Yours Is Bigger Than Mine

I was at the nude beach one fall weekday. The sun was warm but the usual wind was present. Not the stiff wind that kicks up the sand and makes life unpleasant, but a brisk breeze, so a little shelter was desirable when lying out. Thus most of the few present that day were concentrated at one end of the beach in the shelter of a cliff.

I usually like to go for a walk from one end of the beach to the other. It’s a nice walk of about a half-mile each way and I usually don’t mind the breeze as long as I am walking. There are a few coves along the way that afford shelter from the breeze if it gets to cold. On a busy weekend or holiday those who want a little more privacy than the cliff end of the beach offers occupy these coves early. The cliff end of the beach is a family area but these coves are sanctuary for those who enjoy a little sex in the open air.

Today though, the beach seemed pretty deserted. Since no friends of mine were at the beach this day I went for a walk by myself. About a quarter of mile down the beach I decided to duck into a cove to get some shelter from the breeze. As I ducked around a rock outcropping I was surprised to come upon a couple. I think that they startled me as much as I startled them. They snapped to upright sitting positions so quickly that I was not sure if they had been lying down or what. Since I was in an area of the beach that is frequently the scene of sexual activity, I was embarrassed to think that I had interrupted the pair.

I said, “Excuse me, I didn’t mean to intrude on you. I was just ducking out of the wind to warm up for a minute. I thought this end of the beach was empty today.”

The woman immediately said, “No problem, we’ve been here for over an hour and you’re the first person to come by. We just figured that the breeze was keeping everyone at the other end.”

I laughed and said, “Yeah, not many people here today and they all seem content to hug the warmth of the cliff. I just always get restless. It’s sort of nice when the beach is quiet like this.” I laughed again and said “Except for strange men popping in on you unexpectedly. I’ll get going and let you continue.”

She said, “Don’t worry, we’ve been married a long time and can use a little new conversation. Sit down if you’re not in a hurry.”

They had a large blanket spread out. They sat at one end of it leaving ample room for me to sit. I sat down and we began idle chatter for a bit. I was sitting at their feet facing them. The woman was sitting cross-legged and the man had his legs bent up so that his chin rested on his knees. They were about mid-forties I estimate and not very tan. The woman had small breasts with dark brown nipples, short brown hair and dark eyes. She was pretty in a plain sort of way. She had a thin waist. Her pussy looked like it was very bushy but her crossed legs concealed it.

The man appeared to be very lean and probably tall. He had black hair streaked with gray and wore a small mustache. His arms were wrapped around his knees, his legs drawn close together.

I sat with my legs outstretched and leaned back on my arms. We chatted about the beach and the weather and people we had met at the beach. The conversation soon drifted into topics with hints of sexual themes.

Then the man straightened his legs out and lay back against the ice-chest. He spread his legs apart and I couldn’t help but stare for a moment. His cock had to be 8 or 9 inches long. It hung down over his balls, the end resting on the sand. He casually reached down and picked it up and laid it on his abdomen. It was unclipped and reached all the way to his belly button.

The woman looked at me and smiled. I knew she had seen my reaction. With that, she also straightened her legs and spread them. She watched me as my gaze moved to her. She rocked her leg back and forth as I unabashedly stared at her pussy. She had a big swatch of black curly hair at the top of her pussy, but her cunt lips were cleanly shaved. As she moved her leg, I watched her pussy lips opening and closing.

She reached over and lightly rubbed her husbands stomach. I moved my legs and stretched out, shifting my weight on my arms. She continued the conversation with me while her husband was silent. My cock was getting hard and I spread my legs thinking that maybe she would like to watch it thicken. She moved her hand down onto her husbands cock. Her hand was on top of the cock and rolled it around against his stomach. My prick made its final jump into full erection. Although it gets as hard as a rock, my cock is only 6 inches hard. I was almost embarrassed to think that this woman would be interested when she had that monster in her hand.

But she was watching, in fact they were both watching my cock as it swelled into life. She picked up the big hunk of meat and wrapped her fingers around the base. Her fingers fit completely around it, so it was not as thick as I had thought. She held it up and just sort of waved it around. Her other hand began rubbing her cunt. She now began talking about how she enjoyed watching a man’s cock get hard.

My cock was practically bursting. The husband’s cock however remained semi-rigid. In fact, the way it flopped back and forth as she played with it, it appeared almost soft. She put both of her hands around his cock and worked it up and down. On the down stroke, his foreskin pulled back to reveal a purple head which she kissed and licked. I hesitantly moved closer to her. She moved to make room for me next to her on the blanket.

I cupped her tit in my hand. It was small, a bit saggy but still a nice fit in the hand. Her nipples however were hard as small pebbles. She moaned as I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Her husband watched.

She spread her leg further, placing it on top of my leg. I moved my hand from her tit and began fingering her pussy. It was very warm and extremely wet. One finger slipped in easily. A few strokes and I pushed in a second finger, then a third. She moaned approval while continuing work on the massive cock. Still it just didn’t get hard.

Her free hand wrapped around my cock. She squeezed it hard, “Oh baby, our friend is hard as a rock.” She stroked my cock and rocked her pussy back and forth as my fingers fucked her.

Her husband told her he wanted to watch her suck my cock. He moved around so that he had a good view as she proceeded to tongue my little shaft and balls. She slipped her lips over the head of my cock and worked the head with her tongue. Then began sliding my cock in and out of her mouth with a great sucking action. When I exclaimed ‘I’m going to cum’, she just kept my cock in her mouth and worked it with her hand. I came in her mouth and could feel the warm cum around my cock in her mouth.

She whispered in my ear that she always enjoyed meeting a man with a hard cock, which I took to mean that her husband never got hard. Which of course helps assuage my feelings of regret that I don’t have a bigger cock. We talked for a while longer, and then they said it was time for them to go. They said that they only came to the beach a couple of times a year but if I saw them again to be sure and say hello. Alas, I have never seen them again.

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