Tim’s Father

Tim and I have been happily married for 5 years. When we got married, I was 21 and no virgin, but I had only been with a couple of different guys, always in fairly long relationships. Tim is adventurous sexually and has awakened in me desires that I never knew I could have. It was like I came alive sexually for the first time. You name the sex act and we’ve tried most of them, and I found I loved them all! Tim always encouraged me to dress sexy when we were going out anywhere. He got off on it when other guys looked at me with sexual desire. I am no prude, but Tim has always had to coax me at first. Tim had me wear very short dresses with loose fitting tops and no underwear at all. He had me bend over a lot around other men, my breasts almost falling out of the loose tops of my dresses. The dresses were so short that I could hardly sit without my pussy showing. He seemed to especially enjoy me showing off around his father. I found out I really got off on all of the attention.

After we set our wedding date for 6 months away, Tim asked me to move into his parent’s house with him to save money. Tim and I slept in a downstairs bedroom across from the master bath. One night while Tim was snoring I heard footsteps come quietly down the stairs. It was Tim’s father, George. George is a very attractive middle-aged man who keeps himself in good shape. On many occasions I had checked out the bulge in his swim trunks at the pool and I had caught him looking at me in my skimpy bikini. I lay in the bed watching as he entered the bathroom and closed the door. I was not sleepy and listened as the shower ran. I looked from our darkened bedroom as the bathroom door opened. George was completely naked! I watched as he dried off. He has a cock several inches longer and much bigger around than Tim’s. I felt the crotch of my panties get wet. As he toweled himself off his cock became partially erect. While he was drying, he never once looked my way but as he came out of the door of the bathroom, still naked, he suddenly lifted his head, met my eyes and smiled. He then went up the stairs. After that, whenever George was alone with me he flirted with me and for some reason I flirted back.

About a week later Tim’s mother was visiting her mother in another state and Tim was out of town on business for 3 days. I was determined I was going to tease the dickens out of this older, attractive future father-in-law, but there was not going to be any sex. Boy, was I wrong.

On the first night alone George took a shower and came back into the living room to watch TV with me wearing only his jockey style underwear. I could tell his cock was half-erect again and I could not get the memory of the night I had seen him naked out of my mind. I decided, “OK big boy. If you think you are so much wiser about sex, watch this young attractive daughter-in-law to-be tease the crap out of you. And you aren’t getting any!” I went and took a shower also and then put on a very daring baby doll night gown that was sheer to the waist.

My boobs clearly showed through the thin material and since it ended at my waist, my bikini panties showed completely. When I confidently returned to the living room George said, “Why Lydia, don’t you look lovely tonight?” I sat back down and George started talking to me. He asked me about where I had gone with my sister yesterday. I told him we went shopping for sexy nightgowns and underwear. He asked if he could see what we bought. When I came back, he had turned the lights on in the living room full. I couldn’t stop myself from glancing at his bulge again and this time I realized that he had noticed it. I knew he was going to ask me to model the sexy clothes I had bought for Tim’s pleasure. I was so turned on by then that I agreed to model them for him.

It had only taken a little coaxing to convince me. I was just using him to gauge a man’s reaction I told myself. Some of the underwear was mostly transparent and I knew he was enjoying looking at my dark, neatly trimmed pubic hair through the thin material because he became fully erect, bulging out his underwear. George said, “You haven’t modeled these.” He was referring to the crotch-less panties my sister had convinced me to buy. Something hit me very suddenly. My pussy was very, very wet. I could smell my desire and I knew he could also! How stupid I had been to think I could tease this older experienced man! It also hit me all at once that I was under his control, not the other way around. He then ORDERED me to go put them on and return. I did just as he said; I could not stop myself. I was a slave to my body and to him. I had let things go way too far!

