Will My Dream Come True

I sat in my room  bored  out  of my skull.   It was Thursday night and I had no money to go to the bars and all my  friends were busy with projects or club activities.    I was just about to go to bed when there was a knock on my door.

    “COME IN! It’s open!”
    The door opened and in came Kristen, from my computer programming class.   She is rather short,  but well build,  meaning  she  wasn’t  over  weight and not over muscled.   She was wearing tight  black jeans,  a baggy sweat-shirt,  white  tennies and had her hair tied back in a pony-tail.   She smiled as she  gave  me the onceover.   I realized I was  wearing  my sweats and a tee-shirt,  but  what made it worse,  was that that’s all I was wearing.

    “A friend lives in the  hall and I thought I’d stop by and see what you were up too?”   she  had  a smooth, husky voice and her eyes smiled mischievously.

    A  little  confused  I  responded  with,  “Nothing. Please, have a seat.”  and offered her a chair.  She in turn closed the door and sat down.

    We talked  awhile  and  at  first we where a little nervous.   I found myself staring at her soft blue eyes and trying to see what made them glow like they did. In the process of talking she let down her long brown hair which framed her face and made me more aware of my near nakedness.   She soon admitted that her roommate’s boyfriend lived down the hall and they were `busy’,  which was why she came down to my  room to see if I was here. At that time  it was still early and she didn’t want to go back to her dorm room and just sit there. 

    “Well,  you’re welcome  to stay here tonight if you wish.” I said with a suggestive tone to my voice and an evil grin on my face.

    “But where would I sleep?”  she came back with that fake innocent tone while looking around the room.

    “Heh.  Sleep? Why would you want to do that?” I replied in a lustful tone.

    Wha…Huh??   was all I said as she kneeled down in front of me and looked up  into  my eyes, “What did you have  in  mind?”  slid from her lips dripping with suggestion.

    I looked down into her blue eyes that were not even a foot away from my own, but couldn’t think of anything to say,  so I  leaned forward to kiss her.  Kristen responded in kind and turned it  into a seductive kiss as our tongues met. I combed her soft hair with my fingers as hers caressed my chest and down to my waist. 
    We broke our kiss and I sat up  straight as Kristen pulled at my sweat pants.  I lifted myself and she slid them off and tossed them in a corner.  My hardened cock stood  between  use,  and she looked at it as though it was  a  piece  of art. I just watched her, having never seen anyone admire my cock that way.  It is average be- ing around  5-1/2  inches long,  but quite wide,  being about two and a half inches around.

    Kristen  stroked  it  a  few  times  then kissed it tenderly up and down the shaft and soon sucked  it into her mouth. (Boy am I glad I’d just taken a shower.) She sucked on it with some degree of skill,  but  it wasn’t ball busting.  As she sucked my cock I reached down and pulled up on her sweat-shirt  and she paused in her attention to my cock as I pulled it over her head.  I was mildly  surprised  to find she wasn’t wearing a bra and was glad to see her ample breasts and hard nipples. 
    I fondled her breasts  and she sucked my cock,  but I knew that I rarely  got-off when given a blow-job and slowly stood and pulled her off my cock.   I guided her to my bed  without  a word and she spread her legs as I climbed on beside her.    I wasn’t very good at `eating pussy’,  but I wanted to try and give her as much pleasure as I could so I `dived’ right in.

    Her smell was different than the few  other women I had had  sex  with,  but I couldn’t  really decide how. Kristen had a small cunt and  small lips,  but her clit was  easily  found  and I licked  it with the tip of my tongue.   She let out a small moan  and  I continued to lick her clit as I poked a finger in her cunt.  Kristen squirmed as I fingered her and licked her clit.

    It wasn’t long, when I heard Kristen whisper, “Fuck me…I want you in me…please..” 

    I grinned  another  evil  grin as I heard her plead and climbed on top of her and  she  squirmed  to better position herself under me.   She grabbed  my hard penis and guided it to her hole as I licked her right nipple, making her moan some more. I slowly pushed my cock into her and she sighed in pleasure.  Deeper, deeper, deeper till my pubic bone met hers and my cock was deep in her cunt and she let out a small yelp. Kristen’s legs wrapped around my ass and pulled me tighter against her and her pussy gripped me as she had her first orgasm.

   “…and don’t forget the test on Thursday!” said the Prof. as everyone around me got up to leave. I shook my head and started to pack my books. I stood to put on my coat when there a tap on my shoulder.

    “Are you going to study for the test?”  said a familiar voice. I turned to see Kristen.

    I cleared my voice and said, “I don’t know, did you want to study together?”  I really didn’t need to but I wasn’t going to pass this up.

    She smiled and nodded…

    I grinned back and wondered if my dreams would ever come true.


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