The Room Next Door

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Mary smirked to herself as the pounding on the wall increased slightly in speed and matched the rhythm of the sexual grunts coming from the motel room next door. The bed on the other side of the wall had seen constant fucking since she’d checked in at noon, and it was almost 5 p.m. now. She chuckled at her own envy even as the distinct sounds of sex worked their way over her own senses. She wanted some serious sexual action right now, but as a stranger in a strange land, she didn’t know where to go. She figured she could go to a club and pick up some man, but the idea of waiting hours while scanning the crowd for the best lay didn’t appeal to her. She wanted easy, she wanted fast, she wanted now. Mary closed her eyes as she lay spread-eagled on the bed, focusing on the sounds, which seemed to get louder as she concentrated. In her mind, she pictured a toned stud pounding his rock-hard meat into her dripping cunt, and her legs opened wider as if he’d just crawled between them. Her left hand moved to her chest and rubbed the nipple on one of her breast through the soft material of her faded shirt, making the nub stand out long and hard. She was proud of her own nipples, which grew very long when she was aroused. Her sex partners’ eyes would always pop out when they saw them, and they loved to suck on them for a long time. She loved to let them. She stripped off her old T-shirt and let the cool air of the room wash over her naked flesh. Her other nipple peaked slightly in response to the air, and she quickly rubbed it to make it catch up with the other. Soon, it was standing out as much as the other one, and she licked the fingers of both her hands and rubbed them on her nipples to make them wet. She pinched her them lightly at first, tweaking them harder and harder as the groans from next door began to escalate. She could feel her cunt get moist, and her hips moved slightly on the bed as her breathing sped up a little. Damn, she wished she had someone in the room to do the work for her. Tweaking her own nipples felt good, but they were getting a little raw from her constant pinching. She sat up slightly and sat back against the headboard, pushing her breast toward her own mouth. She was fortunate enough to have breasts shaped just so, and sized just so, that she could suck her own nipples if she bent her head carefully. She stuck one of her long nipples between her lips and sucked, flicking it with her tongue a few times. She squeezed the other breast roughly with her hand, quickly rubbing her palm back and forth over the nipple every few gropes. Mary sighed in frustration when her neck got tired of her bent position. She slumped down a little to rest her elbows on the pillows as she went back to rubbing her breasts, and she jerked slightly as the crotch seam of her cut-offs pulled hard and high against her pussy. She realized her cunt wanted attention, too, and that her clit was getting more aroused than she thought.

A loud feminine scream came from the next room, signaling that some lucky bitch had just gotten off. “Fuck!” Mary whispered out loud, part in jealousy and part in awe at the woman’s volume and tone. It made her hot to think that some woman was getting the pounding of her life just a few feet away. She unfastened her cutoffs and shoved them off her legs, flinging them off the bed with her foot. She parted her knees wide, exposing her twat to the room, and moved her hands to her cunt. She opened the lips with one hand while the fingers of the other toyed with her clit. Her hips jerked, and she moaned softly as the rubbing sensation sent thrilling shocks down her body.

As she continued flicking her wet clit with her fingers, her hips increased their movement and rhythm. Her nipples were fully extended by this time, and she wished someone were there to suck them hard. She raised her wet fingertips to one of them and coated it with her own juices.

The woman next door was still screaming, obviously from multiple orgasms. The sound thrilled Mary, who was getting off on the image of some faceless woman being fucked within and inch of her life. She hoped the woman got off several times, at least until Mary could bring herself to climax.

She heard a man’s long and loud groan, followed by the words, “Fuck, yeah, baby, suck it all off! That’s it, little cocksucker, take my boner down your throat!” The pounding never ceased, though, and Mary realized that there were more than two people in the next room. She moaned as a new image took place, of a woman with a cock pumping furiously into her cunt as another was fucking her mouth. “Fuck me,” Mary whispered, increasing the tempo of her clit-rubbing fingers. She slipped her fingers down a little and stuck them up to the first knuckles into her cunt. “Oohhh,” she moaned at the sensation, and she realized she needed to be filled. She rolled over and grabbed one of her overnight bags, searching the side pocket furiously for the dildo that usually traveled with her. She pulled it out and kissed the fake dick, which was 7″ long and 2″ round. She’d spent a lot of money on this prized possession, which had some bells and whistles, a clit tickler with little fake lips being the most important. When she unleashed that thing on her pussy, it would bring her to multiple orgasms in no time!

She turned the dildo on and rubbed the vibrating tip against her nipples, bringing them to full hardness again, before sliding it down to her parted legs. She let the tip vibrate against her clit for a minute, which made her hips jerk rhythmically. The little nub became more pronounced, sticking out hard and proud between her pussy lips.

Mary pushed the vibrator down and poised it at her went cunt hole. She slowly slid the dick into her cunt, moaning at the relief her body felt at finally being filled. Her internal muscles contracted around the protruding head, sucking it in deeper with the motions. She widened her legs even further, which opened her pussy lips more. Shoving the dildo in further, she brought the clit tickler to her sensitive nub and let the fake lips attach to it. Heaven! She moaned loudly as the little lips sucked on her clit, shooting sparks up and down her body and making her twat contract even harder around the fake dick. Her hands pounded the bed beside her as the sensations took over her body, and she could feel herself sliding toward her first orgasm. She gasped her breaths and lifted both her hands to her tits, squeezing them very hard and tugging on the nipples furiously. Her head tossed back and forth on the covers, her expression twisted into a mask of pleasure-pain as the orgasm approached rapidly. Her hips lifted uncontrollably off the bed until finally, they jerked hard once and froze as her body clenched in climax. A primal scream tore out of her throat as she let it swamp her senses.

Mary didn’t have time to recover from the first explosion before the second one approached. The little lips still worked furiously at her clit, and the vibrating dick and switched to little circular motions inside her pussy. It drove her mad! The dual stimulation thrust her into another orgasm that had her screaming again and again.

She barely heard the knocking at the door, ignoring it as her body continued to convulse with pleasure. Only when the knocking persisted did she turn the vibrator off and slide off the bed. Her knees were shaky, and she cursed like a sailor at the person who had the bad manners to interrupt her masturbating. “Fucking bastard, don’t they know I’m busy!” she said bitchily as she threw the dildo on the bed.

“What the fuck do you want?” she yelled through the door. Silence greeted her question.

“Bastard,” she muttered, figuring they’d gone away when she didn’t open right away. The knock came again, and she opened the door a crack, leaving the chain on and hiding her nude body behind the door. She gasped softly when she saw the man standing there, wearing a mischievous grin and a pair of tight jeans. Tight, yet half-way buttoned jeans.

