Virgin Asshole

I was sitting in my office, finishing out my workweek on a Friday. All of a sudden, my wife appeared through the doorway, dressed in a black, see-through, chemise and jacket. 

“Happy birthday, baby!” she exclaimed. “Why don’t you come upstairs, ’cause I have a surprise for you.” Not being one to say “no” to my half-naked wife, I followed her up the stairs.

There was a raging fire going in the fireplace, as well as several scented candles strategically placed around the room. “Now just make yourself comfortable there on the couch,” she said mysteriously. “I have a little ‘Fashion Show’ planned for your pleasure.and then a little bit of you pleasuring me after the show.” With that, she disappeared down the hallway. 

I found a freshly poured glass of Merlot on the coffee table, so I put my feet up and took a sip, waiting to see what was coming next. A few moments pass and I heard her footsteps coming up the hallway. It was all that I could do to keep from turning my head and seeing her entrance. Instead, I wait for her to step into the living room.

A vision in white lace enters the room, as she has on the white bustier I bought for her long ago. Her legs are covered with white nylon, up to her thighs, where a thin strip of elastic garter holds the tops. As she turns a slow pirouette, the elastic garter stretches over the round globes of her ass, down to the stocking tops. Another strip of elastic divides the globes of her bottom, obviously holding the thin triangle of fabric that covers her in the front. Her breasts are trapped in the lace fabric of the bustier, and they appear to be ready to burst out of the top of the bodice.

After showing me all 360-degrees of her body, my temperature has begun to rise quickly. Slowly she slides a finger inside the triangle of her G-string, and pulls it to the side, revealing that she has shaved all of her pubic hair for this occasion. I can see the moisture of her arousal forming like dewdrops on the lips of her vagina, as she runs the same finger that revealed her surprise shave, along her slit, collecting the drops on her fingertip. 

As she presents her finger to my lips, I lightly suckle on its tip, running my tongue around it in slow circles, feeding on her nectar. Simultaneously, I reach to touch her and collect another sample, but she quickly pulls away, “Not yet,” she whispered breathlessly. She raises her foot and rests it on the coffee table, opening her moist, hairless slit to my eyes. My breath rasps as I feast upon her lascivious position, and dream of dipping my tongue into her depths. 

Knowing that she is driving me crazy, she closes her eyes and opens herself with both hands, “Mmmm…” Is all that escapes her lips. She takes a single finger and slowly begins to insert it into her depths, as her eyes roll slightly back into her head. Her mouth opens, and she runs her tongue slowly over her upper lip, moistening it.tasting it. Just about when I think she has begun to weaken and will allow me to touch her, she says, “I’ll be right back,” and walks out of the room.

“Arrgh,” is all I can mutter as my frustration and arousal grow. In anticipation of things to come, I quickly shed my shoes and shirt, not wanting to waste time once she returns.

My cock had just returned to a semi-rigid state when I heard her coming back up the hall. This time I snuck a peek over my shoulder, trying to anticipate her next move. Now all that had been white has turned to black, with a leather corset squeezing her breasts upward, and the attached garters holding up opaque black stockings. The lower hem of the corset, stocking tops, and garters framed her uncovered pussy, as she came into the living room and turned for me to see the entire view of her body. 

“Wow,” was all I could say, as I nearly drooled onto my chin. The black garters, stretched over the milky white skin of her butt were too much to behold, causing my cock to leap upward towards the source of its torment. 

“I’m so glad that you like it,” she smiled, knowing that the torturous dance that she had begun was having its desired effect.

As I reach to touch her, again, she says, “unh huh, not yet my Love.” She sits on the table, just inches from my eyes, and spread her thighs wide, giving me a full view of her womanhood. Her juices are beginning to flow along her cunt lips, perhaps stating without speaking that her resolve may not be as strong as her words indicate. She closes her eyes and reaches between her breasts, inside the corset, her hand returns with a small purple vibrator. Twisting at the base of the cylinder, the low-pitched buzzing is echoed by her moan, “Mmmm, yes,” as she aims the pointed tip towards her moist lower lips.

She places the vibe along the full length of her vagina, slowly spinning it, and transferring the lubrication from her body to the pulsating rod. Once she is satisfied that the device was fully coated with her juices, she tentatively begins to insert the tip into her open folds. Slowly, millimeter-by-millimeter, the throbbing tube disappears into her chasm, and she holds it in place with
her fingertips. Her eyes, closed tightly now, belie the resolve that she seems to show each time I attempt to reach for her body. 

