Valentine’s Day

I guess the only thing worse than not working is working and not being paid. Let me explain, I’m in construction and my boss is the greatest. He has stuck his neck out for me more than once, so I feel a loyalty to him that most don’t have with their boss. He bid a remodel job on a huge house in Bel Air that was owned by an investment banker and when the bank failed; his rich customer fled the country with the Feds hot on his tail.

This left my boss with no money to pay us but also a big tab for material he had signed for. Instead of a layoff, I told my boss I would work for free, my thinking being I had nothing to do anyway at least this would keep me busy.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, here I was with no money for my girlfriend, I knew she would understand but I wanted this to be a special Valentine. This would be our first Valentine’s Day since we got back together. I was a louse so she threw me out last spring; as soon as we were apart, I knew I had made the mistake of my life. I spent the rest of the year convincing Brenda to take me back and just after Thanksgiving, she agreed to a trail period.

Things with us are going well now and I had hoped to make Valentine’s Day special for Brenda to show her my love. I didn’t have enough money to pay my rent let alone a fancy present, I’d be lucky to afford to take her to MickyDs for dinner. I was still working with my boss trying to help him get whatever materials he could out of the project that went belly up. As we worked, I mentioned that I wanted to take Brenda somewhere special for the upcoming weekend.

He came up with a great idea suggesting I bring her here to the house we were working on. It’s up in the hills and great for a romantic picnic. We already had half the house busted up pretty bad, but the kitchen was still in good shape and outside was the patio, the pool, still heated, and a wonderful view all the way out west to the ocean. He called the Bel Air Patrol for me to tell them I would be staying at the site over the weekend and then told me to have fun.

I called Brenda to tell her I had a surprise for her and that I would pick her up Saturday Morning. I told her to throw a few things together for a long weekend and that she wouldn’t need many clothes other than her bathing suit. Brenda was excited, she knew of my financial squeeze so she was expecting little. She told me she had a special Valentine for me and said she couldn’t wait to give it to me.

I took what we needed to the house, picked a bunch of flowers from their garden, and along with my homemade Valentine card went to pick up Brenda. The card was corny but it was from my heart and I hoped she would know this. I can’t even remember the poem I wrote but it ended in something like, “The most important part, is I hope Cupid shoots his arrow in your heart,” Like I said corny.

Brenda thanked me for the flowers and as she read my card, I stared at her beauty. Her short dark curly hair fell into ringlets around her neck with bangs, which contrasted with the brightness in her blue eyes. Those eyes whose sparkle could either melt your heart with love or burn soul with hate as I had found out last year. I noticed she wore the heart necklace and earrings I gave her for Christmas.

You know I’m a dumb guy who didn’t know that girls hated heart jewelry and now that I knew this fact, I took it as an act of love when she wore them. I looked up from the cleavage of her petite little breasts where her necklace hung to see tears in her eyes.

“Oh Ken this is so beautiful it’s the best Valentine card I ever had.”

She threw her arms around me and I told her that no matter how lame my card was I meant every word. I told her how pretty she looked and blushing she said,

“I know I don’t wear dresses very often but I thought this red dress was right for Valentine’s Day.”

 With the top unbuttoned below her braless breasts offering a peak or more if she moved just right to the raised hemline showing off her strong thighs I thought the dress was the sexiest I had seen.

“We better get out of here before I tear that pretty little thing off of you and then we’ll never get out of your apartment.”

It was a perfect February day, the kind only found in LA the rest of the land was freezing, but it was eighty-two degrees here. Brenda was shocked by the condition of the house and told me she should not have worn heels, but once inside and out of the mess she became impressed. The view on the deck was a spectacular panorama of the Westside, cascading down to the ocean at least ten miles away. She went to the telescope on the deck, and I showed her how to focus on Catalina Island.

I knew that in a few months, the weather would heat up and the smog would be so bad you couldn’t to see the 405 freeway at the bottom of the hill. As Brenda took in the view, I began to kiss her neck and rub her thighs under her little red dress. She started to moan and then stopped suddenly; she turned around excited as a little kid with a secret,

“I almost forgot I have to show you your Valentine, sit down let me show you, Ta Da.”

She pulled up her dress to show me no panties, of course, that was no surprise she hardly ever wore panties. The surprise was her bush; she had shaved into the shape of a heart and then died it bright pink.

“You like? I had Brenda help me, oh god Ken I was so turned on I just felt so naughty.”

That wasn’t all of her surprise just above her pink heart she had a new tattoo and it said, “I heart Ken” in place of the word heart she had a pink heart.

“First I wanted to show you that I do like hearts, no matter what you heard and then I wanted to show you that I love you and will love you forever. You better never make me sorry I got this tat because every time I wear my bikini it shows.”

I leaned over and kissed her new heart and while I took off my clothes, she rubbed her clit, as she knew how much this turned me on.

I lay on the bed and she straddled me still in her dress, she crawled up my chest and sat on my face putting her dress over me. I wondered if she knew or just guessed I have always had a fantasy of being under some girls dress eating her. She further played right into my dream world by saying,

“I wonder who that is under my dress taking advantages of me, woo stranger don’t stop it feels so good.”

I kept trying to lick up all her juices but the more I licked the more she would flow finally covering both my face and chest. As I sucked her clit into my mouth, I stick a finger into her wet pussy. The faster I fingered her, the more excited she became and when I pulled my wet finger out of her pussy and put it in her ass, and she came in a loud scream pushing my face away from her throbbing clit. Still sitting on my face she pulled off her dress, she smiled as she looked down at me and then tussled my hair.

“Now I want to feel your arrow in my heart.”

With that, she mounted my erection I knew I wouldn’t last long, so I started hard and fast while she rode me like a cowgirl. After I came, Brenda stayed on top of me holding me inside her with those Kagel mussels that she likes to show off. I pulled to me and kissed her tits, her breasts are small but sensitive and it is such a turn on to see her proud of her small tits.

We went outside to the pool where she played with my cock while I rubbed sunscreen on her making sure her tits and ass was covered. I slipped my oily finger up her rectum and she shivered. This encouraged me to go farther and as I leaned over to make out with her, I kept spreading her splinter open further.

“Ken I’ve never done this but I want now, please just be gentle.”

She turned over and got up on her haunches presenting herself for me to take. We were both covered in oily sunscreen and I hoped it would work as lube. I put the tip of my cock in her tiny rosebud and could feel her open up in a show of trust. I slowly eased my cock into her until it was buried deep in her bowels.

“Ken I feel so full, I can feel you cock throb inside me, please, please fuck me, fuck my ass.”

I started very slow as I worried about injuring her but she kept say faster, faster until I stopped worrying and started violating her rectum. She screamed she was Cuming and I dumped my seed deep inside her.

I picked her up, threw her in the heated pool, and then dove in after. She screamed but came up laughing. We played in the water for a while then I sat her on the edge and put my face between her legs giving her another orgasm as she combed her fingers through my hair. I got the bottle of wine I brought and we drank cheap wine out of expensive goblets left by the house owner. We had cold cuts and fruit for lunch then napped until dark.

We awoke in each other’s arms and had a long slow leisurely fuck as I told her how much I loved her and I promised she would never regret tattooing my name on her belly. We took a moonlight swim and watched the stars as we drank more wine. The next day was more of the same only now we took our time enjoying each other and each other’s company.

It was only as we got dressed to go home that Brenda noticed we had remained naked the whole weekend. I took her home knowing that both of us needed to get up early in the morning.

Brenda told me it was the best weekend of her life and it left me wondering how to top it next year.

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