“Well, hello,” he drawled, a Southern accent tingeing the statement. “Couldn’t help overhearing.”

She blushed. “What?” she said, not comprehending.

“Well, it’s pretty hard to miss a woman screamin’, ‘Fuck me, you goddamn fake dick,’ at the top of her lungs with these paper walls,” he said, reaching out a finger to playfully flick her nose.

Her jaw dropped. “W-w-what?”

“Just thought it was a shame that a woman as passionate as you sounded had to rely on man-made toys when she could be havin’ the real thing.”

Her eyes fell to his bare chest, and her tongue automatically wet her lips. “Is that so?’ she said, her voice becoming a little husky.

“Yes, ma’am,” he answered, his infectious grin lifting one corner of his sexy mouth. It was a nice complement to his sandy-blond curls and blue eyes. Blue eyes that dropped to focus on the breast that had peeked around the door when she wasn’t paying attention. “Damn, you have beautiful nipples.”

She jumped back a little, re-hiding her body behind the door. She blushed as she looked up at him, calming a little as she saw friendliness there, combined with masculine amusement at her action. She supposed it was a little silly being so shy when he’d obviously heard what she’d been doing. As she gazed into his eyes a minute longer, she nodded her head in decision. “Just a second.” Mary closed the door and took a deep breath before unlatching the chain on the door. She opened it again, wide enough to let him squeeze in. She exhaled nervously as she greeted a ‘guest’ in the nude. He let out an appreciative little hum as his eyes roved her body. “Very nice,” he said, that grin coming back. “Very.” She self-consciously patted her hair, knowing it must be a wreck after her thrashing around on the covers. “Well, uh…what did you have in mind?” she said softly.

He stepped closer. ‘Whatever you want.’ He lifted a hand to her hair and pushed it away from her face. He let the hand fall to her shoulder and squeezed it lightly, massaging the flesh gently. His eyes fell to her breasts, where her long nipples started to grow again. ‘Damn,” he said, almost reverently. ‘I’d like to taste those.”

She felt herself grow moist again as he expressed his thought. ‘Well, what are you waiting for?’ she asked, her breathing becoming a little labored. Just his gaze on her nipples was turning her on!

“Well, I guess being let into a room by a naked woman is as much of a green light a man can get, but…” his words trailed off as his fingers trailed down to her extended nipple. He pinched it very lightly, rubbing it alternately with the pad of his thumb. “But…what?” she gasped, her back arching into his touch. “I do need some kind of indication of what *you* want,” he said. “Apparently I want you,” she answered, making him chuckle. He dropped to his knees slowly in front of her and blew on her other nipple, making it rise out toward his lips, begging for a kiss. He rewarded it with light pecks, but soon it wanted more.

She raised her hands to cup his face and bring him closer to her body. He opened his lips a little wider and flicked his tongue on her nipple, wetting it for better friction. He moved to the other breast and tongued it, too, before leaning his head back and lifting both hands to rub her breasts.

“This what you want?” he asked.

She nodded her head before letting it fall back on her neck. “Oh, yeah,” she said. He leaned forward again and latched onto one of her nipples with his teeth, worrying the long nub with increasing pressure. She felt an answering tug between her pussy lips, and her legs shifted restlessly. He moaned as the sent of her cunt filled the air. He released one of her tits to move his hand between her legs, tucking a fingertip between her pussy lips. He rubbed back and forth for a minute, the motion making her legs open wider in hopes he would go deeper. He didn’t disappoint her.

Mary moaned again as he toyed with her cunt. Damn, he was good, she thought, wondering how she got so lucky. “I’m…glad you…came over,” she said through panting breaths. He chuckled. “So am I, darlin’,” he muttered before lowering his head to her cunt. His tongue flicked out lightly, teasing the clit that had once again extended between the lips. She gasped loudly, her hips thrusting forward automatically, trying to angle for more attention. He thrust his tongue once up into her pussy before sliding away in a tease.

“Please,” she gasped, “Harder.”

He grinned up at her, not answering verbally. Instead, he thrust his middle finger up her snatch in one hard thrust, jolting her body despite the intense wetness he found there. He slid his finger out again, circling her hole with its tip. She clutched at his hand with one of her own, trying to shove it back in. He slung an arm around her hips, bracing her weight as he pulled her closer. He rose from his knees, pressing his bare chest against her hard nipples as he stood, and she rubbed her tits in circular motions on his chest. Kissing her mouth wildly, thrusting his tongue between her lips in a parody of the real fucking they both wanted, he walked her back toward the bed slowly, keeping one hand on her pussy the whole time. She shuddered from the sensations, and moaned in rhythm with her tit rubbing against his body. He broke their kiss and pushed her down onto the bed, where she eagerly lay for him, rubbing her own hands against her nipples.

“Aren’t you going to undress?” she asked impatiently, looking down at the hard cock that strained the front of his jeans. The opened buttons at the top allowed her a tiny glimpse of his meat. She licked her lips.

He took a deep breath and put his hands on his hips. “Don’t you wanna take it slow,” he asked, tilting his head slightly to one side, looking her up and down. She raised her knees and touched her own cunt. “No, I wanna be fucked fast and hard,” she said, her words low and hot.

He unfastened the rest of the buttons on his jeans and pulled his dick out. She gasped at the sight, her mind instantly comparing him to her dildo. He definitely won out. She rolled over on her side and touched his prick with her hand, rubbing her fingers up and down it’s beautiful length. As it became even harder in her grip, she lowered her mouth and kissed its tip.

She made a frustrated sound as he shoved her away. He put his hands under her arms and lifted her back on the bed, positioning her in the middle. He crawled up beside her, then turned to put his head near her snatch. He thrust his hips toward her head, and she got the silent demand for a 69. She gladly took him in her mouth, tonguing his dick as he licked her snatch. She gasped and moaned around his meat, trying to suck him well even as her pussy lit on fire from his kisses. He moaned, too, a low growl that told her he was getting more and more aroused. He buried his nose in her cunt, biting the clit gently, making her writhe on the bed. She swallowed more of his dick in her mouth, feeling it slip down her throat a little. Rather than gagging, her throat welcomed him. She’d always been a good cocksucker, according to the boys in high school. She tilted her head into just the right position, which allowed his dick to slide easily into her throat. She moved her head back and forth, effectively creating a fucking action in her mouth.

