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When my husband retired from the Air Force, he obtained a job at a high school as the assistant basketball coach. After a couple of years, apparently he impressed the local University and was hired as an assistant for the university team.

I came to enjoy basketball and had a secret reason for going to the games as well as being the coach’s wife. I loved to look at the players in their uniforms and imagine what I could do with one of those young studs. Actually my fantasies usually were about one of the black guys being my lover. I suppose that was not proper for a nice southern raised white wife, however it was what turned me on the most.

The first year my husband was at the university, the team made it to the regional finals. We were all excited and I was caught up in the frenzy, basketball fever they called it. The team was to travel to the first round of the tournament by bus. We were loading on the buses and I looked for my favorite player (John, a nice 6’2′ guard who was very black). I finally spotted him and the seat beside him was vacant. I hurriedly made my way to him and asked if the seat was taken, He smiled and said, “No ma’am.  Guess it is yours if you want it.” I was relieved and took the seat beside of John for the trip.

The bus got underway and both John and I talked about winning the first round. John was the team-leading scorer and I pushed him to score well and told him that I would certainly be watching him every minute. He was excited and said he wished he could score at least 40 points in the game. I chuckled and said, “That is quite a goal for any player and is no doubt a difficult task.”

“I bet I can do it,” he replied. “Wanna bet with me?”

“No, That would be betting against the team. Lets do it another way. If you make over 40 points I will give you anything you want, well  if I can afford it.”

“OK! Miss Ally, that’s a deal. You just watch me tonight. I will make you pay up.”

“I hope you do. I want to win. I want you to do good.” I leaned over and quietly said to John, “I have a secret. You are my favorite player. I love watching you play.”

I could see from John’s facial expressions that he liked what I said. He reached over and patted my leg and said, “Thanks Miss Ally. I will be making every play and shot just for you.” His hand still on my thigh. We looked into each other’s eyes without saying another word for a long moment. It was almost like we were seeking the others approval. I thought about telling John to just call me Ally then decided that would not be a good thing as he might call me Ally in front of others and that would raise some eyebrows.

We chatted as the bus moved to our destination and John went to the locker room with the team. I found my seat at mid court down low. I loved it as I was close to the action and could see the young guys up close.

The first half was not a really good one for John or our team. At half time, John found me and gave me a look of desperation. John only had 9 points. I wanted to tell him that it was OK. Before the second half started, John looked up and our eyes met, I gave him thumbs up and a big smile.

The second half started and it looked like a different team as John made goal after goal, reaching 20 for the game then 30 then he was at 39 with three minutes to play.  Then there was three seconds left with our team with the ball out of bounds and our team was behind by one point. The ball was passed to John who immediately shot from the 3 point range. I thought the ball would never get to the goal. It went in hitting all net. John looked up at me and I was giving him both thumbs up.

I went on to the hotel and to my room. My husband and I would take separate rooms at these games because he would go over the plays and watch some video and develop plays and teaching points far into the night. He did not want his work to disturb me. I showered and put on my nightgown and lay back on the bed and started watching a movie on TV when there was a faint knock at the door. I peeked out the peephole and saw it was John in a jogging suit. I opened the door and John met me with a smile and said, “I made over 40 points and now I am here to collect.”

“OK,” I said. “Come on in and tell me what I have to get for you.”

John said, “It ain’t expensive,” as planted a full kiss on my mouth.

“Whew, John, ohhhh, awwww, welll, what is this all about? I uhhhhh!”

John smiled and pulled me to him again and kissed me hard and deep. I was not resisting now as I had recovered from the shock and realized what John had in mind for his prize. My head was spinning as I thought of so many things… John had his hands on my bottom now pulling me to him as he kissed me harder and deeper and I was now returning his kiss. I was wondering what I was doing and if I wanted to stop or if I did, could I stop John now as it was quite apparent he was fully aroused and wanting to push his black pole into this white wife.

“John,” I said as I pulled away from him. “I am a married woman and you know, this is not a good thing. I know I promised anything I could give you but never considered that you would want to have sex with me.”