I returned to the living room wearing the underwear. I felt very nervous about my pussy showing in the middle of the crotch-less panties. George stood up, came over to me and told met that I had been teasing him for long enough. As he talked he lightly stoked my pubic hair with the back of his hand. He told me that he knew I wanted to fuck him so bad that I would do anything at all he told me to. “Answer me!” he demanded. “Yes,” I quietly replied not meeting his eyes.

“Show me your body, all of it,” he ordered. I stripped my underwear off. For the next ten minutes he ordered me into various positions and actions that were as stimulating as they were humiliating. Each thing he ordered I did. He had me bend over and spread my ass cheeks with my legs wide apart. He explored my pussy, ass and tits roughly. He made me put two fingers in my asshole and two in my pussy. “Suck my dick like the slut you really are,” he suddenly commanded. I knelt and though I tried very hard, I could not get more that about half of his dick down due to its length and girth. I continued to do what he ordered, hopelessly lost to lust in my new role as sex slave. He made me lay across his lap while he spanked my ass until it was cherry red.

After awhile it quit hurting and just gave off tingles that seemed to go straight to my clit. It was at this point that he made me beg him to fuck me. I said, “Please fuck me.” “More,” he commanded. “Please fuck me,” I cried out. Please put your huge cock inside of me. I will do anything you tell me to for the rest of my life, anything, just please fuck me.” And with that he pushed me down with my head and arms on the carpet and my ass jutting up in the air. It took him a while to work his huge cock into me. Inch by inch it slid in. I didn’t think I could take it all when suddenly I felt him bottom out and his pubic hair bump against my ass cheeks. He began fucking me so harshly and rapidly that it hurt. He would pull his massive dick out of me until only the tip of the head was in me and then slam it in all the way to the hilt with one thrust almost knocking me over. He was slapping my ass very hard at the same time. Suddenly, the most incredible orgasm I have ever had hit me. It went on for what seemed like hours, rocking me in wave after wave of mind numbing bliss. “Fuck me Lydia, you haven’t seen anything yet, fuck me hard you bitch, you slut daughter-in-law, fuck me Lydia,” George cried out as he suddenly started coming. I could actually feel his cock jetting cum very deep inside of my pussy.

After he pulled out, George was not nearly finished with me. He went to the kitchen, brought back a spoon and ordered me to spoon his come out of my pussy and eat it all. By now, I never considered refusing him, as I never would again. When I finished eating his come, he stood up facing me where I was sitting spread-eagled on the floor. I thought he was going to tell me to suck his dick again which was still half-erect, but he didn’t. Instead he turned around, bent over and grabbed his ass cheeks and spread them wide. “Lick my asshole, you slut,” he directed in a harsh voice. I did not even hesitate. For the first time in my life I licked an asshole. George did not even have to tell me what to do as I licked up and down the inside of his ass cheeks and then centered on his tight anus. I tongued it, rubbing the tip of my tongue all around it. I then made my tongue as rigid as possible and penetrated his asshole with my tongue. It kept opening up and my tongue kept going in further and further until I could not get anymore in. “Fuck my asshole with your tongue, you whore,” George almost screamed. He held very still while I fucked him with my tongue this way.

Suddenly he ordered me up and told me to get some lubricant so he could fuck my ass. I had never let Tim or anyone else do this to me. He had me get on all fours and grease my own asshole, inserting one, two and then three fingers in until it was stretched. “That should about do slut, but this is still going to hurt,” he said. I felt him position the tip of that big dick at my rear opening. I knew by now that he wanted to ram it home all at once but it quickly became obvious that he was so big that was not possible. Finally, after about 10 minutes of pushing, my anal muscles relaxed enough for him to get the entire head in. I was just starting to relax when he slammed the entire massive length of it the rest of the way in me all at once. I cried out loudly in pain at this initial thrust but he gave me no chance to adjust. He immediately began withdrawing and slamming it into me as hard as he could. After a while, to my amazement, my ass adjusted to his size and the pain gave way to a warm dull glow. At the same time it started to turn me on incredibly that I was letting this man use me in this way. I felt so debased as he fucked my ass, all the time yelling at me that I was a whore and a slut.