“Ah, yes,” she lets the “hiss” escape her lips, and the purple tube begins to reappear from inside it’s sheath. Just before the conical head fully releases from her lips, the journey begins anew, slowly plunging back into her body. This time, as the fingers holding the base touch the soft folds of her labia, her free hand gravitates to the little nub at the top of her slit, tentatively rubbing back and forth. 

“Oh, fuck, yes… that’s so good,” she swears as I begin to think that I am simply an appendage to her dance. Am I here to provide an audience for her performance? Or am I the director that will conduct the final throes of her climax? 

As I kneel to get a close up look at the altar between her thighs, it awakens her defenses. “No, not yet,” she breathed. “I have planned this all for your pleasure and you will have to be patient with the script.” 

I stand and undo my belt, dropping my pants and shorts to the floor. My now bulging dick springs free from encumbrance, pointing up at the ceiling. As my eyes return to her hands, I find that she has resumed the thrumming of her clit, as well as plunging the vibe back into her depths.

Obviously not content with the angle of insertion, she lays back onto the table, without losing a beat with the vibrator or her finger. For the next few minutes, I am captivated with her pussy, opening up to accept the vibrator and the growing redness of her engorged clit. Suddenly, a loud moan escapes her lips, “mmphmm,” and she pulls the humming purple stick from her cunt. 

“I’ll be right back,” she whispers as she rises, yet again, from her repose. 

At this point my hand has firmly grasped my bulging rod, in a vain attempt to gain relief from the teasing it has endured. An electric shock comes up from my groin as I feel her touch, saying “No, love. Just be patient and you will be glad that you did.” She firmly twisted the base of the vibe, shutting off it’s continued burring, and heads, once again, back to our bedroom. 

What was probably a couple of minutes seemed like half an hour, as I pondered my predicament. My engorged cock was throbbing, as it took all my resolve to keep from stroking myself to release. But, in my mind, the visions that remained of her performance just made my appendage even harder. I lay my head back against the couch cushions, trying to work out mathematically exactly how many pieces of lingerie that she has in her collection, thus attempting to understand that there is some finite number of times that she can retreat to the bedroom, leaving me unfulfilled. 

Just when I began to think that there might be one or two more outfits that she could possibly appear in, she is standing in front of me, wearing a G-string, with a half-cup bra. Conventional as that outfit seems, she had a chain hanging from her breasts, with a small clamp attached to each of her nipples. The clamps surrounded the nipple, causing it to redden and stand out like pencil erasers.

This was all becoming just too intense for my libido, as I reached to pull her body towards mine, opening my mouth in anticipation of lightly biting one of those engorged nipples. Instead of feeling the hard pebble on my lips, I feel her hands pushing me away. “I’ve told you that you would have to wait,” she said sternly. “Now I will have to force you to behave.”

Before I could begin to break into a smile at the thought of being forced to behave, she grabbed my wrist and propelled me toward our dining table. Shoving me into one of the chairs, she quickly wrapped a plastic tie around my wrist, and like a rodeo bulldogger had my hand fastened to the chair, with another tie. In a second, the other wrist had been similarly bound, and I before I even thought to resist, I found myself tied, hand and foot, to one of our wooden dining room chairs.

“OK, OK,” I said laughing. “I’ll behave.”

“Now I know that you will,” she said firmly. She walked out of the room, returning with a huge, veined vibrator in her hand. I noticed that she had changed outfits again, now wearing a pale yellow baby doll nighty, nipples, and jewelry, were left exposed, but held up by the half-cups of the built-in bra. 

The hem of the dress barely covered her ass, so, as she sat on the edge of the dining table, it placed her pussy about a foot away from my gaping mouth. She then leaned back, laying on the table, lifted her knees and placed her feet on the table edge. Helplessly bound to the chair, I was a front row spectator to her open pussy.

“What do you think of my nipple jewelry, my love?” she asked, with a sly smile. “I love the way it makes my nipples tingle all the way down to my clit. Especially if I give a small tug on the this.” Her eyes closed, as she ran her fingers lightly across the span where the chain connected her nipples. “Mmm… that’s good. It feels like you are nibbling on both of my nipples at the same time, Hon.”

“Something I would love to be doing right now!,” I said longingly.