“Shit!” he gasped, raising his head to look back at her head. When he saw she was effectively deep-throating him, he raised up on his arms slightly and began thrusting his hips, fucking her mouth and throat furiously. She reached up and grabbed his buttocks, slamming him down harder into her mouth. She moaned again, and he felt it vibrate against his prick. “Goddamn!” he said, in awe. He felt his climax creeping up on him, but he didn’t want to shoot his load, yet. He wanted to come in the snatch he’d been eating, the one that tasted so sweet. He pulled away from her mouth, despite her efforts to drag him back. She licked the tip of his dick as it exited her lips, trying to entice it into returning. He shoved two fingers up her twat again, creating a circular rubbing motion at first before thrusting them in and out hard. Her hips came off the bed, moving in tandem with his hand.

“You’re a good little cocksucker,” he said admiringly. She looked up at him, dazed in the pleasure he created. “Is your pussy as good as your mouth?” She widened her legs in invitation, one he could no longer refuse.

He crawled between her legs, poising his dick at her cunt hole. He looked down at her, smiling a little at the picture she made: wanton, heaving, flushed and hot. He thrust home in one stroke, sliding his long cock into her twat. She screamed at the pleasure, feeling his tip push against her womb. “Oh, fuck!” she cried. He pulled out of her almost all the way, allowing just his tip to stay inside. He thrust in again, harder, all the way, making her body shudder. He picked up the rhythm, creating a fast and furious beat, just the way she wanted. Her legs wrapped themselves around his hips, slamming back into him at the right moments. He lowered his head and caught one of her nipples in his mouth, teething it hard, making her cry out even more. Rather than hurting, it was a nice complement to the pleasure spreading out through her body from her pussy.

“Fuck, yeah!” she yelled. “Harder, fuck me harder!”

He pounded into her even harder, making the headboard of the bed slam against the wall. She couldn’t even hear it over the pounding of her heart and the gasping breaths she pulled into her body. She could feel her orgasm building, and suddenly it was on her in a flash, all but rendering her unconscious as bursts of light exploded in her brain. She screamed long and loud. He didn’t stop. He just kept pounding into her, loving the hot, wet, gloving of his prick in her cunt. She felt so good and the clenching muscles around his dick nearly blew the top of his head off. The contractions of her climax squeezed hard around his dick, and he knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. He slowed down, trying to make it last, but she wouldn’t have it. She reared up and pushed him down onto the bed, keeping his dick in her cunt the whole time. She rode him hard, slamming her hips down onto his, forcing him to go at the speed she wanted. His hips bucked hard in response, and she felt him shoot his load into her sopping wet pussy. He yelled out as he came, and she came again, even harder than the first time.

Her hips kept jerking as her climax subsided, and her body slumped over his. Both were breathing hard, and he pulled her to his chest as the sensations ebbed away.

“What’s your name?” he asked quietly, amusement coloring his voice. She froze before shaking with laughter. “Mary.”

“Mary, I’m Jared,” he said. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

She giggled. “If this is an example of Southern Hospitality, then I have to say I should have visited here sooner.”

A masculine chuckled filled the air, but it didn’t come from Jared. She gasped and turned her head toward the door to see another man leaning against the door jam. “Who–” she choked off her question and fought the urge to cover up. Despite just having torrid sex with a stranger, she felt a certain shyness at being naked in front of more than one man.

Jared groaned good-naturedly. “That’s Billy, an old friend,” he said to her. To Billy he said, “Thought you’d be with Sharon a little longer.”

“Guess we wore her out,” Billy said, smirking a little. He let his eyes travel down Mary’s tight backside. “Fell asleep right in the middle of a fuck, of all things. Couldn’t decide if I should take that as a compliment or an insult.” Jared chuckled, the movement brushing his chest against Mary’s. Her nipples responded, under the watchful eyes of Billy. “Things sounded more interesting over here,” Billy added. “Care to share?”

Jared turned his head to look at Mary. He quirked an eyebrow as she remained speechless. Throughout her sexual history, she’d never done more than one guy in a night. She’d fuck the guy all night long, sure, and she’d pretty much tried every position ever created, but she’d never fucked two men in one night. But the idea spread a heated warmth over her body, and she remembered her earlier envy of the woman next door, getting to fuck two different men. She swallowed hard, half-way disbelieving that she had the chance to make a fantasy come true.

“Okay,” she said, the word popping out of her mouth before she could stop them. “Hot damn,” Billy said, grinning as he walked toward the bed. He shut the door behind him and looked her over as she rolled off of Jared to lay beside him on the bed. Mary checked him out, too, deciding that while he wasn’t as handsome as Jared, there was still as rough attractiveness about his features that proclaimed him all man.

Billy stopped beside the bed, looking down at the nipples that were hard in excited anticipation. “Damn,” he said again. “Ma’am, I do believe you’re going to be a pleasure.”

“Trust me, she is,” Jared said, running a hand down her right breast, tweaking the nipple. Mary smiled at him, becoming a little more comfortable with the situation, arching her back to push her breast further into Jared’s hand. He flicked the nipple back and forth with his thumb nail.

“Buddy, you already had your turn,” Billy said, reaching down to stroke a fingertip on her other nipple. “Fair’s fair.”

Jared sighed, rolled to the far side of the bed and tucked his hands under his head. “Mind if I watch?”

“Hell, no,” Billy said, already becoming distracted by the sight of Mary’s breasts.

“I was talking to the lady,” Jared said.

Mary wet her lips. She’d mistakenly thought that Jared would leave the room, maybe return to that Sharon woman, but now she realized he would become an observer. The thought turned her on even more. “N-no,” she answered. “I want you to watch.”

He smiled at her and remained on his side of the bed.

Billy cupped her tit in his hand, squeezing gently. She looked back at him found herself smiling back at him. He had brown eyes that were warm. He brought his other hand to her right breast, squeezing both of them now, pushing them up and down. She shifted restlessly as her nipples strained for attention. He sat down on the bed beside her and lowered his head to her breasts. He sucked one breast, then the other, alternating between them. “I’d really love to fuck these,” he said, meeting her eyes.

“Sure,” she said, her breath speeding up a little. Her hips shifted restlessly on the bed, and he moved a hand to her knee. It slid slowly up her thigh, teasing her with little circles on the inside of her leg. She opened her legs a bit, allowing him higher access. He wiggled his fingertips on her pussy lips, tickling her lightly.

She sighed in pleasure, and the sound caught his attention. He leaned down and flicked his tongue over mouth, tasting her lightly. She parted lips, inviting him inside, and he kissed her in earnest.

Damn, he could kiss. Even though she tried not to, she compared this kiss to the frantic one she’d shared with Jared before he’d fucked her brains out. Billy was the better kisser, his tongue playing inside, toying with her own tongue, seeking out every nook and cranny in her mouth. Oh, god, if he fucked the way he kissed….her body tensed in excitement as the thought worked its way down to her cunt. She could feel the wetness leak out of her, wetting the inside of her thighs and Billy’s hand.

