Virgin Mouth

My name is Chris and I’d like to tell you about an
incredible experience that I had recently. I was passing
through Minneapolis a few weeks ago, not really looking
for anything or anyone, when I stumbled across a phone
number scribbled on the inside of the desk drawer in my
motel room. There was no note to indicate who the number
belonged to, and I probably shouldn’t have paid it any
more attention, but I was curious.

So, I got out the phone book to see if I could determine
just where in Minneapolis the number was located. I could
have saved myself some time by looking at the number on
my phone. As it turned out the first three digits of the
two numbers were identical. Well, that told me that the
number was local. I had the strongest desire to pick up
the phone and dial that number. So, that’s what I did!

I was pretty nervous when I picked up the handset. I
punched in the seven digits and a phone started ringing.
As I waited for someone to answer I thought about who
might answer. I was fairly sure it would be a man. I’ve
never known a woman to scrawl her phone number on a
bathroom wall, but I’ve seen lots of men’s numbers there.
I figured it was probably some local gay or bisexual guy
looking to find a willing playmate. I was still wondering
when I heard a voice on the other end.

“Hello,” the voice said.

“Hi,” I replied. “My name is Chris. This may sound a
little strange, but I found this phone number written on
the inside of the desk drawer in my motel room, and I was
curious enough to dial it.”

“Where are you staying,” the voice replied?

“I’m at the Super 8 Motel in Roseville,” I answered.

“Oh, I know how that number got there,” he said. “Samson
must have written it there. Unfortunately, Samson doesn’t
live here anymore. You said you were curious about the
number, but you must have had some expectations. Tell me,
what did you really expect. My name is Harley, by the way.”

“Well, if I’m to be completely honest, I thought a man
would answer. I’ve had a little experience with this sort
of situation before, and I expected that a man would
answer, and that he might want to come over and meet me.”

“Wow, that was pretty candid,” Harley exclaimed! “I guess if
Samson were still here, he would have wanted to go and see
you. He’s such a slut! Were you looking for a little

I admitted that the idea had crossed my mind. Then I told
Harley about how I’d been on the road for a while and hadn’t
been with my wife for over three weeks.

“Oh, you’re one of the married ones,” he said.

“What do you mean by that,” I asked?

“Well, I’ve known some married guys who liked to explore
their hidden desires when they were on the road. To be
honest, most of them were pretty offensive. They didn’t
mind having a guy take care of them, but as soon as they
were done, they didn’t waste any time running back to
their hotels. Samson used to bring them here occasionally
when they couldn’t risk being seen with him at the hotel.
Tell me, is that the kind of married guy you are?”

“Well, no I don’t think I’m like that at all,” I said. “I
mean, I don’t just take off when I’ve cum. I stay around
and talk at least.”

“Have you ever gotten down on your knees, Chris? I mean
have you ever reciprocated?”

I had to admit to Harley that I had never explored that side
of me. I don’t know why, but I found myself telling him
that I just hadn’t had the opportunity, which was a lie.
I just didn’t want him to think badly of me. I didn’t
give what I said much thought until Harley asked, “Would you
take me in your mouth Chris?”

Then, I heard myself say, “If you want me to, Harley?”

“You do sound different Bob,” Harley said. “What do you look

I described myself to Harley. “I’m tall, 6’5″, and lean, 190
pounds. I work out and have a nice fit body. I keep my
brown hair trimmed short, and I’ve been told that I’m

“What do you like?” Harley asked.

I didn’t really know what to say! I knew I liked to be
sucked, but I didn’t know if I’d like sucking! I mean I
had thought about what I might like. I had even jacked
off to the fantasy of sucking some guy’s cock, but I
didn’t know if I’d actually like it, really. I decided to
be up front with him. “To be truthful Harley, I don’t know
what I would like. I know that I like to be sucked, but
that’s all I’m sure of.”

We talked for another five minutes while Harley described
himself and told me what he liked. He seemed to like
everything, sucking and being sucked, fucking and being
fucked. Everything! Then Harley asked if he could come over.

At this point, after talking about sex with him for the
last ten minutes or so, I was actually very hard. I
thought about what it would be like to kneel in front of
him and have him feed me his cock, and I decided that I
wanted him to do it. “I’d like it if you came over, Harley,”
I said. Then I gave him my room number and told him I’d
be expecting him.

