Warm Her Nipples

My friend Leo called to say that he had some military
business to take care of in a town south of us and
wanted to know if he could stop in on the way and spend
the night with us before heading to his meeting.
I had always known that my wife thought Tom to be great
looking and I thought, ‘Here’s my chance to take our
sex-life a step further.’ I asked Leo when he was
coming in and he said Wednesday about suppertime.

I got home on Wednesday to find my wife already home
from work and waiting on me. Boy did she look great.
She had fixed up her long brown hair, her make-up was
perfect, and the sundress that she wore was short and
showing off her deep dark tan. She had chosen not to
wear a bra and her nipples where pressing though the
fabric and with the top buttons undone a lot of
cleavage was shown.

Leo arrived at the time that he said he would. My wife
greeted him at the door and you could tell by his look
that he liked what he saw. She gave him a big hug,
welcome kiss and told him to go put his bags up, get
cleaned up and we would head out to the river bar for
some drinks and then supper. Leo did as instructed and
we headed out to get into the car.

Leo opened the door for my wife to get into the car,
and as she swung her legs Leo and I got a glimpse of
her white g-string. Although he said nothing, I was
sure from his smile that he saw the same thing that I

We arrived at the bar and I had my wife sit between us.
The drinks were flowing and my wife loosened up and so
did we. I started to run my hand up and down her leg
and the more I did the wider she spread them.
Soon my hand was at her g-string and it was wet. I
eased the g-string to one side and eased my finger into
her. She smiled and just gave me a deep wet kiss and
whispered in my ear that she was really horny and might
cum if I didn’t quit. I asked my wife and Leo that
maybe we should go out on the deck and enjoy the view
of the setting sun across the lake. They said that it
sounded like a good idea and we headed out.

Out on the deck we sat in lounge chairs and with the
setting sun going down it cast its evening light down
on my wife and made her dark tan glow. She stated that
the sun was pretty but that the wind had a slight chill
to it. Leo and I both looked at her breasts and the
nipples were very well protruding. I reached up and
gave her nipples a slight pinch and they grew harder.

Leo could not believe that I had done this in front of
him and stated that his wife always said ‘Don’t start
unless you can finish.’

My wife said, ‘I couldn’t agree anymore.’ I saw this
as my answer to what I hoped might happen and I
suggested that we go back home to have some more drinks
and relax.

We left and on the way back home my wife sat in the
front with me. I reached over and undid one more button
so that I could put my hand in her skirt to play with
her breast. I tweaked and rolled the nipple with my
hand and she just laid back and enjoyed it. Leo could
see what I was doing because he was sitting right
behind me, and I don’t think that he minded. I then
pulled my hand out and ran it up her leg until I could
feel the heat from her pussy. I moved my finger on her
clit and then stuck it in. She gasped and then just
relaxed. At this point I am sure that Leo wanted to see

Inside the house we fixed drinks and turned on the TV.
Hill Street Blues came on and the announcement at the
beginning stated adult supervision for this program was
necessary. We all wondered why. As we watched the
program we found out. They had a scene that contained
frontal nudity of the woman’s breast. Leo stated that
he didn’t think that woman’s breast was as great as my
wife’s was, but that he wasn’t really sure since he had
never seen them.

I said that they were better and with this, I reached
up and undid the buttons on her dress and laid her
down. I then opened her dress and her bra-less breast
came into view with the rosy nipples very hard. I
stated that they must need warming up and with this I
sucked on the right one. I then told my wife that it
wasn’t fair to give one nipple attention and the other
one none.

She said I was right and asked Leo to warm the other
one up. He didn’t need to be asked again. As we were
sucking on her nipples she started to breathe heavier
than normal. I reached down to rub her pussy and found
that Leo already had his fingers in her. She knew that
I wasn’t the one because I was holding her head and
running my hands through her hair.

I lifted my wife’s body up and Leo pulled her dress the
rest of the way down. I then reached up to pull down
her g-string and she lifted her rear to help ease it
off. I then told Leo to go first since he was our
company. He placed his head between her legs and
started to lick her clean pussy. I stuck my dick in her
mouth and she worked on my penis sucking it for all it
was worth.

She came and then Leo asked her if she wanted more. She
told him to pull of his pants off and fuck her. Leo had
his pants off and I was surprised at the length of it.
It was approximately 7 inches long but slender. He
walked up to her and slowly worked his dick up and down
the outside of her pussy. Then he put the head at the
opening and slowly entered her.

She moaned and he worked it all the way in. He then
started to pound her for all that he was worth. I
reached down and held her breasts because they were
swaying so much, but at the same time pinched and
pulled her nipples. My wife came very hard, and then
Leo pulled out. I then swapped places with Leo and had
my wife get on her hands and knees.

I entered her from the rear and gave her pussy all that
I could and at the same time stuck my finger into her
well-lubricated pussy. I then took my finger and stuck
it in her ass and fucked her with my finger and her
pussy hard with my dick. She came again and I did also.

We went all to bed together. My wife put on a pair of
underwear and Leo and I our boxers. Early in the
morning I felt the bed move and looked to see my wife
lifting her ass off the bed for Leo to pull down her
panties. Once again, Leo started to fuck my wife, this
time she was on top of him riding his dick. I got
behind her and stuck my dick it her ass for the first
time. Leo and I fucked my wife like this until we both
came and then we went to sleep.

The next morning Leo left and I went to work.

My wife called me before lunch and asked me if I wanted
to go to lunch in the park and I told her I did. She
arrived at work and picked me up. We went to the park
and she basically attacked me. She said that she was
still horny. I pulled down her shorts and ate the cum
that was left from the night before until she came. I
then fucked her once more.

Leo never came back to see us, but we still keep in
contact. Since then we have had threesomes with another
guy that works for me and that is another story in

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