Later, he made me take a shower, dry myself and go out into the backyard with him where the pool lights were dim. He made me lay down naked in the grass on my back and he straddled my torso as he rubbed himself until he was hard again. I had no idea what sort of humiliation he was going to put me through next, but I was still so turned on I didn’t care. Suddenly I had my answer as he began pissing on my body. He directed his urine flow at my breasts and then my pussy. He ordered me to spread my pussy lips and he pissed right into my cunt. I could hear it making little gurgling sounds as he filled it up. He then brought the stream back up my body and pissed on my face and hair. He ordered me to open my mouth and I did so willingly. I had to please my master. The urine tasted salty and strong and I gulped it as fast as I could. Finally he was finished. He then made me give him a long, slow blow job until he came in my mouth. Gobs of cum dripped out of my mouth as I tried to swallow it all. I licked his cock until it was clean.

He told me to go to bed but not to shower. The next morning I stank badly of his urine as did the bed. Although I pleaded with him, he would not let me take a shower and change the bed until late in the day. He told me he was marking me with his scent. All day long he ordered me around and fucked me.

Tim’s father continued to fuck me and make me do unspeakable things right up to our wedding and it even continued after. He has always been very careful to not act familiar around others but he did come into the bride’s room right before I went down the aisle and told all my bride’s maids that he had to talk with me for a few moments. Right after they left, there was a light tap at the door and George’s business partner came in. George said he just wanted to give me a little private wedding gift and handed me twenty $500 dollar bills. He then ordered me to lie down on the floor and pull up my wedding dress. As always, I did as he told me to. George then looked up at his partner and friend and said, “Which side do you want?” His partner chose my pussy side and that pleased me because by now I liked George’s big dick in my ass. George and his partner pulled down my white lace panties and greased their fingers and dicks. In seconds, they were in me and I had my first double-fuck. We all came together. I walked down the aisle and took my vows with their cum seeping out of my ass and pussy the whole time.

That was years ago and George (among others when he commands it) still orders me sexually. I always do exactly what he says. I want him so bad I cannot say no. I love Tim more than life, but I will always have George fucking me in whatever way he wants. I have done some almost unspeakable things over the last 5 years. I have licked pussies, sucked and fucked complete strangers, been gang-banged, licked assholes, and once I even fucked George while Tim was passed out drunk in the next room. About a year ago, George ordered me to tell Tim that I was fucking someone on the side. I was told to tell him most of it but not the dirtier stuff and not who the master was. To my great surprise it turned Tim on. He fucked me every day for weeks harder and with more interest than ever before. Between him and George my pussy got sore. He even told me he wanted to watch. Then George told me to set up a special evening on Friday a week from then. I was not to let Tim touch me at all during that week so he would be good and horny. I made sure that Tim understood that the man was someone he knew very well, that I did not love him, but would never stop fucking him. “Never?” Tim asked. “Tim, I am telling you this, if this man was standing in our living room and ordered me to fuck him, I would do it even if you were begging me not to do it.” I told him there were a few rules. While the man was with us on Friday, we would both do as he ordered without hesitation or question. Tim asked what would happen if he refused. I told him in that case, you would not be fucking your virginal looking wife at all for perhaps years. Tim thought a few moments and agreed.

When Friday came, I was so excited that I couldn’t stand it. The thought of doing whatever wicked thing Tim’s father ordered me to do right in front of Tim’s eyes was almost more than I could bear. I wanted to masturbate all day but held off for the evening. George likes me to dress like an innocent young lady (which was somehow still the way I viewed myself). He had told me to wear a short white dress, with matching white bikini panties and bra. I even made Tim go with me to pick it out. By now, after a week with no sex and thinking about another man sexually enslaving his wife since before our wedding, Tim was totally turned on. He kept telling me that he knew he should be jealous but all he felt was an incredible sense of excitement at the thought of his sweet wife doing all of those things. But of course, I had not told Tim everything. He did not know the man was his father or that I went as far as I did. Like, he did not know about ass fucking or licking, two men at once, licking and sucking the pussies of other women.

