Tow Truck

I was running late for a very important dinner
engagement with my husband and his law partners at a
very ritzy restaurant in town. My Mercedes wouldn’t
start, so I called my husband at the office. He said
that he was running late too, and couldn’t get back
home and then meet the partners at the restaurant, so
he told me to call a tow truck.

A tow truck! What an asshole! To tell you the truth,
the only reason I stay with him is for the money. We
met in college and he was my first. We fell in love and
were married, but since he passed the bar and was made
a senior partner in the firm, I’ve grown to hate him.
Sex has become non-existent and when it does happen,
it’s over in a few minutes, with him falling asleep
soon after leaving me frustrated.

I should tell you even at 35, I still turn heads. I’ve
been told I look like Morgan Fairchild, I have the same
hair style and color, but I think I’m quite a bit
smaller than her, I’m exactly 5 foot tall and weigh 97
pounds. I’m a Mini-Morgan! My body is still firm as I’m
in the gym every day just to stave off the boredom. But
here I was, dressed in a Black cocktail dress, high
heels, my hair up in an elegant French Twist, perfect
makeup waiting out in the driveway for a goddamn tow

20 minutes later a huge black tow truck pulled into the
driveway and pulled to a stop behind my 500 SEL and
shut down. Then an even bigger black man got out
smiling and walked over to me. He was huge! I had to
crane my neck to look up to him! He had to be at least
6’5″, and really muscular.

He asked me what seemed to be the problem, so I told
him. He immediately began to look under the hood and
test things. I was being drawn to him like a moth to a
flame. It had been so long since I had any king of
sexual feelings and his raw, animal-like sex appeal was
drawing me closer. I couldn’t believe it; I was
starting to get soaking wet.

He kept on looking over at me and smiling in a knowing
way, and every time he did my stomach jumped a little.
I shyly smiled back a few times and looked away. I felt
like a schoolgirl! I stammered something about getting
something to drink and headed into the house.

I went to the kitchen a poured myself a stiff drink of
scotch. I downed that and poured another one. My hand
was shaking so much I had to put the tumbler down. As I
did, I heard a knock on the kitchen door, which led out
to the driveway and garage. I stammered “Come in” and
the huge black man entered my house.

He looked even more handsome in the light. His shaved
head glistened and I found it eerily sexy. He smiled
and his perfect, pearly white teeth shone. He told me
He got the car running. I thanked him and asked what I
owed him. He just smiled again and moved closer to me.
“I know you want me,” he said. “You’ve been digging on
me since I got here.”

“No,” was all I could mumble. I was frozen in place.

He took a few more steps to me, bent down and with his
two greasy hands grabbed my waist and effortlessly
picked me up so we were eye level. I looked into his
ebony eyes and my knees went to rubber… I’m glad he was
holding me then as I would have probably have fallen to
the floor. He brought he face to mine and planted a
deep soul kiss on me.

I resisted for a few milliseconds, but as his tongue
reached into my mouth and found my tonsils, All
resistance faded. I was dripping wet and I kissed him
back furiously. I wrapped my arms around his neck and
furiously kissed him, our tongues dancing away. Our
mouths parted and he asked where the bedroom was. I
couldn’t say anything. He put me down and I walked on
weak knees to the master bedroom like a zombie with
this black giant following behind.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this… I had always
fantasized about what it would be like to be with a
black man, but I never really thought I do it. I’m
married! We reached the bedroom and I sat on the edge
of the bed. I couldn’t stand anymore I was shaking so

He said he could smell my sex. Of course he could smell
it! I was wetter than I’d ever been before! He stood in
front of me, looked down into my eyes and smiled. I was
mesmerized. I heard the sound of his zipper… I slowly
tore my gaze away from his and looked to what lay in
store for me. It was the biggest, fattest cock I had
ever seen in my life! It was HUGE! It was at least 8
inches long and FAT, and it wasn’t even hard yet! No
match for my hubby’s pathetic 5-inch wet noodle!

He took my hand and placed it on the throbbing shaft…
My fingers didn’t even reach around its girth! I could
feel it twitch and grow as I began slowly pumping the
shaft. I felt his hands on the back of my head, pulling
my mouth closer to the big, plumb sized head. I licked
and kissed the shaft and head as I felt his fingers
slowly pulling apart the French Twist I had so
carefully done up not an hour ago.

I felt his thick fingers slowly run through my blonde
hair and it felt so good. His cock was growing bigger
and I had to use both hands on it now. I tried to get
the head into my mouth, but it was just too big, so I
settled on sucking on the piss-hole and kissing and
licking the shaft as I two-fisted him.

He started to moan and his cock began to swell and get
even harder. It was like a huge ingot of hot steel in
my hands and mouth. As I sucked on the head again he
gasped, grabbed my hair in both hands holding my head
in place. The head swelled to an enormous size and then
the biggest load of cum I’d ever felt shot right down
my throat. And he kept cumming and cumming!

It must have been a quart of hot, incredibly thick and
delicious molten seed. I tried to swallow it all but
some spilled and went down the front of my low cut
cocktail dress. I greedily sucked and swallowed like a

He stepped back and quickly disrobed, showing me the
rest of his beautiful body. His cock was still rock
hard, and had to be at least 10 inches long and as
thick as a beer can. He swiftly moved to me, picked me
up and tossed me full on the bed on my back. I was
still completely dressed, and he moved onto the bed on
his knees in front of me. He quickly spread my legs,
and in one deft movement ripped my panties off. My
soaking wet, swollen pussy was completely exposed to

I wanted that cock in me! But would it fit? I’m so
tiny, and it’s sooo BIG! He saw the doubt in my eyes
and reassured me he be gentle. He rubbed that big black
head on my clit and I was wracked with was later to
become many orgasms. He slowly pushed forward and I
felt myself stretch to accept the monster. Slowly he
pushed forward, and pulled almost out. Then forward
again, putting a little more in each time.

By the time he hit bottom I was in almost constant
orgasm. I looked down between my lewdly spread legs and
saw this HUGE black shaft obscenely spreading open my
little white pussy. The contrast of his black skin and
my blonde pussy hairs sent another wave of orgasms
through me. It was all the way in me, deeper that I’d
ever had anyone in me before, and still almost a full
third of it was still out side of me.

I wanted him to start fucking me! I started humping my
ass up to his cock, feeling it hit bottom every time
and he slowly began thrusting in me. Faster and faster
he went, and I was having orgasm after orgasm. I’d
never cum so much. I was soaking the mattress!

All of a sudden I had a rational thought. I wasn’t
protected, and I was pretty sure I was in my most
fertile time of the month, because hubby and I were
trying to have a baby, which so far we had been
unsuccessful. I told my new lover this and it sent him
over the edge!

He started pistoning that huge black cock into me like
a madman. I lost all control at that point! The thought
of this big black man knocking me up with his potent
black seed sent me over the edge. I really wasn’t
coherent at the time, but he later told me I was
screaming for him to knock me up! Give me a black baby!

Then it happened… I felt his cock swell to enormous
proportions as he shuddered once and a volcano of hot,
potent black seed filled my little pussy to
overflowing! I screamed out: “YES! GIVE ME YOUR CUM!”

I came so many times I couldn’t remember… I was
shaking uncontrollably… He’s been coming over to the
house every day for the past month and I think I may be
pregnant and that turns me on more than anything!! To
think that I, a lily-white, rich housewife, was
pregnant with this huge black man’s baby.

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