After a perfect evening of dinner and dancing, of thoughtfulness and playfulness, of coy demurrals and deep, meaningful glances, we reach the top of your steps and you place your key in the lock, turning to me with a smile, all your doubts and cares swept away, leaving only your desire, your decision irrevocably made.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening. Good night,” I say as I reach for you to kiss you goodbye. I can sense your heat, but have no wish to hurry you into an intimacy that I know will change both our lives forever. Breaking the kiss I turn to descend the steps, but you take me by the hand, replying in a deep, throaty voice, “Yes, a very good night,” and you turn the key in the lock, leading me across the threshold and into your home, at the same time crossing a threshold of a more sensual kind, your mind acquiescing to your bodies need.

You close the door behind us, maintaining your light grip on my hand, and lead me through your foyer and across your living room, approaching the staircase leading to the bedrooms. With me in tow, you slowly climb the stairs until, upon reaching the top, you lead me to a door on the right side of the banister and open it, gently pulling me inside and shutting the door behind us.

You stand with your back against the door, your heart pounding, your mind still adjusting to your bravery. I watch as your breasts rise and fall with each breath, perspiration beginning to bead on your forehead, a drop falling into your cleavage and slowly trickling under the edge of your blouse, giving rise to a faint blemish in the delicate fabric. Your courage regained, you straighten up and reach for the top button of my shirt.

I watch your hands tremble as you slowly unbutton each button until you reach the top of my trousers, then you tug the shirttail out and reach to unsnap those also. You pause to allow me to kick off my loafers, then lower my pants to the floor for me to step out of.

You kneel to pull down my underwear, but it is here that I take command, grasping you gently but firmly by the shoulders and raising you back to your feet. You start to mouth protest, but I place my index finger across your swollen lips, the silence remaining unbroken. Tonight is to be for your pleasure.

 I gently cup your face with both my hands, and kiss you deeply but undemanding, exploring your soul as well as your mouth. I run my tongue across your teeth, searching, learning, exploring. Breaking away softly, I look deeply into your eyes as I slowly unsnap your blouse, my fingers working their way down to your skirt, whereupon I pull the blouse off entirely, the sleeves sliding down your arms to reveal your white lace brassiere.

I lean down and softly kiss each creamy breast as your chest heaves and your excitement mounts. Pulling away, I kneel in front of you, unfasten your skirt and gently lower it to the floor, revealing your matching white lace panties and garter belt. I lift your right leg by calf and ankle, freeing it from your discarded skirt and removing your shoe, pausing to kiss the top of your foot, then repeat the procedure with your left leg, again kissing the top of your hose-encased foot before allowing it to resume its place on the floor.

I then arise to find you standing with a glazed look in your eyes, your lips swollen with desire. You reach for me, but I deny your impulse, taking your hands and returning them to your side, silently controlling the pace of our lovemaking. I take a step back, admiring your angelic form until I am fully inebriated with the glorious sight of you, then I take you in my powerful arms, once again kissing you deeply, one hand gently stroking your golden hair.

Reaching behind you I unclasp your sheer, lace brassiere, allowing the straps to slowly fall around your shoulders, revealing their faint imprint in your alabaster skin. I gently rub the imprint, abhorring its intrusion on such perfection. The merest touch of my fingers raises a pink blush to your flesh, which, along with the imprint, fades quickly from view when I remove my fingers. I then stand back, allowing the bra to slip completely off your shoulders, exposing your nipples to my gaze. They stand proudly, your areolas puffed and swollen with expectation.

Pulling you to me, I bury my face between the fullness of your breasts and softly kiss first the right one and then the left, gently flicking my tongue at each nipple, causing you to shiver with desire. I look into your eyes and see only an unfocused reflection, your pupils entirely filling your irises as you stare unseeingly into a world of unfulfilled need. They focus for a moment, gazing directly into my eyes, imploring me for release, but I know the tantalization you are experiencing will only heighten your eventual pleasure.

I slowly work my way down your torso, gently kissing your smooth belly. When I reach your navel I swirl my tongue in its recesses, causing your stomach muscles to jerk uncontrollably from the unbearable delight. As my mouth continues its journey down your body, my tongue flicks out again and again between kisses, eliciting soft moans from deep within your body. My every touch is causing you to tremble and shake.