“Soon, baby,” she replied in a low voice, as she continued to lightly tug on the chain. “Soon you can do whatever you want to me. Fuck me, suck my clit. Mmm, just thinking about it makes me want to untie you and let you have your way. But… no. You need to just wait and see what I’ve planned for you.” I moaned in argument. 

Reaching beside the table, she found a bottle of lubricating oil, (obviously placed there earlier), and twisted open the cap. Aiming the bottle toward her cunt, her other hand caught the droplets, and massaged them over the folds of her flower. When her pussy had become sufficiently oiled, she set the bottle aside and rubbed the remaining oil on her hand onto the new vibrator she had brought. Her hand barely made it completely around the shaft. 

Then, with a twist at its base, she turned the vibrator on and began running its length down her slit. The vibrator was about 10 inches long, and 2 inches in diameter, with thick latex “veins” down its length. The lips of her vagina spread to invite this intruding toy. Almost gripping the sides as she moved the tip towards her ass. Suddenly, she rotated her wrist, aiming the huge cock-shaped vibe right at its target, and, with a side-to-side motion, attempted to insert it into her cunt. 

Despite the lubrication and her efforts, she couldn’t get the tip of the vibe past her labia. After several minutes of trying, she moaned in frustration. “Mmm… ungh,” as she tried, once more to insert the tool into its intended sheath. 

She sat up, wild-eyed, and immediately came to another solution. Reaching over for the lubricant, she poured some into her hand, and reached over to my rigid pole. Bathing my dick in oil, she ran her hand from the base to the tip, making sure that every inch was covered. The veins on my cock were beginning to stand out as much as the ones on the vibrator, as it throbbed at the attention she was giving it. 

When my rod was lubricated to her satisfaction, grasping the back of my chair and straddling my legs, she began to lower herself onto my lap. Bound as I was, I could do nothing to help her. But moving one hand to lift the hem of the nighty, and one hand on the base of my cock, she lowered her pussy, enveloping the head of my dick. 

“Oh yesss…” she hissed, as she rotated her hips and tried to position her body to take more of my cock inside.” I’m gonna fuck you, baby… right on this chair,” she whispered, as she slowly impaled herself on my cock. As she grasped the back of the chair again and extended her arms, she began to grind her pelvic area onto my lap. Since I was tied at the wrists and ankles, all I could do was attempt to levitate my ass off the chair seat, something that I was not too successful doing. 

However, she seemed to be having a great time, rising and falling on my lap, as she controlled the angle of insertion, speed and depth of each stroke. 

“Oh, baby, yes,” I moaned, still trying to lift up from the chair and meet your downward strokes. 

“Mmm, yes.” She hummed, “I love riding your big cock.” When all of a sudden she stopped and slid off me. 

“Let’s try this way,” she smiled, as she turned around, showing me the globes of her ass. Grasping my cock again, she lowered herself onto my pole once again, leaning forward on the table, while slamming her butt down on my lap. 

“Oh my Gawd,” she exhaled. “I think you are going all the way up into my throat,” as she pressed her butt down onto me harder, trying to shove my dick as deep as it would go. I could feel her fingers on the top of my cock, as she rubbed over her clit, trying to increase the internal pressure that was building within her body. Just as my balls were beginning to boil, she lifted off of me, turning and smiling, “Uh oh! I don’t want you cumming too soon, lover. We need to slow down a bit.” 

“Ohhh, nooo!” I cried. “C’mon, baby… just a little bit more,” I pleaded, knowing that it was in vain. She was in complete control and enjoying every minute of it. I was left humping into the air, as she looked at my waving rod without pity. 

“No,” she scolded, “you need to watch a little bit more, my love.” She obviously had choreographed this performance down to the last detail, and enjoyed my helpless attempts to pull out of my bondage.

She knelt on the table in front of my face, with her ass facing me. As she spread her thighs apart, she placed the veined vibrator upright on the table, lowering her pussy to its tip. This time, there was no hesitation or working the large vibe into position. This time she lowered her ass like a pile driver, impaling her pussy about halfway down the 10-inch rod. 

“Oomph,” she expelled, as she grabbed the base of the vibe, holding it vertical against the tabletop. She lifted her ass up a couple of inches, before driving it downward, again, this time ramming nearly the entire 10 inches into her body. 

“Oh shit,” she moaned, sitting still on the pulsating latex tower. Then slowly, while still holding the base of the vibe flat on the table, she began to lift, and then lower, her body. Fucking herself deeply as the vibrator hummed away. “Oh fuck.this thing IS going all the way up to my tonsils” she exclaimed, looking over her shoulder at me. “Are you enjoying the view?”

