Use My Husbands Play Thing

I had just taken a new job in a department store for a little extra cash and to keep me busy while my husband was traveling some with his job. Being alone was not a lot of fun for a 49-year-old wife. This story starts with some discussion in the break room. I entered to get a coke and on the dining side, divided with a partition, there were two black brothers discussing some attributes of one of the new employees. The discussion went something like this.

“Man have you noticed that new Momma in the Ladies Ready to Wear department?”

“Yea man, she is sure nice I would love to be her ready to wear,” as he chuckled in a deep voice.

“She has a nice round ass for a white babe. And those knockers ain’t too shabby.”

I suddenly realized they were discussing me. Wow, two brothers being taken by an older married white woman. They actually sounded as if they had already made up their minds that they wanted to check out the merchandise in the “Ladies ready to wear”. I thought I knew who the two guys were but left and watched to see who they were. They emerged from the break room in a few moments and I saw that it was a couple of the young black college guys that were hired for summer work.

My mind was a total mess the rest of the day. I had visions of one of them then two of them being in my bed and what would I do? Damn them! They had caught my fancy now and every time I saw them all I could think of was, “What does their packages look like and how would it feel to have those young hard black cocks knocking at my door.”

It took me about a week to decide that I was going to be friendly and flirt with them. I knew that it was wrong for a married woman to want some extra sex but damn it, I needed more than I was getting. Who knows what my husband was doing on his trips. It isn’t fair for one to have all the fun. Besides, when the old Bull is not looking, sometimes the young bulls get to bang the old cow. I smiled at my thoughts. I was now justifying my thoughts about these young black bulls.

Having been raised on a farm, I knew a lot about the instincts and how animals acted.

I remember watching the old bull run the young bull off, then when the old bull was out of sight the young bull would breed one of the older cows. It was almost like the old cow would slip off from the old bull just to be with the young bull.

I used to enjoy watching the farm animals breed. I remember one time we had a big black bull and he breeds all the cows we had. I thought of the young black guys as young black bulls wanting to breed this old heifer.

I started speaking to the black guys and found out their names were Curtis and Anton. I introduced myself (Annabelle, a good Southern Bell name).

I actually found myself dressing for them each day. As I dressed I would wonder how Curtis and Anton would like this or that. I was just as curious about my undies as my outer were as this was more intimate. At night I found my hand wandering down to my lips feeling them and thinking of Curtis or Anton or perhaps both of them.

A few days later, I overheard them again in the break room and the subject was I again. I heard Curtis remark to Anton, “Have you noticed how friendly Annabelle has been to us? Damn, sometimes I feel like she is flirting with us the way she smiles, cocks her head and flutters her eyelids. I have noticed that she lets her eyes roam down to my crotch now and then.”

I was thinking to myself, “I am having the desired affect on those young studs. HE! HE! I will just keep it up and maybe they will get the hint.”

Anton said, “I was thinking of Annabelle last night after I went to bed and my cock got so damn hard and my balls got so hot I thought they were on fire. I sure needed her to put out the fire. I wanted to empty my balls in her white ass so bad, damn! She makes my balls so damn hot.”

I was now getting tingles down between my legs and I realized that my panties were getting wet. That dirty talk from those black studs was getting me horny for some of their hard black cocks. I had to plan some way to get one or both of them in my bed. I started plotting to do just that. A couple of days later I had it all figured out and was ready to put my plan into action.

I decided to take my lunch at the same time I saw them enter the break room. I waited a couple of minutes then got my lunch bag and walked into the eating area and asked the two black guys if it was OK for me to sit with them. They both replied in unison, “Sure babe!”

I said, “I will tell you a little secret if you will not tell anyone.”

“OK,” they both replied.

“Well,” I got a smile on my face and sort of cocked my head and continued, “You two are the best looking men in this store. If I was not married, I would sure be after one of you.”

Anton was the first to respond, “Well, momma, If you want to pursuer that thought, I won’t tell your old man,” as he chuckled.

Curtis chimed in, “Yea, we won’t tell no one,” and winked.

“Oh, now you guys, I am twice your age and married. I am sure you have lots of gals after you.”

Anton said, “Well we have our admirers but none as special and foxy as you are.”

“Well thanks, Anton. I just don’t know what to say. Both of you young men are handsome and would make any woman proud to have you as her admirer.”

Anton, with a twinkle in his eye and in a low teasing voice said, “Momma, what would you do if I called you sometime?”

“I would pick up the phone and say hello, I would be flattered for sure,” I replied.

Curtis was being quite as he watched Anton move in on this white wife. There was no doubt at this point that Anton was ready to empty his hot balls in my husband’s private play ground. I knew that I belonged to my husband but I also knew that I was about to loan his playground to a young black stud. After all he was not playing in his playground at the present time and Anton sure needed to use it. I could not let his hot balls burn up now could I? I wrote my cell number on a piece of paper and slipped it into Anton’s hand later that day.

A couple of days passed and no phone call and I thought perhaps that Anton was not serious but just being nice to an old married lady.

Friday night my phone rang and it was Anton. “Hey Momma, what are you doing Saturday Night around 9PM?”

“I think I am going to be entertaining a nice young black man named Anton,” as I giggled.

“Baby I was hoping that is what you were going to say. I will be over and we can do something together that we both like to do,” laughing lightly. “You know what I mean, Momma. Your secret lover is going to take care of his White Momma.”

“Hummm Anton, I am already feeling your presence. I will be ready sugar, Yo Momma will be good to you.” I made a smooching sound on the phone and said, “See you Saturday night!”

My heart was pounding so hard I thought it was going to jump from my chest. My head was whirling around making me dizzy as hell. I was thinking of what to wear, how to greet Anton and how the evening would advance from one event to another.