When I reach your garter belt I pause, reaching down to lightly unclip your hose and roll them down your legs, first the right one and then the left, pausing once more to kiss the top of each foot. I reach up once more and grasp your garter belt, pulling it down your body and helping you to step out of it. With your sheer panties providing your only covering, I sit back on my heels and drink in the sight of you, silently offering a prayer to the gods for the magnificence they have bestowed upon me. I then stand, lifting you in my arms as I rise, and gently lay you on the bed.

I am excited by your obvious desire, which is proven by the swelling of your lips and nipples and the mild tremors that are passing through your body. But I subdue my own need to concentrate on intensifying your arousal. Grasping one foot I kiss its ankle and slowly work my way up your leg, trailing my tongue and stopping at your knee. I kiss and gently scrape my fingernails over the soft skin covering the back of your knee, eliciting a soft moan in the process. I switch to your other leg, scraping the flesh behind its knee with my teeth, then kiss my way up your thigh until I reach your nearly dripping panties.

I hook my thumbs under the elastic of the moist garment and tug it down as you lift your hips to assist me. After I roll them down your legs and off your feet, you immediately open your thighs, but the moment is not yet mature. With a firm but gentle grip on your knees, I force you to roll onto your stomach and again slowly taste my way up your thighs, kissing and gently biting your tender flesh, first one side, then the other, making my way from your legs to your buttocks, pausing to lick the top of its crease, bringing more tremors and involuntary sounds.

You are almost completely beyond self-control now. Perspiration is pouring in rivers from your body as you writhe in the exquisite torment you are experiencing. Your eyes are closed, but under your eyelids I can see them flutter spasmodically in anticipation. Turning you onto your back once more, I allow you to open your thighs, raising your legs as you do so. I kiss your inner thighs, feeling you shudder with delight, your body shivering even more vehemently as I scrape my fingernails across your tender flesh, and I watch as you spasm in a mini-orgasm, your control completely abandoned. Tears flow from your eyes as they plead with me silently for release.

Finally I deem the time to be ripe. I make my way to your inner sanctum, drinking in the musky aroma. I touch your pussy for the first time, your body jerking, initially shrinking from the contact but swiftly bucking to increase the pressure of my tongue on your opening. Careful not to touch your clitoris, which is lightly protruding from it’s sheath of skin, I alternate quick flicks of my tongue with long, abrasive laps at the soft folds of your pussy, thirsting for your nectar, drink of the gods.

Journeying south, I run my tongue along your perineum, causing you to shiver and bringing goosebumps to your quivering flesh. Now confident that I have brought you to the pinnacle of expectation, I relent, gently taking your clitoris between my teeth and flicking my tongue at its tip, causing you to explode into orgasm, your body racked by shudders as it achieves its release.

One orgasm after another rips through your body as I continue my merciless assault upon your clitoris, very gently nipping at it with my teeth as your body twists and turns until, finally, your climax eases its violence and your mind comes back to you.

You open your eyes and look at me with complete satisfaction, but we’re not nearly through yet. I stand to remove my underwear, then, climbing back into bed, I kneel between your knees with my throbbing erection in one hand, guiding it towards you. I hold it against your now drenched opening, rubbing it up and down your slit, then holding it against your clitoris, applying pressure and readying you for my attack.

Finally, as you twist in sweet agony once more, I thrust my hips forward, easily sliding deep into you, parting your warm flesh with my cock and plunging you into the depths of orgasm again; then I start fucking you with long strokes, your back arching to meet me as I force myself deeper and deeper into your body, first slowly, then increasing my tempo as you quiver and shake, slamming your hips forward to meet mine.

I feel my climax swiftly approaching, so I slow my pace, pulling my cock all the way out and resting it on your clitoris once more, allowing my urgency to abate, but causing you to open your eyes and buck your hips wildly, your body’s need demanding more. Having staved off my impending orgasm, I drive my hips forward once more, drawing a harsh grunt from your battered body as I pound into you again and again. All subtlety now gone, determined to draw one more orgasm from your tired, pulsating body until, unable to bear the rising crescendo any longer we explode together in a kaleidoscope of light, our bodies crushed against one another, attempting to prolong the pleasure.

Finally I collapse onto the pillow beside you, my body exhausted. You lie nearly motionless, your only movement an occasional shiver, thoroughly satisfied.

We gradually compose ourselves, whispering sweet endearments in each other’s ears. As magical as our lovemaking was, we are each secure in the knowledge that this is but the first of many such nights. I lean over and kiss you lightly on the lips before we both drift off into the sweet solace of sleep.


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