I had showered that morning, so I decided that I really
didn’t need another one, besides, Harley would surely be
there in a matter of minutes. I stripped to my underwear
and waited for him on the bed. As I waited, I stroked
myself through my shorts and thought about what I was
about to do. I have to admit that as I thought about
sucking Harley’s cock, I stayed good and hard!

There was a knock on the door and I knew that I was
locked into my course of action. I got up and opened the
door. Harley was tall, too, and black! I didn’t mind or
anything, it’s just that he hadn’t mentioned it on the
phone. He was big too, not fat, but strong looking and
beefy. He looked me up and down as I stood there in the
doorway in my shorts, and then he asked if he could come

I told him to please come in, and after he had passed by
me, I shut and locked the door. Harley walked over to the
bed and started to undress. I watched him as he shed his
shoes and socks, then his shirt and then his pants. He
was wearing jockey shorts and I could see a large bulge
in the front of his shorts.

I was vaguely aware that I was rubbing my cock as I
looked at his body. Harley was also aware that I was
checking out his package and it appeared to make him
smile. “I love indoctrinating you married guys to my way
of life,” he said. Then he motioned for me to come to
him. “Come here,” he said.

I walked over and stood in front of him. Harley reached down
and took hold of my hand and placed it on the bulge in
his shorts. “Do you like the way that feels,” he asked
me? “It’s still pretty soft right now, too. Do you want
to see it?”

I nodded my head and Harley told me to pull down his shorts.
“Drop to your knees as you pull them down,” he said. I
did just as he said, ending up on my knees with his semi-
hard cock hanging down right in front of my face. He was
BIG! Even though he was still not really hard at all, his
cock hung down probably eight or nine inches. It was
uncircumcised, too. I had seen uncut cocks before, but I
had never imagined that I’d be kneeling in front of one!
As Harley stepped out of his shorts he told me to open my

I did as he asked and Harley grasped his cock in his right
hand and slowly guided the large head towards my open
mouth! I just knelt there and watched as his cock head
moved closer and closer to my waiting lips! Before he
ever touched me with it, I leaned forward and sucked it
into my mouth! Harley chuckled as I began to move my mouth
up and down the shaft of his hardening cock. “You’re a
natural cocksucker, aren’t you, Chris,” Harley said.

“Mmmmhmmm,” was all I was able to say with my mouth
stuffed full of his cock. I did like the way it felt in
my mouth, and I loved the way Harley appeared to enjoy my
efforts! I kept moving, rocking back and forth on my
knees, trying to take him all the way in, but he was just
to long. Harley noticed what I was trying to do and began
coaching me. “When you feel the head enter your throat,
try swallowing. That should make it easier and you won’t
gag so much.” I did what he said and after several tries
I was able to get the head of his cock to enter my

“Breath through your nose, Chris,” Harley instructed, “and
use your hands to force more of the shaft into your
mouth.” I did as he said and after only a short while he
was slipping the entire length of his semi-erect cock all
the way down my throat! As Harley continued to fuck my
mouth, he asked me if I liked what I was doing. “Do you
like having my cock in your mouth, Chris,” he asked.
“Doesn’t it feel good to have a man fucking your virgin

The longer Harley did me, the harder he got, and the more
difficult it was to take him all. Eventually he got so
big and hard I could no longer get the head of his cock
past the opening to my throat.

This development frustrated us both, and luckily Harley had
a solution! He had me lie on my back on the bed with my
head hanging backward over the edge. Then he knelt on the
floor by my head on some couch cushions and pushed his
hard, thick cock back into my mouth. With my head tilted
back as far as it was Harley was once again able to slide
his cock back down my throat! It wasn’t easy, but I was
able to feel the satisfaction of taking his entire rock-
hard length! It was especially gratifying to feel his
balls slapping against my face as he fucked me!

I had never imagined it would feel as good as it did to
have a thick, hard cock buried down my throat, but it was
incredibly satisfying! Harley’s cock had to be a good ten
inches long and thick enough to stretch my lips nice and
tight! I loved the way it made me feel to take him like
that! I loved being Harley’s cocksucker!