“Very much,” I murmured. “I love the way that your pussy lips are all stretched and red as you fuck that dong.” 

“I know,” she grinned, “I can feel every little ridge as it goes into me. And when it goes all the way in, it stretches my cervix and feels so good!” She lowers herself to complete fullness, and stops, as she pulls the yellow chemise over her head, then resume fucking the upright vibrator. 

“I know you love watching my ass, baby,” she said. “That’s why you always want to take me from behind, when we fuck. I hope that you are loving this view.”

“Oh, yes,” I agreed. “I love watching the rosebud of your asshole pucker up every time you bottom out on that vibe.” 

With a twinkle in her eye, she reaches over to the lubricant, inverting the bottle and leaving a couple of drops on her fingertip. Without missing a stroke on the vibe, she places the lubricated finger on her asshole, and massages the oil around it. My cock pulsed every time she depressed the tiny bud with her finger, since this was a part of her body that had always been taboo. My cock throbbed anew when she tentatively dipped her finger into her ass.

After that brief exploratory plunge, she reached again, for the lubricant bottle, inverting it to apply a bit more to her finger. “Oh, shit,” she swore, as the bottle gushed about a teaspoon full into her hand. Still, she reached her overflowing hand back to the crack of her ass to continue her massage. Her crack glistened as I watched her slowly insert her middle finger, up to the first knuckle, still not missing a stroke as she lowered her hips back down onto the vibrator. 

“Oh, I can feel every ridge on the vibrator through the membrane between my ass and pussy,” she exclaimed, as she had inserted the finger up to the second knuckle. Her virgin ass was so coated with the lubricant; she had no trouble starting to fuck her finger in and out of her as, as she bobbed up and down on the pole in her cunt. 

Her breathing began to deepen, in a way that usually precedes her climax. “Easy, babe,” I cautioned, “you’re s’posed to wait for me.” I wanted into that rear entry so bad that I could taste it. In fact, I intended to taste it before I plunged my cock into her ass. Of course, in my current state, all I could do was watch, while stretching the ties that attached me to the chair.

“Don’t worry, my love,” she moaned, “I am getting ready for you, but we still have a ways to go before it is your turn,” she smiled slyly.

“Ohhh,” I moaned in agony, as I watched her slide up off of the vibrator. She turned to face me, while staying on the table. Taking the small purple vibe she had discarded earlier, she held it vertically on the table. Rising up on her knees, she sat on the vibe, ramming it up her ass.

“Umm.I love this vibe going up my asshole.and can’t wait to feel your cock going there, lover,” she sighed. “That would be your birthday fantasy, wouldn’t it? To ram your hard cock right up my virgin ass!”

“Oh, babe,” I pleaded. “I’m gonna come just watching you work that vibrator up there.”

She suddenly pulled the vibe from her butt, and sat on the edge of the table. “Now we can’t have you coming all over yourself. I guess I’m going to have to slow down a bit and let you get control of yourself,” she said, mockingly. My jaw fell as she collected the vibrators and pranced down the hall without a word.

Minutes seemed like hours, while I sat there attached to the chair and she did whatever she was doing back in the bedroom. Needless to say, my rod slowly began to shrink back to normal dimensions, without the visual stimulation I had been getting for the past hour. I wondered what was taking her so long, since I couldn’t think of any other lingerie she had left to model. 

A few more minutes passed before I heard her footsteps coming back up the hall. Stopping behind me, she said, wistfully, “Oh, baby, that big cock has gone down. I guess I’ll have to rev up your engines a bit to rejuvenate you.”

I heard a mild “humming” as she stepped around the chair. She was totally naked now, except for a pair of scissors in her hand, and some elastic straps fastened around her waist. 

“What is that?” I asked.

“It’s called a Scorpion,” she replied. “Want to see it?” as she jumped up on the table and lifted her legs. It looked like a huge Gummi Bear, shaped like a scorpion. The pinchers surrounded her clit, while the body of the arachnid lay in between her vaginal folds. The interesting part was the “stinger/tail,” which was poked up inside her asshole. The whole thing vibrated away, as I began to feel my cock come back to life.

She slid off the table and knelt at my feet, placing her lips on my growing cock. “You’d better leave that alone for awhile,” I warned. “It could go off at any time, considering the pressure it’s been under for the past hour.” 