“Miss Ally, I think you are a beautiful foxy woman. I have had some fantasies about you and, well, if you don’t have the same feelings, I am so horny for your ass right now,  he pulled me to him again and started kissing me and pushing his hard cock into my tummy hard. He was now pushing my sexual desires to new heights. I knew now that there was no turning back. I wanted his young black ass and he wanted my mature married white ass. He had his hands on my butt holding me tight as I moved my hands all over his back and bottom then to the front to feel his hard long black cock through his jogging shorts.

I then pushed him back and said, ” Just take a moment and look at your prize,” as I opened my evening robe and let it drop to the floor. Now all I had was a sheer black thigh length nightie. I cupped my hands under my breast and giggled saying, “These are not only for babies but they are for young black studs just like you.”

“Hummmmm, I love those Miss Ally. Wow they are nice white globes.” As he moved closer and cupped them in his black hands. I lifted my gown over my head and off and tossed it on the floor as I run my hands under his jogging top feeling his muscular body and his kinky chest hair. I unzipped the top and he removed it and tossed it on the floor, then I tugged on the elastic around his waist pulling his pants down to reveal his erect black pole standing tall for me to see in all its glory. I went to my knees and gently took the black cock head into my mouth as I cupped his large balls in my hand.

I felt his tough leathery ball sack and it not only felt like tough leather but it had a silky smooth finish.  His two balls hung loosely down in the sack like a couple of hard rocks waiting to be cracked. He was now releasing pre-cum as I licked his cock head. I continued to play with his balls in their sack knowing that they were full of black baby seed ready to fill this mature white wife. John was breathing hard and heavy as he groaned with pleasure, “Yes baby. Yes! Ooh oh oh, damn, you’re making me so horny.”

I then moved to the bed, as I wanted John to see the rest of his white prize. As I laid down, John moved beside me and started sucking my breast like a baby, slurp, slurp, slurp, then trailed kisses down my tummy with his fingers parting my dark curly pubic hair and parting my lips to prepare for his tongue to start to work on my woman hood.

He was now drinking my free flowing juices and moving his tongue around my clit and then deep inside my canal preparing me for the final act of breeding.  I lay there thinking that I had decided to take some time off the pill and give my body a rest, damn it all, I am not protected… what the hell, I don’t care. I want this young black stud and I am not going to spoil the moment worrying about being pregnant with a black baby.

I was now begging my young lover to give it to me, “Fuck me sugar, damn it, fuck your white momma!” John then rose above me as I opened my legs wide to welcome my young stud. I saw his lovely black rod moving to take me. I opened as wide as I could as John positioned his cock head between my waiting lips and then gently pushed it all the way to the entrance to my womb. He then moved his hands beneath me and under my butt as he started thrusting in and out knocking on my wombs door.

We were now both sweating and squirming in total passion as I met each of his thrust with one of my own. His cock was pounding my cervix preparing it to receive his black seed. I was now out of my mind. I didn’t care about anything but fucking hard and fast. My mind went crazy as I blurted out words I had never uttered before, fuck me, breed me you fucking black stud, breed your momma, give me a black baby, his big black balls pounding my butt hard then it happened.

I felt his cock explode rapidly unloading his seed deep inside my waiting womb as my whole body stiffened and then I shook all over, then I went limp with the end of my orgasm. John collapsed from his orgasm at the same time lying on top of his fresh-bred white married bitch.

For a long time we lay there without saying a word to each other both knowing that each had been satisfied beyond belief. I knew that I wanted to keep this young hard fucking stud as my lover for as long as I could. I whispered in John’s ear, “You’re mine now. I don’t care how you score on the floor as long as you keep scoring in my bed,” and I giggled happily.

John, kissed me and then replied, “You ain’t gonna keep me out of yo bed, Momma. Yo done got yo self a fucking black stud.”

I now had to wait a month to find out if I was pregnant or not. Actually I had a good scare, as it was 6 weeks before I had my next period. I was really nervous when I hit the three week mark, then was really concerned for another three weeks.

Needless to say I went back on the pill and continued to sneak a night now and then with my young black stud for a couple of years running.

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