As Harley fucked my mouth slowly and deeply, he kept up a
constant stream of questions and comments about the act
that I was performing on him. He praised my cocksucking
skill and commented on how quickly and enthusiastically I
had taken to it. He repeatedly called me a slut and a
cocksucker and told me that he was going to make me drink
his cum. He marveled at how lubricated my lips and throat

“Just like a natural cocksucking slut,” he’d said! I was
a little surprised myself at how lubricated I was. Harley
had not used any lubricant, but I produced a constant
stream of saliva, just like a pussy produces pussy juice!
I was a natural and I loved it!

Harley also kept up a steady stream of questions while he
slid his thick meat in and out of my mouth. “You love it
don’t you Chris,” he’d inquire? “Don’t you just love the
way I fill you up?”

To each question I would nod, or moan a yes, even when
his questions got really nasty. I remember him asking if
I’d let him call some of his friends, so that I could
suck them, too. I was replying affirmatively to all of
his questions, and when he asked if I’d do his friends, I
moaned out a yes, too.

That got him really excited! He started telling me how he
was going to invite a bunch of his friends over, and that
he was going to make me suck them all off. I didn’t think
he’d do it. I mean, I thought it was all just part of the
scene we were acting out. And truthfully, if he did ask
me do it, feeling the way I did just then, I would have.

He was so hard now I knew he’d have to cum soon! I
couldn’t wait to feel him shoot down my throat! I had my
hands on his ass, pulling him as deep as I could on every
stroke. I wasn’t really paying attention to anything
else, so when I heard him talking to someone, it startled
me! I heard him giving my motel and room number to
someone, and I definitely heard him say, “Spread the

I couldn’t see what he was doing or who he was talking
to, but then I heard him hang up the phone. I panicked a
little initially, trying to push Harley back out of my
throat so I could talk to him, but he wouldn’t let me! He
kept fucking my mouth, slowly, but forcefully, and in my
position all I could do was keep sucking him.

Finally, he said something. “Chris, I’ve invited a few
friends over. I know you’re going to be good to them,
aren’t you?”

I resigned myself to doing as Harley asked. Actually, it
excited me to know other men were on their way over to
fuck me! Harley told me that the guys would not hurt me, but
warned me that it might be a long night.

“I know of at least three guys who are coming, and I told
them to tell their friends. It’s possible that you could
end up servicing a large number of men tonight. You’ll do
it won’t you?” he asked.

Harley pulled his cock out of my mouth for the first time in
over fifteen minutes to allow me to answer. “If you want
me to do it, I will,” I said. “I would like it if you
take charge tonight, though. I’ll do whatever you ask me
to do. You can position me however you like. You can
determine the order that I do the others in. I’d like to
take my orders from you, okay?”

Harley liked that. He told me that I was to be his slut for
the rest of the night. He told me to lie back down, and
when I did, he slid his fat cock back down my throat. He
moved in and out with more intensity, all the while
talking about what fun I was about to have.

He started to stiffen and then he told me he was going to
cum. He pushed his cock all the way in and held it there
as he started to throb and spurt! He shot load after load
down my throat over the next thirty seconds and I drank
it all down. He stayed buried in my throat for another
minute and then he slowly pulled his softening cock from
between my lips.

I lifted my head and slid further up onto the bed. Harley
joined me on the bed and told me to rest my head on his
chest. I did as he asked and he put his arm around me to
hold me.

“That was incredible Chris,” he said. “But now comes the
real test. In a couple of minutes there is going to be a
knock on the door. I’m going to get up and let my friends
in. I’m going to invite them to undress, and when they
are naked, I’m going to instruct you to kneel at their
feet. You’ll do it won’t you?”

I told Harley that I’d be happy to do as he asked if it
pleased him. I told him I’d do anything for him if he’d
do me one favor. “What is it?” he asked.

“I want to feel your big cock in me again before the
night is over,” I replied. “I’ve never felt anything so
satisfying. And since I’m your slut tonight, I’d like to
finish up with you.”

Just then there was a knock on the door. Harley got up and
went to open the door, but just before he did, he turned
to me and said, “You can be sure I’m going to do you
again tonight. I’m certainly not going to let such a
talented cocksucker go without blowing another load down
your throat!”

And then Harley opened the door for his friends and I got
ready to suck some more cock!

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