White Soccer Mom and Black Soccer Dad

After nine years of marriage and a son who was 8, teaching school, playing homemaker, mom and wife was becoming routine, demanding and boring for me. My husband was pursuing his career in the high tech computer field and required frequent travel, and of course I had all the at home things to do and infrequent sex. Sex has always been important to me, not a driving force that needed attention every day, but at least once or twice a week would be nice.” 

Youth soccer had started and I was being a soccer mom with our 8 year old son at the practice field when I noticed a nice looking black father giving me the once over. I looked at our team and saw one black boy who I rightly assumed was his son. He was very black as was his dad.

At first I was uncomfortable with the black father looking at me but then I began to think how complimentary it was. I looked over and smiled at the father and he said, “Hi, you must have a son on the team, I do also.”

I replied, “Yes I do. See the skinny small one? That is Peter, he is mine. Guess you have the chore of bringing you son to the games as I do. My husband is gone a lot and I am the one who does the kid thing.”

“My wife is an international airline hostess and is gone a lot. I am free to take off work when needed so I do the kid thing in our family.”

As we were chatting, my mind was trying to make sense out of this feeling I was suddenly having. He was such a good looking and sexy man, and I was having visions of wanting to ask him if he was thinking about me as I was of him, wanting to have wild uninhibited sex together.

“Oh my, how can I be thinking of such a thing,” I thought. I glanced down at his crotch area where his jogging suit was hiding a large bulge. I was wanting to grab him right then and there and give him a full erection.

“By the way, I am Krista,” I said.

“Krista, I am Malcolm, pleased to meet you and I am sure we will see a lot of each other in the next few weeks,” Little did he know how and where we would see each other. I would see him glancing at me all through the practice workout. Apparently he liked what he saw as much as I liked what I saw.

After dinner that evening, and after Peter had gone to bed, I found myself thinking of Malcolm and I looked in my chest of drawers and found a nice black nightie outfit with sheer lacy panties and bra, and shortie top and put them on and looked at myself in the mirror and wondered what Malcolm would think of me in this. I was feeling myself become aroused and wanting a lover. Hmmm, wonder if Malcolm is thinking of me tonight? I surely hope so.

I was wishing I could call him but I didn’t have his number and he might be too surprised. What if he didn’t want me? I then remembered that I had heard that there were sites where white wives could go to chat on the internet and look at naked black men. I was very aroused by now and needed some outlet so I went on the internet and started searching and finally found a site devoted to black men and white wives.

I could not believer how erotic the black men were with their full erections being tended to by white women. The pictures were hot and were making me more horny. I found a chat room and entered it where I received immediate responses from several black guys promising me all kinds of great sex. I could not believe this was happening.

I was a happily married white woman chatting with black guys ready to give me all the black cock I could handle and as many as I wanted at one time. One was a young black college guy who promised me that he and his roommate would take good care of me if I would come to their apartment for a party on Saturday night, just the two of them and me.

At this point I was so horny I almost said yes. Anyway after a couple of hours, I want to bed and was into an orgasm after only a couple of good hard rubs on my clit. WOW, I could not believe it. I knew that if Malcolm ever made a move on me; this white wife would be his and would let him plow my white husband’s garden and plant it full of black seeds. I wanted to feel his black balls banging against my white butt and his black rod plunging deep inside me bringing me to an earth shaking climax that I knew would be awesome.

A few days later I was in the mall when I encountered Malcolm and we spoke and stopped to chat a bit. He asked what I was doing for fun, and I said my husband is gone and my son is with his grandparents for the weekend and I am alone and just relaxing and enjoying it.

I was feeling a bit faint and must have telegraphed my attractions for his as he smiled and informed me that his wife was on a international flight and his son had gone camping with some friends. He asked if I had any dinner plans and I replied that I did not.

“Well,” he said, “I love to cook and was thinking that perhaps I could prepare dinner for two tonight and you could join me.”

I must have looked shocked, as he said, “Of course, I understand if you don’t care to.”

“Oh no,” I replied. I would love to, I… well, I was hoping that we might… well be good friends as we share some of the same issues I am sure.”

He took my hand and squeezed it and reassured me that he really was looking forward to our evening.

Now my head was spinning. Was I sure I wanted to cheat on my husband? This is dangerous not only because I am married, but this is the South and white wives are not supposed to give themselves to anyone else but especially to black men.

What if the pill fails and I get pregnant? Oh forget all the bad things and think about what I will wear tonight. I want to be sexy for my handsome black lover; hopefully I will be so sexy that he will find me irresistible.

I chose a black split up the sides, knee length skirt and a white buttons on the front blouse, a white sheer bra, sheer red panties, hose and heels. I rang the door bell to Malcolm’s apartment at exactly 8 PM and he greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and a long sigh saying, “Krista you really look hot tonight.”

I blushed and as I walked by notices he was bulging already in the front or his white slacks. He had on a black silk open front shirt that showed his kinky black hair covered chest. I Knew now that there was no turning back. I would be his married white wife to take to his black wife’s bed and enjoy every minute of knowing I had taken his wife’s place and he was taking my husbands wife to please and be pleased.

We had a nice dinner of chicken breasts over rice, white wine, and candles, which made his black eyes sparkle as we talked about little things in our lives.

After dinner, we danced to the soft slow music as each sought the comfort of each other bodies, me feeling his now hard erect manhood as he pushed gently against my eagerly awaiting womanhood, his hands on my butt as I laid my head on his shoulder thinking of what I was about to do and how much I wanted this black father and knowing how much he wanted this white mother.

Kissing and pulling close as we danced, we both knew that we were about to enter into a new phase in our lives from which neither could turn back. The music stopped and we looked into each others eyes knowing that the time was right and without saying a word we walked into the bedroom where we slowly removed each others cloths.

I sat on the side of the bed as Malcom removed my stockings, (I had dropped my shoes as we entered the room), and then my panties pushing me back and kissing me legs as he moved up to my white mound where he parted my lips and thrust his tongue into my anxiously awaiting honey pot which was now a mess of clear woman’s juices.

Knowing that he had me close, I pushed him away and I knelt before him and removed his shorts to reveal a huge hard ebony cock waiting for my mouth to surround and my tongue to flick around the head as to suck on a candy sucker.

I could feel him tense and jerk and he moaned then pushed me back on the bed and with the speed of a horny bull, shoved his black cock in my waiting white pussy and frantically pumped as I moaned and moaned, giving him all I had as his black balls slapped my white butt. When I felt his black seed being pumped into my womb, I immediately had a hard long orgasm like none I have ever had before. Oh what a man I had! 

We then moved to relax with him to my back and me on my side, him cupping my breast and kissing the back of my neck as I drifted into sound sleep. I awoke to realize that there was something hard gently rubbing against my bottom and my lover was still holding me in his arms with his hands cupping my breast.

I immediately became aroused and wanting my lovers black cock in me once more, I arched my back and moved my butt toward his waiting hard black cock and reached back and pulled my cheek apart to let him enter and find his pleasure once more in my white honey pot. He pulled me to him and again pumped deep and hard and placed what remaining black seeds he had left from a few hours before. When I felt his throbbing cock in me shooting his seed, I experienced another unbelievable orgasm.

Needless to say, we loved our soccer mom and soccer dad duties and sought every opportunity to provide each other with the sexual pleasure and contentment that we both sought.

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