He inserted a finger into her cunt, working it back and forth, inciting the nerves to riot, nerves that were already sensitive from the fucking of his best friend. She moaned as she became even wetter, almost embarrassed at how wet she was. Almost. It felt too good.

Billy stuck another finger inside her, twirling them both around her squeezing cunt. “Oh, baby, that’s good,” he said, licking her lips as he spoke. “Real good.” “Yes,” she whispered, not really knowing what she was saying.

Billy continued to finger-fuck her, her hips becoming increasingly frantic as her body quickened under his attention. He gnawed on her raised nipple lightly, alternating between a nip and a thrust in a rhythm that pushed her closer to the edge. Before she knew it, she came in a rush, her twat clenching hard around his fingers and letting loose a flood of juice. He wiped as much as he could with his fingers and brought it up to her chest. “My turn,” he said, winking at her. Billy spread her juices between her tits before crawling over her. He slapped his dick onto her chest and pushed her wet tits together with his big hands, forming a tit-cunt for him to fuck. “Oh, yeah, oh, yeah,” he said, thrusting his hips back and forth. “That’s what I love, girl.” He picked up his speed, rubbing his thumbs hard over her nipples at the same time he squeezed them together. She squirmed at the torment, welcoming the slight pain.

Mary tilted her head back to look at Jared, her eyes slumberous and dazed. She saw him stroking his own dick, which had grown hard again. She met his eyes, and the hot look he flashed her aroused her more. She didn’t know just how much she could get off on having someone watch her have sex with someone else. It was thrilling! She moved her head back towards Billy and leaned up to lick the tip of his cock with her tongue as it passed through her tits. He moaned out loud and thrust even harder, and she loved the feel of his rock-hard meat moving against her flesh. She could sense that he was going to cum soon. Sure enough, he threw his head back and yelled as a large burst of semen hit her face. She lapped up some of it as quickly as she could and let the rest fall on her chest. Billy still grunted as his orgasm subsided, and she made sure he was watching as she smeared his cum all over her breasts, rubbing her own nipples again.

Billy smiled at her as his breathing started to level out, and he leaned down to french her deeply. She clutched his head in her hands, pulling him down until his chest lay flush with hers. She rubbed her tits back and forth against his hair-roughened chest.

“Baby, I gotta recover from that first,” he muttered against her lips, and she pouted. “But I’m good to go now,” Jared said from his side of the bed. Mary turned her head and saw his prick sticking straight up. She let Billy fall to his side as she scrambled up on her knees and crawled on top of Jared.

“I need that hard dick in me now,” she panted, thrusting herself down on him. She gasped in delight as he went in all the way. She pushed Jared’s hands up to her tits, making his fingers squeeze her roughly. “Harder!” she screamed at him. Jared pulled her off of him and flipped her over before she could protest. He shoved his cock back into her twat and began to fuck her doggie style. Her head dropped to the cover, and her breasts swung back and forth. He palmed her breasts again, pinching her nipples and shaking them, making her tits jiggle. She loved it! She pounded her fists against the bed, grunting like an animal as Jared pounded into her from behind.

“Man, she sucks cock like you wouldn’t believe,” she heard Jared say to his friend, the words coming out jerky, as he never broke his thrusting rhythm. “No shit?” Billy asked, a curious note in his tone.

“Deep, man, deep. Try her out,” Jared answered. “Shit, baby, you’re so fucking wet!” he said to Mary. Wet squishing noises could be heard as he shoved into her. She cried out as the first orgasm hit her.

Billy moved to the foot of the bed by Mary’s head, pulling it up with his hands under her jaw. Her mouth was open, gasping for breath, and it was more invitation than he could refuse. He shoved his limp dick in her mouth, and her lips closed around him greedily. She put her hands at the base of his prick, licking the tip a few times before shoving it deeper into her mouth. She could feel him getting stiff, and it became a personal goal to get him rock-hard in record time. She slid both her hands and her mouth over his dick repeatedly, and she got her wish. He began thrusting into her mouth, and she tilted her head for the best angle that would get him down her throat. It was a little difficult to manage with her body being pounded from the other end, but she did it. “Ah, shit, man! You weren’t kiddin’!” Billy exclaimed. He could feel her throat muscles working against his dick. “Fuckin’ heaven, man! Alright!”

He helped her hold her head in the right position, and enjoyed the feel of her cocksucking as she brought him closer to orgasm again. Jared was grunting harder by now, slamming into her pussy, the whole bed moving with the action going on top of it. She moaned around Billy’s cock as another climax hit her, and suddenly he was cumming, too, right down her throat. He let out a rebel yell as he emptied his entire load without spilling a drop. He pulled his prick out of her mouth, rubbing the tip around and around it, wiping the last of the cum on her lips.

Jared thrust three more times before he came, throwing his head back and jerking his hips in circles as he shot his spunk inside her cunt. He pulled himself out, dripping the last of his cum on her ass cheeks, then spreading it around with his hands. “Baby, you are so fucking good,” he said to her. She lay spent on the covers, too tired to even turn over, but she smiled in response. Jared leaned down and kissed her cheek, turning her over. She moaned as the cool air from the vent wafted over her naked front.

“I’ve never fucked two men at the same time,” she admitted. “That was great!”

“You’re a natural, baby,” Billy said, lounging along once side of her.

“Gotta agree with the man,” Jared said from her other side, forming a Mary sandwich. She reveled in the feeling of two studs surrounding her slender body. “But you know, I still haven’t had any of this pussy,” Billy said, reaching down a hand to stroke it.

Mary smiled. “You’ll get your chance.” Her legs fell open on their own, responding to his fingers. “Probably sooner than you think.” Her hips arched as he stuck a fingertip in between her pussy lips.

“Do you boys do this often?” she asked, curious.

“What, fuck a woman together?” Jared asked.

She nodded. “I…uh…right there, Billy, oh, yeah…uh..heard you next door. That was you two, right?”

“And Sharon,” Billy said, leaning down to lick Mary’s nipple.

Jared chuckled. “Billy and I don’t always fuck a woman together,” he said. “But this is something we started back in high school.” He stuck his tongue in Mary’s ear, making her shiver with delight.

Billy laughed. “That’s right…what the fuck was her name, anyway?”

“Shit, I don’t remember, but that’s a story for another time,” he drawled.

“Let’s just say that over the years, Billy and I have shared a few good times.” Mary turned her head and kissed Jared on the mouth. They shared a hot french kiss that got both of them panting when she broke it off. “Well, it sounded like you were having a great time today. You were fucking for five hours straight.” “Sharon’s a cock-hungry little wench,” Billy said fondly. “She usually doesn’t tire out this quickly.”

“She did take on that truck stop last night,” Jared reminded him.