I showered and put on the white dress and underwear as ordered that night. I spread a large comforter out on our living room floor and shortly after there was a tap at the door. I opened it and Tim’s father and this wonderfully built black man came in. Tim looked up at his father in surprise and asked, “Dad, what are you doing here?” George told him very forcefully to shut his mouth and watch his slut wife suck and fuck. Tim’s mouth dropped open but he did not speak again. That only served to convince me all the more how much Tim wanted to watch me fuck other men. His adorable Lydia was going to fuck his father and an attractive black man while he watched. A black man was a first for me also.

George must have been thinking about this all week, because he started quickly and hard. He ordered me in a harsh tone to come over to him. I did and he whispered in my ear for several minutes. I turned around and walked over to the black man, spun around with my back to him, bent over until my head was well below my waist and flipped my short dress. I heard the black man Joe gasp as his eyes drank in my lovely 26 year-old ass. Looking over my shoulder at him, I asked, “Do you like my white ass?” “I sure do, little white married bitch,” he replied. “Would you like to pull my panties down and put your coal black fingers in my pussy and my ass at the same time?” He did not reply but gently pulled my white panties down to my ankles and held them while I delicately stepped out of them. He flipped my skirt up again and immediately began running his hands over my ass and between my legs. His fingers rubbed back and forth on my slit until I felt my clit pop out of its tiny hood and then he inserted a finger inside of my pussy all of the way. He continued until he had two fingers in my pussy and one in my tight asshole. It never ceased to amaze me that no matter how often George and others fucked my ass with big dicks, it always went back to being just as tight as it ever was. I looked over at Tim where he was sitting in the chair and his eyes were fixed in a glazed stare at the sight of his lovely, loyal wife with her very white ass and pink pussy being plundered by a black man’s fingers.

I did not have to ask Joe the next question. I heard the zipper and belt buckle and knew he had just lowered his jeans to his knees. I felt him bumping the head of it along my ass cheeks, seeking the correct angle to penetrate me. “Go over to her boy,” George told Tim. With only a slight hesitation, Tim got up and went over to where I stood bent over with my ass hanging out and a hung stud about to penetrate my pussy. “You ever see a white woman get black dick for the first time boy?” Joe asked. Tim said nothing, but everyone could tell what he thought because his pants were unbuckled and he had his right hand down the front stroking his already hard cock. George ordered Tim closer and after he moved up to where he was nearly touching my flank he told him to open my pussy lips. “I want you to feel how insignificant you are to her Tim,” George declared. I felt Tim’s fingers gently touch my pussy lips. Dumb shit, I thought. He doesn’t understand what about this turns me on. Tim carefully spread my pussy lips and held them while Joe slowly inserted his black dick until he was fully inside. Joe began telling Tim how tight and wet I was inside, how much he liked fucking another man’s wife, particularly if she was white. Joe and me started moving together in long, delicious strokes. His dick felt as big as George’s did.