I decided on Red, yes a red lacy bra and panties and a black short see thru nightie and a sheer black house robe over it all. I found a good bottle of white German wine to get the evening off to a good start and some slow dance music playing in the background, yes this would be the plan. Black stockings and 4″ heels would surely would be appropriate, black guys really go for black and red and heels. Of course they especially like to pound white married women who wear them as well.

I was thinking of his midnight black body taking the dominant place above my white body as I gave myself to my dark chocolate lover. Black on white,,,I could see it clearly.

Yes I remember growing up in Alabama, a young southern country girl looking at the black people in the fields harvesting the crops. I remember the sweat made the black skin glisten in the light and how I used to wonder how one of those strong muscular bodies would feel on top of me pounding me with a hard black cock.

I knew these thoughts were taboo but nevertheless, I would often have them. Sometimes I would pick out the blackest one I could see and close my eyes and imagine him pumping me hard and fast with his black cock. Here I am, a married woman, who has lived over half her life with those evil thoughts and now she is about to see her dreams become reality.

Saturday night came and right at 9PM the doorbell rang. I opened the door to greet Anton who gave me a kiss on the cheek then stood back and said, “Wow Momma, you look hot!”

I responded, “Thanks Anton,” as I looked him over up and down his white jogging suit covered body. God he looked great. I continued, “You are a nice hunk of a man yourself.”

I led Anton to the den where I poured us a glass of wine and offered a toast to Anton. “Here is to us and tonight together.”

Anton followed with his toast, “Here is to my Hot Momma who sets my balls on fire.”

We both laughed and sipped our wine looking into each other’s eyes without saying a word knowing that we would soon be enjoying each other’s bodies.

We were soon kissing and feeling of each other as our passions grew. It was not long until Anton had managed to free my milky white breast and was sucking like a little baby and I closed my eyes thinking that Anton was my black baby drinking my white mothers milk. I run my fingers through his kinky hair and held his head close to my breasts for some time.

As Anton came up for some air, I moved my head down to his crotch and pulled his jogging pants down freeing his now hard black cock. I gently run my tongue around the head and tasted the clear pre-cum that was now seeping out the slit in his cock. I felt of his huge sperm filled balls, and his kinky pubic hair. Anton put his hands on the back of my head and pushed his cock into my mouth as I sucked and licked, he gently humped my mouth. He was now moaning and grunting and I knew that I was about to bust and was certain he was ready for some action in bed. I got up and led him to the bed in the master bedroom, knowing that he was about to take my husbands place in my bed.

I say Mat down on the side of the bed and started a slow hip-swaying dance as I disrobed for his inspection of his White Momma.

Anton was showing his approval by moaning and as I unrobed, Anton was removing his clothes as well with his eyes glued on me. When I removed my panties revealing my thick curly dark hairy pussy, Anton moaned and went down in front of me and buried his tongue in my wet pussy sending hot flashes all over my body.

I finally pushed him away and moved to the middle of the bed with my legs wide apart as he moved above me with his sweating black body and started looking for my white hole to put his black pole into. I felt the head go in then hesitate, then he pushed it hard and firmly into me with the head hitting my cervix. I put my arms around him and pulled him tight against me as he moved his hands behind me and grasped my butt pulling me tight as well.

Anton started humping me slowly and deeply. Our mouths met. We were now locked in a true lovers embrace. We were connected together with his hard black cock, our arms pulling us tightly together and now Anton was pumping hard and deep as I met each of his thrusts with my own. I wanted every bit of his cock and he wanted every inch of my white pussy.

My black lover had me and there was no way to get away. Of course I was not about to let my lover out of my grasp as well.

I felt Anton’s cock go deep and hard as our bodies became covered in each other’s sweat. Anton was now pounding hard and fast. I could tell I was reaching my peak as I mumbled out, “Fuck me you black fucking stud. Fuck yo White Momma. Breed me like a young black bull breeds a cow. I am all yours sugar.”

I could tell Anton was on edge. He said, “My balls are on fire, Momma. I’m goanna fuck your ass off. I’m breeding you. I’m goanna be yo babies’ daddy.”

I could feel his hot balls slapping my butt now hard like bumper cars, bouncing and rebounding to bounce again and again. Balls full of hot black baby seed ready to shoot into a ready and waiting white womb. Ready to be planted in my white husband’s private playground.

I started screaming, “EEEEE! I’M CUMMING DADDY! I’M CUMMINGGG!!”

With that, Anton gave a couple of hard thrusts and groaned as I felt his cock explode pumping those hot black seed into my white womb, spurt, spurt, spurt, I started shuddering, then I went limp completing an earth shattering climax. Anton gave one last thrust and a deep groan as he pumped the last seed deep inside me, then lay still on top of his newly bred old cow.

Anton had found him an old cow when the old bull was not looking and he managed to give her something she needed.

We lay there feeling each other’s bodies and softly kissing. I knew that I had just had the best sex I had ever had and I could tell, without his uttering a word, that Anton had not been disappointed with his white Momma.

Anton moved off and lay beside me. As I turned on my side away from him, he moved to my back and put his arms around me and pulled me close as we went to sleep. The sun was up and shinning into the room the next morning when I awoke. Anton was lying on his back still asleep. He seemed to have a smile on his face. I looked down at his limp black cock and I smiled with satisfaction that it was I who had taken it all, his fire hot balls, his black seed, his sweaty body, and had given him all the white Momma pussy he could handle.

I knew it was only time until I would be welcoming my young black bull back into my bed to bred me again and again and again. I was already plotting a time when I could slip away from my main bull and take the young bull’s full load, all his sperm deep into my womb.

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