Grasping my rod at the base and kissing the tip, she said, “I’ll take my chances while I get him re-stimulated.” She pumped the shaft with her hand as she engulfed the tip in her mouth. And swirled her tongue around it.

“Oh, baby,” I moaned, as my cock sprang back to full attention. Apparently, that was her cue to cut the ties that had been holding me in the chair. First, she freed my ankles, and, while deeply kissing me, she cut loose my hands. As she snipped the final tie, she turned away from me, bending and resting her forearms on the table, offering me a full view of her rounded butt. As I removed the Scorpion from her body, I held her hips, steadying her so I could take aim. 

“I want you in my pussy, first,” she said softly, as if she thought I would just slam my cock right into her ass. I stepped up behind her, and aimed the swollen tip right into her open vagina. With a slow steady push, I entered her.

“Ohhh… yesss,” she sighed. “Fuck me slowly, baby. Let me feel every inch of that hard cock going into my pussy.” As I hit bottom, I held still for a few seconds, then slowly began to back out of her. “Mmm, I love it,” she said. I began to fuck her with a little more vigor, but kept it under control knowing that I was working with a very short fuse after all of the foreplay. After all, the object here was to get to my wife’s virgin butt, not just to spray come all over her before I get there.

After a couple of minutes of steady stroking, she was beginning to moan and thrust her butt back at me with each stroke. I placed my hands on her hips, stopping her movement, and said, “Slow down there, babe. I have to get you completely ready for what’s coming up.” 

“Oh,” she squealed, “That’s not fair. This is my show and I need to get fucked.right now!”

“Oh, but we must be patient,” I teased her as I pulled my cock from her depths with a plop. “Don’t move a muscle,” I ordered her. “I’ll be right back.” And this time I headed up the hall. 

Getting into the box where we keep our love toys, I found a toy that I purchased some time ago, but had never had the chance to try. It was a thin anal penetrator that fit over the base of my cock and allowed me to fuck my wife’s pussy, while fucking her ass with the thin, flexible attachment.

I figured that this would give her a chance to let her sphincter relax before I put my cock into her. It also would give me a chance to apply some anal lube, so there wouldn’t be any pain associated with popping her anal cherry. I didn’t want this to be the one-and-only opportunity to fuck her beautiful ass, so I was going to take great care to go easy.

Walking back down the hall, I saw that she had remained bent over the table, the round globes of her ass raised in the air. 

“OK, my love,” I said softly. “I am going to claim my Birthday present shortly. But first.”

“Ohhh, don’t wait lover,” she moaned. “I’m ready for you now.”

I knelt behind her quietly, and ran my tongue directly into her pussy.

“Mmm,” she purred. “Yesss!”

Flicking the tip of my tongue over her swollen clit, I pushed my thumb into her pussy, while rubbing her clit with my finger. Not letting my tongue leave her body, I slowly ran it from her cunt and licked her rosebud. 

“Oh baby,” she moaned. “Yesss.right there. I’m ready for you lover.”

“Not just yet,” I whispered. “You had your fun getting this far. I’m going to have some of my own as we climb the mountain together.”

While massaging her pussy with my hand, I bring my tongue to a rigid point, pushing right at her asshole. It resists my entrance for a moment, and then I pry it open as I fuck her with my tongue. 

“Oh yesss…” she hissed. “Lick my ass baby. Fuck me with that tongue. It’s so good.” 

I back away to take a breath, “This is just the warm-up, lover.” 

After lathering her with my saliva, I stand up behind her and point my raging cock at her pussy. I rub the tip up and down her slit to spread her natural lubrication around, before plunging into her. “Ungh.oh yeah,” she grunted. “Fuck me hard, baby. Shove it in me all the way.” 

I did. Repeatedly. Once she was pounding back at my rhythm, I reached over and opened the jar of anal lube I had brought from the bedroom. I dipped my finger into the jelly-like lube. While I continued to plough into her pussy, I rubbed the lube around her asshole, round and round.

“Yeah, baby,” she urged. Put it in me. Shove it in my ass and double fuck me.”

“Oh, baby,” I hummed. “You are gonna get double fucked here in a minute.” I’m not sure she understood what I meant, or just didn’t care, but she was wantonly ramming her ass back into me, begging me to fuck her harder. I dipped for another daub of lubricant as I held her hips still. Positioning my fingertip in the center of her rosebud, I softly pressed it into her. 