Mary did a double-take. “A whole truck stop?”

Both men nodded seriously. “Guess the 10 truckers followed by five hours with us were just too much for her. Passed out cold.”

“Well her loss is my gain,” Mary said smugly, reaching down with both hands to stroke both dicks. She flicked the tips with her thumbs, making circular motions. Jared laughed before mimicking her action with his own thumb on her nipple. “Are you a cock-hungry wench, too, Mary?” he purred in her ear.

“Apparently so,” she said, licking her lips, making both men laugh. ‘I think I’m going to be spoiled from now on.”

Billy flicked his fingertip against her clit, making it stand out again. Her breathing quickened. The pricks in her hands were getting hard again. “Ready for another round?” she asked, almost begging.

‘Shit, yeah!’ they answered in unison, making her laugh despite the flash of heat that shot out from her cunt.

“Billy, fuck my cunt,’ she said, urging him over her and between her legs. She guided his dick to her hole and circled the rim with his tip. He hissed in a breath. ‘Don’t tease me, woman. I’ve been dying to feel that soaked cunt.” She rewarded him by shoving him in a few inches. “Fuck, yeah,” he said, exhaling. ‘Fuck, yeah.’

Jared leaned down and sucked her left tit, teasing the long nipple with his tongue. He traced its shape with his teeth, sliding up and down lightly, making her squirm. He would switch between that torment and hard sucking. Billy thrust slowly into her cunt, feeling the muscles squeeze all along his dick. When he was in as far as he could go, reached down and spread her pussy lips wider and angled his hips to where his cock brushed against her clit. Her hips jerked, adding to the sensation, and then he began to thrust, sliding against her clit with each motion. She screamed as fire shot up from her pulsing cunt, and her hips began bucking hard.

Jared latched onto her tit, almost gnawing and chewing on her, making her passion even more frantic. He reached across her body to squeeze her other tit, quickly rubbing his fingertip around and around that nipple. Her head thrust back and forth on the bed, each breath coming out as a loud moan. She climaxed suddenly, her snatch clenching around Billy’s dick hard as she yelled out her release. “FUCK!”

Billy didn’t want to cum just yet, so he pulled out of her before her squeezing cunt would push him over the edge. He hit Jared on the shoulder and said, “Help me get her up, man,” motioning his hands. Jared helped him lift her to her knees so Billy would slide his body between her legs. He lay back and brought her down onto his face, where he stuck his nose and lips into her snatch. She jerked her hips again, the clit so sensitive from his dick rubbing up against it that it thrust her into another orgasm. Billy kept tonguing her clit repeatedly, keeping her there on the edge of pleasure-pain.

Jared got to his feet on the bed, moving to stand in front of her. His cock now stood straight up, level with her mouth as she sat on Billy’s face. He flapped his dick against her lips several times before she had the presence of mind to realize what he wanted. She sucked him in greedily, bobbing her head up and down on his dick, gasping around it as her orgasms continued. He rewarded her by reaching down and yanking on her nipples. She’d never had so many orgasms in a row! This was a dream fuck, and she hoped it never ended.

Mary sucked Jared’s prick for all she was worth, trying to keep it in her mouth as she rode Billy’s mouth like a bucking bronc. Billy shoved his tongue up her cunt-hole, and she ground her hips down in reaction. Billy moaned as he savored the taste of her sex-soaked pussy. Jared continued to fuck her mouth, shoving his dick to the back of her throat. His balls slapped against her chin, and she reached up to cradle them in her hand. When she scraped her fingernails against them, he came in a rush down her throat. She swallowed all his cum, licking his dick as he pulled it out of her mouth. He was still semi-hard, and he flicked his cock over her face, rubbing it against her nose, along her eyebrows, under her chin, before he fell limp from emptying himself.

Billy had begun to rub her clit with his finger even as the tongue-fucked her pussy, and Mary screamed for the umpteenth time as her body went aflame with sensation. She slumped back over his body, her head landing on his lower abdomen. She felt his prick brush her face and knew she had more work to do. She turned her head and licked his dick like a popsicle, sliding up and down and around the tip. He moaned, and she felt the vibration against her pussy. She crawled off his face, not sure she could survive another stroke of his tongue, and she swallowed his dick in her mouth. His hips bucked up in pleasure, shoving himself deeper and deeper. She brought him to climax like that again, satisfied that she got every drop of cum.

All three of them collapsed on the bed in an exhausted heap, panting and grunting as the last shudders of release left their bodies.

This time, Mary wasn’t even startled to hear clapping coming from the doorway. She turned her head slowly, seeing a curvy blonde leaning naked on the door frame.

The blonde gave the group a fake pout. “That was quite a show. Having fun without me?” she asked.

“You must be Sharon,” Mary said, her breath starting to even out.

“Right the first time, sugar,” Sharon said. “And it looks like you stole my boys.” Jared chuckled. “Well, you got tired before we did,” he said. ‘What’d you expect us to do?”

Billy jerked his head, motioning for her to come in. “Join our party, baby.”

Sharon closed the door and sauntered over toward the bed. “Don’t mind if I do,” she said, eyeing Mary’s body. “You know, it’s been a while since I had me some pussy.” Mary’s eyes widened slightly. Another new experience…she’d never fucked a woman. Seems like she was going to learn a lot tonight. She let her eyes roam down Sharon’s body, taking in the voluptuous breasts and naturally blonde pussy. She’d never even thought of fucking a woman before, but right now she couldn’t wait to taste the other woman’s nipples.

Sharon reached the edge of the bed and looked down at them. ‘Make room for me, y’all,’ she said, waving her hands in the air above them. Billy rolled over once, leaving just enough room for her to squeeze in beside Mary. Mary shuddered as the felt a woman’s naked body pressed against hers for the first time. It felt good. Very good.

Jared felt Mary’s shiver of delight as Sharon settled in beside her. He chuckled and nuzzled Mary’s ear. “Feel good?” he asked softly. She nodded her head. “Another first?” he guessed. She nodded her head again. Jared stroked a hand over her hip languidly, getting ready to watch two beautiful women fuck each other, a sight that never failed to excite him. He was getting hard again just at the thought. From the corner of his eye he saw Billy raise up on an elbow to watch the show.

Sharon was a pro at sex, knowing her way around the body, either male or female. She loved sex, period, wherever and however she could get it. She could thank Billy for that, actually, for initiating her into physical pleasure when she was 15. They’d started out fucking each other daily, until he finally introduced her to the joy of groupsex, sharing her with his football buddies. By the time she turned 16, she’d fucked the entire football, baseball and basketball teams in high school and was working on the city soccer team by the time graduation rolled around. Hell, she’d even fucked the cheerleading squad. In the ten years since, Sharon had experienced everything there was to experience about sex. And she liked to share her knowledge and her body with anyone who wanted it. She was a slut and proud of it, making sure her talents were on display constantly. In fact, she’d been arrested three times for having sex in public, but she’d fucked and sucked her way out of that both arrests, ending up with a clean record after making sure the arresting officers and the police chief were very, very satisfied.