As we settled into a slow but steady rhythm, Joe continued to needle Tim about how I was a slut, a whore and a cunt. “All wives are the same, Tim, work with and flatter them a little bit and they’ll let just about anybody get in your precious little hole. And you thought it was all yours.” As my big-cocked black man Joe and me increased our pace a squishing sound started coming from my cunt caused by the wetness of my pussy. I was breathing very heavily and Joe was too. “See Tim, you been thinking how she was all yours, how she would never let anyone else look at her, much less touch her. And here she is, fucking her brains out.” I tried to quit listening and just fuck but Joe’s words were turning me on. “God, this pussy is good, man this is so good, fuck me baby, fuck me hard. Tim. I’m going to cum in your wife!!!” Joe and me were crashing into to one another like two animals in heat. I began to cry out on my own, “Fuck me with your big black dick, cum in me, splatter me with your cum inside, make me pregnant, fuck me!!!! fuck!!!!! fuck!!!!!!! My orgasm rose from deep inside of me as Joe began corkscrewing his cock in my pussy. I felt like I was going to burst. Then it hit me hard. I started convulsing and shuddering and screaming at the top of my lungs to fuck me, cum in me, fuck me. I guess that triggered Joe because he began thrusting harder also. In just a few seconds, he began twitching from top to bottom and moaning very loud. He erupted inside of me suddenly, spewing what must have been a pint of hot, ropey sperm in my willing and sucking pussy. I could feel my cunt pulling at him trying to get the last little bit. Every time he touched my cervix on the forward stroke I felt it try to grab the tip of his cock. We both slowed our pace when I felt something hitting me in splatters on my ass cheeks. It dawned on me that it was from Tim’s cock as I heard him groaning. Tim had been so turned on that he jacked off on my ass.

George stepped over and immediately sank his big cock into my already sopping pussy. After just a few strokes he pulled it out. I knew what was coming next. I looked back at Tim’s glowing, happy face. He was really enjoying this. I smiled and asked him if he wanted to watch his father fuck my ass. Tim grew hard again as his father rammed his enormous dick into my tight anus. I knew the thin skin of my rectum was stretched so thin over George’s dick that you could see his cock moving back and forth as it moved back and forth in my ass. George and I found our familiar rhythm. I knew that we were so comfortable together that it was obvious to Tim that we had done this many times. I began to build toward my second climax of the evening as George increased his pace. I began crying out very loud, “fuck my asshole! drive it deep! harder, harder” I knew this talk turned George on a lot and I felt every word I said to the quick. “fuck my ass, cum in my hot, horny ass!!!! I started coming again and George began coming right after me, spurting stream after stream of hot cum inside of me. As we slowed down, I felt George and Joe’s cum combining and beginning to drip down on the carpet.

George ordered Tim, who was totally lost in masturbating again, staring at me as if I were a beautiful strange witch, to lay down on the carpet. He then whispered to me and I grinned. I went over to Tim and said, “Honey, I love you a lot, but you are the short man out tonight and you have to clean the dishes.” With that I straddled his head and lowered myself down on my knees. There it was, just an inch or two more and I felt my sopping, dripping pussy hair rub across Tim’s tightly closed lips. He was jacking his rod like mad, no longer caring that the two men were sitting down and tossing verbal taunts at him.

“Eat cum out of your wife, you jerk.” one said. Using my fingers I opened my already bulging pussy lips even more and cum from Joe’s cock began to drip in big gobs down on Tim’s lips. He hesitated for only a second then stuck out his tongue and tasted it. Suddenly he was overcome with passion and opened his mouth wide and stuck out his tongue. He tongued and licked my pussy until every drop was gone and then when I slid forward and spread my ass cheeks. Tim sucked and licked my asshole until it was also clean. It felt really odd and erotic to straddle my husband’s face and rock back and forth while he sucked his father’s cum out of my ass.

Since that night, I take no birth control pills and Tim is only allowed to fuck me with a condom on. I am pregnant now and I think it belongs to Tim’s father, but I cannot possibly be sure. I still do whatever George tells me to, whenever he tells me. Tim never complains, because every now and then, he is allowed to watch, participate and suck cum from my cunt and ass. George stops by several times a week. He always fucks me while he is there. Frequently he will be sharing a cup of coffee with us at the kitchen table and suddenly stand up and say, “Lydia, bend over the table.” Tim always sits and quietly drinks his coffee while his dad fucks me. We grunt, groan and moan like animals in heat right there in the kitchen. I can’t see that it will ever end.

The End


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