“Uhh… yesss,” she begged. “Fuck me twice, baby.” As I began to work my finger in and out of her ass, alternating the strokes with my dick in her pussy. “Ram that finger up my ass… deeper,” she ordered, and I increased the speed of my cock and my finger. With my free hand, I grabbed at the anal penetrator that I had pulled out of our love toy box. I dipped its tip into the lubricating jelly, and rubbed it down its full length. The penetrator was slightly wider than my finger, but about 6 inches long, so I was about to comply with her request for “deeper.”

“Oh noooo,” she wailed as I pulled out of both of her orifices simultaneously. “Don’t stop,” she begged.

“Just be patient,” I mimicked her earlier comments, as I slipped the base ring of the penetrator over my rigid tool. Holding the rubber dong upright, I reinserted my cock into her pussy, slowly parting her lips, and then firmly driving into her. I began to get back up to speed, feeling her press back against me, when I held her still, again.

Before she had a chance to complain, I had the penetrator pushed against her flower, parting the petals and centering the dong on her opening. 

“Mmmm,” she questioned. “What’s that?”

“Just stay still for a second and you will feel it,” I answered, as I pressed my cock back into her, it also pressed the dong into her ass about an inch.

“Oh yesss,” she moaned. “I’m getting double fucked. Fill me up, baby. Fuck me harder!!”

It took a couple of strokes to push the dong fully into her ass, but once it had gone all the way in, I was able to fuck her hard, with long strokes, pounding into her ass. Her ass cheeks were slapping onto my thighs as she rocked back against me with each stroke, trying to insert both intruding rods deeper into her body. 

“Oh my Gawd,” she yelled breathlessly. “It’s so good. Fuck me. Soooo gooood.” She was in the beginnings of her climax as I slammed into her to the hilt and buried both rods as deep as they would go. 

“I’m CUMMING!” She screamed, and began to pulsate underneath my body, still pressing back into me to drive the twin intruding rods deeper into her cunt and ass. “Oh yesss… cumming,” she sobbed and began to collapse underneath me. I went with her body, so that my cock wouldn’t be yanked out of her pussy, and let her enjoy the high she was experiencing.

As her breath came back to normal, I lifted her hips to get her back on her knees. I slowly pulled my cock, and the penetrator out of her cunt, as I kissed her back and neck, soothing her during her post-orgasmic recovery. Still, she realized that I had not cum yet, because she reached back and grabbed my cock, rubbing it at her asshole. “Finish in my ass, love,” she whispered. 

I took a swipe at the lubricant, massaging the tip of my dick with the jelly. She was back up on her hands and knees, as I placed the tip at her opening. 

“Push back against me,” I instructed. “It’s easier if you put pressure backwards, rather than me pushing in.” She followed the directions, gasping as the head of my cock slipped into her ass. 

“Slowly,” I said. “I’m in you now, but you need to take it easy and get used to my width.” She was so anxious that she was slightly bouncing back against me, pressing my cock into her millimeter-by-millimeter. With each bounce, I was inserted into her ass just a bit deeper, until, with a grunt, she slammed back into me, impaling herself onto my rigid pole.

“Fuck me, lover,” she begged. “Fuck my virgin ass, like you have wanted to for years. “Fuck me hard and the let me feel your hot cum up my asshole, baby!”

I didn’t have to be told twice as I began to pound away at her behind. Pulling out until only the head of my cock was still inserted, then pounding all the way back in. All the while, she was urging me to do it, “Harder, Faster, Shove it in there!” and a hundred other words that were synonymous with getting fucked. 

“Oh my gawd…” she chanted. I’m cumming again. Cum with me baby. Shoot that hot cum up my ass.” As she began to climax, she tightened down on my cock like a vise. The boiling hot cum began to rise from my balls, while she screamed in her orgasmic bliss. 

“Oh, Fuck,” I yelled. Fuuuhhhgggin’ ahh…” I kept pumping into her, as my balls spasmed again and again. 

Finally the frayed nerve endings on my cock couldn’t take anymore of the friction, and I stopped fucking my wanton bride. I ran my fingers lightly over her back, causing the goose bumps to rise as she gave me a contented sigh. “Oh baby, that was better than wonderful. Probably the best cum I’ve ever had.”

“Probably!” I laughed. “I thought my balls were gonna turn inside out.” 

Eventually, her sphincter pushed my cock out of her with a soft “plop” and we lay on the floor in each other’s arms, beginning an afternoon nap.

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