She could tell right off that Mary had never fucked a woman, and the curious glint in the woman’s gaze turned Sharon on. She cupped Mary’s breasts, pretending to ignore Mary’s startled flinch at the newness of being touched by another woman. Sharon would make sure Mary got used to girl-love really quick. Sharon rubbed her thumbs over Mary’s nipples, watching them as they elongated. “God, I love your kind of nipples,” Sharon said. “The ones that get so long are like little dicks.”

Mary’s breathing quickened as her breasts were massaged by soft hands. Her nipples felt achy again, straining out and upward toward Sharon, who rewarded them by leaning down to peck kisses on them. Left, right, back, forth, she peppered little wet smooches on the peaks, before flicking one of them with her tongue. Mary sucked in a breath at the feel of such a soft pair of lips on her breasts. She looked down, and the slight trace of lipstick on her own nipples aroused her more.

Sharon raised her head and kissed Mary on the lips. Mary kept her lips closed at first, before the light strokes of Sharon’s tongue teased her into parting them. Sharon gently prodded Mary’s open mouth, tasting the other woman thoroughly. “Mmm…I taste the boys,” she said, giggling into Mary’s mouth. Mary smiled back at her before trying to capture Sharon’s mouth again. Sharon obliged, thrusting her tongue back into Mary’s mouth, harder this time, and Mary groaned.

Jared raised one of Mary’s hands and placed it on Sharon’s large breast. At first it just lay there against the other woman’s tanned flesh, but then Mary’s fingers began to play with Sharon’s nipple. It became a hard little nub quickly, and Mary pinched it lightly. Sharon wiggled with delight, even as she swallowed Mary’s tongue into her own mouth. The women kissed passionately, the heat rising in both of them.

Billy could feel his cock getting hard. He loved watching Sharon in action, even though he’d been watching her for ten years. He briefly thought back to high school, where he convinced her to fuck him in the back of his truck. She’d taken to fucking like a natural, and after the first time, they’d met every day down by the creek to screw each other’s brains out. She became so good that he’d wanted to share her with his buddies, and he was happy to see she was willing and able. Very willing, and very able.

He looked down to see Sharon probing Mary’s pussy lips with a red-tipped fingernail. Mary’s legs opened a little wider to let her in, and Sharon accepted the invitation. He looked up to see Mary sucking on Sharon’s tits, and he realized his cock needed attention. The women were so focused on each other, though, that he was going to have to take care of the dick himself. He noticed that Jared was already ahead of him, though, stroking his own meat as he watched Mary’s lips suckle at Sharon’s nipples.

Mary moaned a little as she tasted Sharon’s nipples, loving the feel of the little nubs against her tongue. Who’d have thought she’d like sucking on another woman? Mary could feel Sharon’s finger probing at her cunt, and she felt a brief worry about those fake fingernails, but the light flickering at her clit erased the concern from her brain. She bit down a little harder on Sharon’s nipple, and the other woman returned the favor by pushing harder against Mary’s clit. They both moaned.

Sharon lifted Mary’s head from her chest and kissed the woman thoroughly before sitting up to swing her body around. She opened Mary’s legs wider, leaning in to sniff the other woman’s cunt appreciatively. “Mmmm,” Sharon said, licking her lips, gazing seductively at Mary. Mary held her breath as she looked from Sharon’s hot gaze to the hot pussy that had been brought near her face. She licked her own lips automatically, both in nervousness and anticipation. Sharon scooted her hips closer to Mary’s face and then lowered her own lips to Mary’s pussy. Mary jolted as Sharon ran her tongue down her slit then thrust her tongue briefly into Mary’s fuck channel.

Mary realized that Sharon was showing her by example how to eat another woman, and she felt gratitude to the other woman for making it easy. She leaned forward and nuzzled her nose into Sharon’s crotch, and the other woman opened her legs wider. Mary did exactly as Sharon had done, and she found that she liked the taste of pussy!

Before long, Mary no longer needed to follow Sharon’s actions. She took to munching like a natural, eating Sharon out in a frenzy that had the other woman on the verge of climax. Mary realized she was on the verge, too, when suddenly, Sharon shoved two fingers up Mary’s cunt at the same time she bit her clit, and Mary flooded the woman’s face with the juices of her orgasm. She yelled into Sharon’s pussy, and the vibration against Sharon’s clit sent her over the edge, too. Both women came hard and loud. As their breathing slowed, Mary pressed grateful kisses into Sharon’s quivering pussy.

Billy was aching and rock hard after watching this little by-play. He shifted his dick toward Sharon’s wet twat and shoved it into her in one stroke, managing to slide against Mary’s tongue in the process. Mary’s lapped her tongue up his length as he pushed down, then let open lips trail the side of it as he pulled out. He looked up to see Jared doing the same thing at the other end, pushing into Mary’s pussy while Sharon’s lips provided extra stimulation. He reached down and squeezed Mary’s tit, yanking on the nipple hard. She jerked and moaned in pleasure, her tongue stabbing into Sharon’s clit before sliding up Billy’s dick. It sent out a chain reaction of pleasure to everyone, as Mary’s cunt squeezed Jared’s prick as her response flowed through her body. Billy yanked on her nipple hard again, beginning a rhythm that worked everyone into a frenzy. Before long, he was ready to shoot his load, and he pulled out to spew against Mary’s face and Sharon’s open cunt.

Jared didn’t want to come, yet, even though he could feel his balls draw up as his orgasm built. He pulled out of Mary’s pussy and crawled up her body, shoving his dick in her mouth. She knew what he wanted and began to deep throat him. She opened her eyes to look up at him, and the intense grimace on his face let her know he was going to cum soon. Out of the corner of her eye she would see Sharon watching closely, her face just inches away from the action. Mary felt a soft hand squeeze her breasts and a rough one flick her clit. She jerked as another orgasm flooded her body, and her moan of pleasure vibrated against Jared’s cock, prompting him to flood her throat with his cum.

Jared pulled back, flicking the remaining moisture on his dick against her chest. Sharon quickly leaned up and kissed Mary, hoping to taste Jared’s cum, too. She had to settle for licking it off Mary’s breasts, which bounced in reaction to both Mary’s heaving breaths and Billy’s pounding prick, which had thrust into Mary’s pussy as she’d climaxed. She didn’t even have a chance to come down, yet, before another orgasm hit her. She just kept cumming and cumming, as each of the other three people took their turns toying with her cunt. First Billy’s thrusting, then Sharon’s tonguing, and finally Jared’s clit-tickling circles as his dick hardened again. She almost passed out from the pleasure.

