regained their appetite for her body.

Ann was torn from her play by the sound of yet another car stopping in the driveway of the cottage. She heard voices calling out, and the deep bark of a large dog.

Jennifer leaned forward and put her lips close to Ann’s ear…

“Mark and Paul are here! Your sons are here, darling…and it sounds as if they have an old friend with them…”

“Hello Mum! Wow!” Mark’s voice was excited.

Paul’s greeting was more subdued “Hello Mum, sorry we’re late…”

Raven’s greeting was totally uninhibited. He put his paws on the bed and his muzzle explored her intimately until he was constrained by the boys.

Ann sighed…her contentment was almost complete.

The End

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