Two For One Spanking

I had just finished spanking Miss Mori when the door to my office suddenly burst open and Amaya, one of Miss Mori’s helpers, fell into the room. Her lack of grace complicated by having one hand down the front of her slacks.

Miss Mori and I both jumped to our feet and watched Amaya as she disentangled herself and got to her feet.

“Just what is the meaning of this?” I said in my most commanding voice. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Well…” she started, “I-I… was putting some papers on Miss Mori’s desk when I tripped and fell against the door.” She looked up at me hopefully to see if I believed her.

When she saw the look on my face she looked back at the floor and started over. “I accidentally heard you two one night about a month ago when I did come in after work to put some papers on Miss Mori’s desk. Now I wait after work to see if she comes in here and closes the door. When she does I go into her office and listen at the door to try to… hear you. I get so hot I can hardly stand up when I have to leave.”

Miss Mori and I look at each other for a moment. “Does anyone else know what we do here?” I ask.

“No, I only heard you because it was very quite that night I came into Miss Mori’s office. I heard the sounds of slaps and wondered what was going on, so I put my ear to the door. When I did that I could hear Miss Mori gasping and groaning. At first I was afraid you were hurting her, but as I continued to listen I realized what was happening. I got so hot thinking about it I came in my pants. Since then I have always wanted to join you but I could never bring myself to ask.”

I looked Amaya over. In contrast to Miss Mori, Amaya is a small, dark, Japanese girl. She has a slight figure, and long, shiny, black hair reaching down to her waist. She is looking at the floor wondering what is going to happen now. I can see her rock-hard nipples right through her satin blouse.

“Miss Mori,” I say, “I think we have a very naughty girl here. I think she needs to be punished for listening at the door. What do you think?”

Miss Mori just looks at me and nods her head.

“Tell me Amaya, are you ready to be punished for what you have done? If so, then close the door, and make sure it’s locked, and come over here.”

Amaya closes the door and walks around the desk to where I am standing. Her head still hung down, but I can see her eyes are shining. I move away from the chair and motion Miss Mori to sit down.

“I think we should start with a spanking and I would like Miss Mori to administer it. Amaya, come here and lay across her lap.”

As Amaya starts to lay down Miss Mori speaks up, “Wait, you must remove your pants and panties first. A proper spanking is delivered to the bare ass.”

Amaya looks at Miss Mori then looks over at me. I nod at her, and she kicks off her shoes and pulls off her pants and panties. When she turns I see that her pubic area is shaved clean. She then lays across Miss Mori’s lap with her ass high in the air and waits for the first slap of Miss Mori’s hand. Instead, Miss Mori rests her hand on Amaya’s upturned butt and feels the smooth firm skin there. After a few moments she suddenly raises her hand and brings it down with a resounding smack.

For the next few minutes Miss Mori rains blows on Amaya’s quickly reddening ass, as Amaya writhes and whimpers. Now Miss Mori reaches down and begins to massage Amaya’s ass and thighs, with heavy caresses up and down her legs. She begins to work her clit up and down until she has one, no two fingers inserted into her wet cunt. I could tell Amaya was ready now and Miss Mori winked over at me to also let me know that this little Bitch was in need of more sexual stimulation.

“There, that ought to be sufficient,” Miss Mori says as she stopped. “You may stand up now.”

Amaya gets to her feet, still looking down. I can see by the way her eyes are shining, and by the juices dipping down her legs, that she enjoyed the whole experience.

“Well, now that Miss Mori has gotten her licks in, I think you ought to return the favor Amaya. Why don’t you kneel down there and give Miss Mori’s clitty a good licking?”

Amaya looks at me to see if I am serious, then she drops to her knees in front of Miss Mori, pushes her skirt up, and leans slowly forward. As she approaches the junction of Miss Mori’s legs she sticks her tongue out and just brushes the liquid shining on her lower lips.

Her tongue retreats to taste what it has gathered, then flashes back out, intrigued by what it has found. I can tell that this is the first time Amaya has ever eaten another woman. Just watching her had gotten my cock as hard as steel. Amaya continues to continues to lick around the edges of Miss Mori’s cunt almost as if she is afraid to push her tongue all the way past her labia major.

“Come on girl”, Miss Mori says as she pulls Amaya’s head closer, “You know what’s there and how to make a girl feel good. Come on now, fuck me with your tongue!”

Now with Amaya’s head in the way I can’t really see what she is doing, but by watching Miss Mori I can tell she has gotten down to the real business. Amaya had managed to get her tongue up Miss Mori’s slit to the point where Miss Mori was writhing around on the chair in her excitement. “Come on Amaya,” Miss Mori said “DEEEPER, get into me DEEEPER!”

Amaya’s tongue was going in and out of Miss Mori’s cunt like a dick now. “Oh, now put your lips on my clitty and suck it hard,” said Miss Mori’s.

Amaya was licking and sucking for all she was worth as Miss Mori was moving her legs all over the place. She had them wrapped around Amaya’s neck and was thrusting herself into Amaya’s wanton mouth. She had pulled Amaya’s hair to get her closer to her hot love box.

Soon I couldn’t stand it any more. I dropped to my knees and got behind Amaya, pulling out my cock, and slam it into her pussy. I hear a muffled scream as I push into her. She was hot, wet, and very tight. So tight that I only get about half way in to her with the first push.

With another push I slide in until I hit bottom. Amaya lets out a moan that is echoed by Miss Mori. I start pumping, knowing that I won’t last long in a cunt this tight, but it feels so good not to.

As I push in and out, I am pushing Amaya’s face into Miss Mori’s pussy adding to her feelings. Very soon she is gasping at the start of her orgasm. I can feel the cum rising in my balls as I feel the pulsing of Amaya’s cunt around my prick. The office is filled with the moans and screams of pleasure as we all orgasm off together.

As I open my eyes again I am sitting back behind Amaya. She is still kneeling with her head on Miss Mori’s legs, my cum running down the insides of her legs. Miss Mori is laying back in the chair, her face still flushed, still gasping from the intensity of her hot orgasm. She winks a couple of times and as she looks over at me says, “I think we’ve found someone to blame the next time we can’t find a file.”

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