She felt a body sag onto the bed beside her, and didn’t have to look to know it was Jared. They both panted in exhaustion, and he smoothed her hair away from her face before kissing her gently on her lips. “Thanks, babe,” he said, rubbing his nose down hers. “God, this is a great.” All she could do was smile and nod her agreement.

The couple felt the bed shaking rhythmically, and they looked over to see Billy fucking Sharon doggy-style, pounding into her pussy from behind. Sharon squeezed her own breasts hard, scraping her little nipples with her red-tipped fingernails furiously. She threw her head back on a yell as she squirted her girl-cum onto Billy’s balls and her own thighs. Jared reached over and wiped some up from her legs with his fingers, putting them to Mary’s lips. She licked Sharon’s juices off his fingertips, then shared it with him as he frenched her. Mary was too exhausted to do more than that, being new to group sexplay. She hoped she would get used to the pace with more practice, knowing that she could never go without this kind of action again. She’d have to get together a group back home to share sexual pleasure with.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder, you bastard!” Sharon yelled at Billy, who was still pounding away at her from behind. He thrust even harder, making her breasts bounce wildly. His previous orgasms had lessened his urgent need for release, and he knew he could last longer this time. He rode her hard, slapping her on the ass like he knew she liked. He reached under to pinch her breasts with his other hand, and she wiggled as her pleasure increased. The slapping and the pinching and the thrusting raised her passion even more. “My ass needs fucked!” she shouted, swinging her head toward Jared.

Jared had never really liked ass-fucking, just a personal preference of his, but he knew Billy loved it. He kissed Mary one more time before leaving her side, lifting Sharon up before pulling her wet pussy down onto his dick. She moaned as he thrust deep and angled her body to where her clit rubbed against his cock. This left her asshole wide open, and Billy took full advantage, working his meat into her from behind. She whimpered as the pleasure flashed through her body.

Both men began a rhythm that obviously wasn’t new to them. They alternated thrusts, one pulling out as the other pushed in, and Sharon went wild. She mauled her own breasts and yelled out, “Fuck yeah! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck yeah! Make me come boys, I wanna cum hard!”

Mary had been content to watch as her body recovered from her previous action. But now she began to move restlessly again, realizing that her pussy was wet from watching Sharon get pounded in both holes. She began to play with her own cunt, masturbating while watching the group fuck away. Sharon turned her head and saw Mary playing with herself. “Bitch, get over here,” she said, jerking her head to indicate Mary should come over. “I want my mouth filled.” Mary felt a thrill run up her body, both at being called a bitch and at the anticipation of being tongued again. She got to her feet on the bed, wobbling a little as she tried to gain her balance. It was hard with the bed moving like that, back and forth with the boys’ thrusts. She braced her legs on either side of Jared’s chest, shoving her pussy into Sharon’s face, who latched onto it like a starving woman. Sharon drove her tongue into the cunt, and Mary’s knees threatened to buckle. She felt Jared support her asscheeks with his hands, and she was grateful for the support. She reached behind to brace one hand on the headboard of the bed, grateful that she kept in shape and could bend her body at this slightly awkward angle. She clutched it hard as Sharon worked her clit in a frenzy, and Mary’s hips began lifting in circles against Sharon’s mouth. Billy was the first to cum, and his sprayed his spunk into Sharon’s ass, taking delight in watching it trickle out of her shithole and down her asscheek. He smeared it over her ass, slapping her flesh hard. She jerked and came, too, flooding Jared’s dick and thighs with her juice. She thrust her head back, away from Mary’s cunt, to yell out loud and long. She kept clenching around Jared’s cock as she spasmed.

Mary felt bereft as she remained at a fevered pitch, with orgasm close but not close enough. She was dripping juice down her leg, and her muscles twitched with the need to come. Jared could see her cunt lips pouting, needing to be filled, and he shoved Sharon off of him and into Billy’s arms before grabbing Mary by the waist and impaling her on his prick. She screamed in reaction, loving the feel of her own weight shoving him deep inside her. He bucked up furiously, making her cum quickly. He let go of his own climax, letting it flow from his body into her pussy. She slumped down onto his chest, panting hard and moaning. His arms circled her body and rolled them over, his hips still twitching against hers as he kept spurting into her. Her legs went around his waist, lifting against him to help. Finally, he was completely empty and he lay his head on the pillow next to hers and panted into her ear.

“Y’all sure like each other, huh?” Sharon asked around Billy’s dick. Mary turned her head and saw the other couple in a 69. Sharon gazed at her teasingly. Billy grunted around Sharon’s pussy. “Yeah, Jared’s dipped into your pussy more times than me,” he said. “What’s fair in that?”

Mary chuckled. “You don’t seem to be suffering any,” she noted. “But when I catch my breath, you’ll get another turn.”

Billy looked over at her, and she could see Sharon’s pussy juice on his lips and chin. “I’m gonna hold you to that,” he said.

Mary smiled. “I hope you hold me to THAT,” she said, pointing at his huge prick. Everyone laughed. She turned to look at Jared, who was smiling down at her. “No way did I think my night was going to end up like this,” she said. “I can’t thank you enough for knocking on my door.”

He shrugged. “I think you’ve thanked me enough already,” he said. “Every time that tight little cunt of yours squeezes my dick. Or your throat…lady, you’re the best cocksucker I’ve ever had.”

Billy & Sharon started moaning from the other side of the bed, and Jared and Mary settled down to watch the show. Jared would lightly play with Mary’s nipples as they watched, rubbing them gently at first, and then harder as Billy and Sharon really got into fucking again. Mary reached down and stroked Jared’s prick, although she kept her eyes on the other couple, watching Billy slam into the blonde repeatedly. The sight of that huge cock dipping into that wet pussy…knowing she’d tasted both…aroused Mary all over again. Jared began to squeeze Mary’s breast with one hand in the exact rhythm that Sharon squeezed her own, yanking on Mary’s nipple when Sharon would yank hers. He also lowered one hand to Mary’s cunt and flicked her clit, feeling her wetness increase. Neither looked away from the fucking couple, watching as Sharon came several times. Billy was still rock-hard, though, and managed to hold back his climax. He looked over at Mary and cocked his eyebrow at her, and she opened her legs in response. Billy moved to lean over her, spreading her legs wider, and sank his meat into her hole. He braced himself on one hand as he thrust in and out, moving the other to tug on her nipple. Jared and Sharon watched from either side of them, each stroking themselves as they watched.

Mary came twice before Billy crawled up her chest and tit-fucked her, eventually spilling his cum all over her chest. Sharon scooted over and lapped it up off her flesh, keeping Mary’s long nipples hard and raised. She rubbed her own nipple against Mary’s, circling them around each other. As Billy moved down the bed, lowering his head to tongue Mary’s navel, Sharon straddled her chest, with her ass toward Mary’s face and stuck one of Mary’s nipples up her cunt. “Like I said, it’s a little dick!” Sharon said, lifting a little to let the nipple rub against her clit. She tucked it back into her hole, rubbing her pussy on Mary’s tit, leaving it wet with Sharon’s cunt juice. Sharon leaned down and let her tongue join Billy’s in the foray down Mary’s body, all the while keeping up the circular hip motion that kept Mary’s nipple rotating inside her cunt.

Billy and Sharon took turns flicking Mary’s clit with their tongues, and soon Mary was bucking her body in passion. Jared twisted her other nipple hard with the fingers of one hand and lifted his dick to her face with the other. He didn’t shove it in her mouth, though, since she wasn’t angled for deep-throating. He flicked the tip over her face, along her nose, across her lips, tapping it on her chin, before circling her ear with the head of his prick. She shuddered at the sensation, and a flood of pussy juice squirted onto Billy’s face. Sharon licked it off of him, and they went back to eating cunt, keeping Mary’s body racked with pleasure. Finally, Billy raised his hard cock again and pushed into Mary’s sopping wet cunt. Sharon licked his balls and felt Jared lift her hips. He straddled Mary’s chest and thrust his dick into Sharon’s twat from behind.

Mary opened her eyes to see Jared’s firm, sexy butt in front of her face. She licked his cheek as it flexed with his thrusting movements. She could tell he was fucking Sharon, seeing his balls swing back and forth between his legs, mere centimeters from her tits. She squeezed her boobs together, lifting them high, and brought the nipples to where they were touching each other. She flicked them against his balls as they swung between his legs. Suddenly, she came again and again, clenching around Billy’s cock, which wouldn’t quit pounding into her. He lifted her hips a little higher, changing his angle of penetration, and began slamming into her again. Her orgasms seemed like one continuous spasm, now, keeping her body writhing and twisting for what seemed like hours. She’d dropped her breasts to grip Jared’s hard thighs, clenching her nails into his flesh as the climaxes ripped through her. Dimly, she heard Sharon scream — or was that her? — and she heard Jared yell out as he came.

Billy was still thrusting his prick into Mary, but his face was red and contorted, signaling that he was about to cum. A low growl started deep in his chest, and it flew out of his throat in a shout as he spewed his cum into her sopping and tender cunt. Her muscles still clenched around him repeatedly, intensifying the orgasm for both of them.

All four people sank onto the bed, fully exhausted, tangled up in body limbs. Sharon ended up close to Mary, and the two women kissed tiredly. “I think I need another nap after that,” Sharon said, and Mary nodded in agreement. She looked at the clock and was surprised to see that it was 11 p.m. She’d been fucking for 6 hours straight! She smiled to herself, a satisfied smile, as she realized that this was the best vacation she’d ever had.

After lounging for a little while, the group realized that they’d missed dinner and needed food to store up energy for the next round. They ordered take-out food, with Mary, Billy and Jared wolfing down their share as they watched Sharon ‘tip’ the delivery boy in an especially generous way, having him stripped, sucked and fucked in record time. The show succeeded in getting them all hot and bothered, and soon Mary had her cunt and mouth filled with dick while Sharon ate her share of the dinner. They all came, one right after the other.

Sharon crawled back onto the bed, running her hands up and down Mary’s torso. “The boys look a little worn out,” she said, tweaking Mary’s tits. “I think we can keep each other busy while they rest.” Mary smiled and brought Sharon’s head down to french her. The two woman kissed for a long time, fondling each other’s breasts before moving down to rub each other’s pussy. Sharon opened Mary’s legs and rubbed her own cunt against Mary’s, parting their pussy lips to rub their clits together. Both women went wild, jerking their hips in circular motions, wringing the most sensation out of their pussy fucking. Their juices mixed together as they both came, yet neither woman wanted to stop. They ground themselves to another orgasm, yelling into each other’s mouth between tongue thrusts. Mary sucked on Sharon’s tits, biting a little hard on the nipples. Sharon squirmed against her, returning the favor by squeezing Mary’s boobs roughly and scraping the tips with her nails. Their rough play worked its magic on their bodies, and they came again before taking a break. Billy and Jared were talking about some football game, of all things, but the women could see their little show had an effect on their pricks. They looked at each other mischievously, then pounced on the men, gobbling up their dicks in an orgy of cocksucking. The women would switch partners every few minutes before deciding the men were hard enough to bring the pleasure all over again. Mary reveled in her first orgy, which lasted until the hours just before dawn. As the sun was creeping over the horizon, Billy and Sharon went back to the room next door, naked as they could be but uncaring who saw. They were supposed to get dressed and meet some friends for breakfast, but the creaking of the bedsprings told Jared and Mary that they’d become distracted. Jared chuckled. “I think this is where I came in,” he said, and they both laughed. He kissed Mary again, running his hands down her body. “That was one helluva night, honey,” he said, licking her neck. He cupped her breasts and mouthed their tips.

“I know, I’ll never forget it — or you,’ she answered, fondling his dick. It renewed itself at her touch. ‘One last time?” she asked, meeting his gaze. He swung her back down onto the bed, where they enjoyed each other’s bodies again. After their orgasms subsided, Jared kissed her one more time before sliding off the bed and putting on his jeans. She reached over into her purse before rising to help fastened the jeans for him, rubbing his dick in between doing the buttons. She tucked her business card in his front pocket, wiggling her fingers against his semi-hard cock. “If you’re ever my way, look me up,” she said, smiling.

He winked down at her. “You’re damn right I will.” He stroked her hair. “Maybe by that time you’ll have some new…friends we can…entertain.” She laughed. “I’ll definitely be rounding up some more…friends. We’ll make sure to show you the same hospitality you’ve shown me.’ She walked him to the door, watching his butt move in those tight Wranglers. She patted it fondly before waving good-bye, standing in the doorway naked. She shut the door and leaned against it, surveying the wreck of a room that had hosted the best night of her life. It reeked of sex and sweat, but it smelled sweet to her. She’d lost count of her orgasms, of how many times she sucked prick, of how many times she ate Sharon’s cunt. It all melded together into a fantastic dream fuck, which she knew would keep her going when another cock — or pussy — wasn’t around to satisfy her.

The End


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